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Jesus Said - and Stuff Like That


He Existed and Still Exists

The argument I get is that Jesus wasn't real. That there were 4,000 people who claimed to be him.

Well. Believe what you want. I will not try to talk you out of what you believe. The argument stands that you believe something.


From what I have learned over the years, Jesus was a simple, practical man. He was strong in his beliefs and was willing to fight to defend them.

Stories about when he went into the temple and made some people who were gambling and throwing lots for some coat to get out. Get out of the temple if you are going to do this. This is my Father's house.

People will use pieces and stems for their arguments. I say, let them. As long as you believe something.

He spoke to crowds. He told them what he was sent to tell them. He spoke in parables, since the people who were listening, could use their imagination better than they could understand large concepts.

It easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to leave his riches behind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

People will quote this, and misquote this, and again. Believe what you want.

It occurs to me that some of my acquaintances will ask me a question, specific questions, and then try to bat down my answers.

This is okay. These people are not really arguing with me. They are simply trying to connect the dots.

Have You Read the Bible>

The argument again, is that many learned scholars have truly read the Bible - some cover to cover, word to word, dissecting each idea and observation.

Again, this is okay.

The Bible is, in some ways, a record of the progression that led to the trial of Jesus.


To believe nothing. That is the goal.

Science. Science is the argument. Science will prove out what is right or wrong.

Archeology proves things existed. It sometimes causes surprises.

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Just lately, it occurs that the Garden of Eden was located at the spring that makes the two rivers. The Tigress and the Euphrades. If you look at a map, they come out of Lake Haver.

Well. Hmmm. If this is true, then - using the flood of Noah as an argument, the Garden of Eden would be under Lake Haver.

Quotes Quoted

One often hears people saying that you cannot live by bread alone. Usually, they say it while creating an extensive sandwich.

Well. Jesus said it first.

People quote him. But, like anything else, the previous conversation is what people who say it, are unaware of.

The reason why Jesus said it in the first place.

He Knew

He, Jesus, came to Earth to fulfill.

God, Jesus's father, was trying to prove a point.

People are thick, however.

So, instead of things being back to normal, like in Garden of Eden days, they are just as messed up today.

Jesus Fasted

Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

This is when the Devil showed up and tried to talk him into eating stones.

[according to my Bible, this is the same clown who showed up to Eve and convinced her to eat the Apple]

Anyways, the Devil tried to tell him that he should turn the stones into bread and eat them, since Jesus could do it.

That's when he told the Devil that you cannot live by bread alone.

Jesus Was a Jew

People will cautiously bring up the topic of Christians, and Jesus.

They seem to mix the two.

Jesus was put to death by the Christians. Weird to realize. The Bible has many of the stories of the people's that lived in these times.

They knew, after three days - how badly they screwed up.

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