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Jenglot: The Terrifying Demon From Indonesia

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Jenglot : The Terrifying Demon from Indonesia



Jenglot is a mysterious and popular entity in Indonesia. It is shaped like a small humanoid and until now, it is not known whether the Jenglot is r a demon or the creation of folklore. One thing is clear, many Indonesians believe that the Jenglot possesses mysterious powers.


Jenglot once mysteriously appeared in Indonesia, especially in Pulau Jawa, in the year 1997. It was argued, that the entity can be found in many places, like underground, on branches of a tree, or even on rooftops of houses. Jenglot looks like a mini version of a cachexic man and equipped with sharp jaws, long fingernails, as well as long, flowing hair


Sharp jaws, long flowing hair, and long fingernails are the characteristics of Jenglot which makes it a terrifying and menacing creature

Food and Nourishment

Jenglot is believed to belong to the Vampire family because its main nourishment comes from the blood of animals or humans. The owner of the Jenglot must feed the creature with a drop of their blood each day.

If the owner failed to do so, it is believed that their loved ones will face dire consequences. The blood must not be fed directly to the mouth of the Jenglot, but instead, be placed beside it.

Some argued that the creature becomes alive for a while to drink blood, especially when there is no one around. Some others claimed that the Jenglot will get the nutrition from the blood without "physically" drinking it.

Jenglot can obtain nutrients from blood without "physically'' drinking it


Origins of the Jenglot

Many people believe that the Jenglot was once a human being like us. Tradition states that the creature was formerly a hermit who practiced black magic to obtain everlasting life.

When the hermit finally passed away, the earth refused to accept his body (presumably due to his unacceptable sins), where he remained undecomposed and finally regressed to being a Jenglot.

Jenglot was claimed to be found by shamans (medicine men in the olden times) after performing magical rituals, though the creature can also mysteriously appear on its own as well.

Certain sources also claimed that the Jenglot is a demon that can be caught and kept by those with the knowledge of black crafts.

There are also views which put Jenglot as a rare animal species not yet discovered by science and some who claimed that the Jenglot is nothing more than a man-made doll

According to Muhammad Syakir Muhammad Azmi, an Islamic Medicine practitioner from Malaysia, Jenglot can be crafted with basic kinds of stuff.The price of the stuff to make Jenglot varies on its availability even though it's not considered as expensive.

It is also possible to create Jenglot using the fetus of a dead animal. It is believed that Jenglot, made from these animals are more "nutritious" and hence more expensive on the market.

As a man-made "creature", the Jenglot by itself didn't have any powers. However, Jenglot derives its powers from the incantations of powerful black magic spells done by experienced shamans.

The Jenglot is said to be capable of "appeasing" it's master's (owner's), in many ways. For example, providing protection, as a lucky charm or to exact revenge over its owner's enemies.


Jenglot can be caught from the wild and tamed by those with knowledge of black magic to perform their commands

Exhibition and Study About Jenglot

There were previously exhibitions about the Jenglot in Malaysia and Indonesia. The exhibitioners claimed that the Jenglot is a "supernatural" and not a man-made being and can be "killed" for the exhibitions to go on smoothly without disturbances.

Jenglot has also induced curiosity among scholars and certain studies had been done on it. One of the studies was published in the Malaysian Medical Journal in the year 2009.

In this research, hair samples from a "suspected" Jenglot were studied under a powerful electron microscope. The researchers concluded, that the hair originated from a normal human being, and was purportedly "planted" on the head of the Jenglot.


Researchers in Malaysia found out that hair samples from a "suspected" Jenglot belonged to a normal human being. These raise questions whether the Jenglot is a terrifyingly original creature or just man-made hoax designed to scare the living daylights out of unwarranted people

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