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James Deans Grave

Does The Ghost Of James Dean Haunt His Gravesite

James Dean most famous for his film , Rebel with out a cause was a troubled soul even when alive.

James Dean most famous for his film , Rebel with out a cause was a troubled soul even when alive.

The grave site of James Dean where there is said to be a high level of paranormal activity.

The grave site of James Dean where there is said to be a high level of paranormal activity.

It Is Said The Ghost Of James Dean Haunts His Grave Site

James Dean was born February 8th 1931 and he died in a tragic car crash September 30th 1955. He was a famous American actor but he only ever made four films and he is most famous for the film , Rebel With Out A Cause. In real life Dean is said to have been very much like the character he played in Rebel With Out A Cause. It is his death in a tragic car crash that cemented James Deans place in history as a famous actor.

Dean was born in Marion Indiana and from the start his mother said she was the only one who really knew James Dean and could understand him. His mother died of cancer when James Dean was only nine years old. 

Here is a photo from the car crash that James Dean was killed in.

Here is a photo from the car crash that James Dean was killed in.

On the day of his death James Dean was driving a Porsche 550 Spyder. It was a powerful car and it has been reported over the years since his death that Dean really was not as familiar with the car as he should have been. On the evening of his death at one point he was stopped by the California Highway Patrol and given a ticket for 65 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.

Dean was driving later that evening on US Highway 466 when he approached an intersection and struck another car head on destroying both cars and killing James Dean. Dean was alive briefly after the crash but died on the way to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He had died of a broken neck. The driver of the other car suffered only minor injuries. Though there have been rumors over the years that Dean was driving at a great rate of speed the official California Highway Patrol report says that Deans car was probably traveling around 55 miles per hour when the two cars struck head on.

It is right near this sign that the James Dean car crash happened and that the ghost of James Dean is often seen hitchhiking.

It is right near this sign that the James Dean car crash happened and that the ghost of James Dean is often seen hitchhiking.

Cigarettes Left At James Deans Grave Vanish

Since the car crash that killed James Dean people have reported seeing him hitchhiking near the scene of the car crash. But here the ghost story is different than other hitchhiking ghost stories. It is said that if you stop and try to pick up James Dean he simply vanishes. However if you see him and don't stop he is seen to become very angry and shake his fist in the air.

And while the story of a hitchhiking James Dean is a great ghost story it is what is going on at his grave site in the cemetery in Fairmont Indiana that causes the hair to stand up on the back of peoples necks and make them want to visit the grave. 

It is said that after dark you can leave a cigarette on James Deans tombstone and before you can walk away the cigarette your not supposed to light up will be lite and you will smell the smell of cigarette smoke.  Or if you leave the grave for just a minute the cigarette will be gone. And this has been tried by several paranormal investigators over the years and most report that the cigarette will be gone in five minutes or less. It is a well known fact that Dean was a heavy smoker.

It has also been reported by many people over the years that it will quite often get extremely cold even in summer around the grave site of James Dean and that it is when it gets cold that James Dean will be seen setting there on his tombstone.

It is interesting to note that the motor and transmission of James Deans car were sold to different people and put in two separate cars and the drivers of both cars were killed in horrific car crashes. The motor of James Deans car was sold a second time and it fell off a trailer and broke a mechanics leg. When that happened the owner of the motor had it buried to get rid of it.

So it would appear that the ghost of James Dean is still very much with us. What do you think about the ghost of James Dean. Post your comments or questions below and thanks for reading my Hub Page about James Deans Grave.

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James Dean fan forever on July 12, 2013:

One night I was all alone in the house writing a James Dean fan story on my computer I set up my printer to print it out but it wasn't working or something so I closed the part where the paper shoots then BAM the paper shooter part slammed down and the printer started shooting out paper like crazy I was like no stop it finally unplugged it and it stopped.

Don't know if James Dean had anything to do with this but maybe he was just pissed that I was printing out a short story about him but why would he be mad?

I love this guy my walls are covered with pictures I also have a James Dean doll from Giant!

Was this him trying to contact me?

Wish he would just appear in my bedroom or on the side of the road when I travel, that would be wicked no I would want him to appear in my car when I'm traveling!

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Yeah, that's what I want, Dean if you can hear this, visit me in my room or just appear in my car sometime, love you and want to see you haunting me someday!

Hell maybe it'll happen tonight, I'll keep my eyes open sweet pie!

Marylin Monroe contacted me cause one night I was watching a ghost video about her on youtube the people on there were having a séance one woman said that she could smell perfume yeah well you know what I could taste it in my mouth, also felt lightheaded, she contacted me how awesome is that huh!

Yay but how come she contacted me and not James Dean?


SantaBarbaraLocal on May 03, 2013:

My uncle was the Oscar winner and 4 time Tony award winner Yul Brynner and he was James Deans,Marlon Brando,Paul Newmans teacher at the Actors Studio. Judy Garland was my godmother and I remember coming home and finding Lauren Bacall and my uncle in bed! all by accident,of course!! the life I've led with Sinatra's kids and Desi Jr, Lucille Ball's son!! was an extra ordinary childhood!! sorry to shatter all your perceptions about James Dean? the times I've talked candidly about my uncles close friends including Jimmy? my uncle said "no he was not gay or bi", but Jimmy Dean was a great actor my uncle said because he was a very disturbed young man who was in touch of his deamon's!! in other words all that pain and rejection about his mom dying real young and basically his own dad abandoning him as a child. My uncle told me that he was on the same track as Montgomery Clift and he said James Dean was the greatest actor he ever met,no shit!! My uncle was one of the greatest actors on Broadway, in a class by himself!! every x-mas and easter I see the Ten Commandment's and of course the Magnificent Seven and the many great films he made with Robert Ryan, SteveMcQueen,Ingrid Bergman,Marlon Brando and Lawrence Oliver.I truly miss him dearly and I love him because he was my male role model growing up and he was not a phony,he was a man's man. Have a great sleep uncle, someday I'll be seeing you, hopefully in a long time!!!!!!!

Monte Ice on November 14, 2012:

The last time Jim's original tombstone was stolen in the mid-1980s, it eventually showed up in the back parking area of a small firestation in Fort Wayne, Indiana (about 60 miles from Fairmount, IN) . The firestation was some five blocks from my then house in Fort Wayne. My father used to ride Jim on his 1940 Indian Chief motorcycle when Jim was 9 to 12 years old. Jimmy definitely is a prankster.

jacquline Sefton on September 29, 2012:

Looking at the clock, its 5: 36 on Sept.30 2012... thinking of mu beloved James B Dean... miss you! Love you forever, my sweet.

Kitty Fields from Summerland on November 10, 2011:

Love this hub. Voted up and awesome. Wish James Dean could've been around longer to make more movies though.

Bob Adams on August 04, 2011:

Ive been going to the memorial service on Sept.30 most every year since the early 1990,s. Ive stayed overnight by the grave many times. His presence is there often....but why would that surprise anyone?

sparky on June 23, 2011:

can you imagine what could have happen in his lifetime if

his manager wouldve not let him drive that car...but I bet

it wouldve been hard to say no to him,the man was hot...

Denise Trotter on May 02, 2011:

I love James Dean and I do believe in the afterlife so i would love to see his ghost did that guy really bury the motor to James Dean's car? If so do you think its still causing trouble?

Pedro Carlos Cunha on March 28, 2011:

Janes Dean didn´t die.I think he is still alive.Never more the americans and the world will have an artist so perfect like him.I AM HIS FAN.

Jennifer Pena from California on March 17, 2011:

This is interesting and weird at the same time where did you find out about this?

Karonher from Liverpool on December 12, 2010:

Have you heard the theory that Rock Hudson was responsible for his death?

popcorn butter on December 11, 2010:

sitting on his tombstone oh man that's freaky im not going

to sleep now the image clear in my head hes wearing his

rebel without a cause outfit just sitting there on his

tombstone while his body is in his coffin in the ground

and its in color too.

oh man im so freaked out right now good thing im watching

seinfeld with the commentary!

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