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The Coming End of European Influence and Dominance of The Piscean Age


Its Their Age

From the perspective of ancient human history, astronomy was the first portal to understanding religion and science. Before man knew himself he would look to the skies and wonder what existed beyond the imagination. After generations of observations early humans began to see certain patterns of celestial motions among the stars and concluded that these motions were consistent generation after generation. Before travel and eventual mass human migrations began, the first use of the stars were for religious purposes in that the ancients believed that above the clouds reside the ‘gods’ who were communicating, watching, and guiding them.

As a result ancient civilizations were very keen, aware, and knowledgeable of the stars and tracked them carefully to recognize and anticipate events which occurred over both short and long periods of time. Cyclical events such as sun rise\sun sets, seasons, full moons, harvest times, eclipses, and equinoxes. After the advent of religious use of the stars they took a scientific approach by labeling the stars based on their regions and sizes, identifying them as celestial groups - then cataloging these celestial groups into what we recognize today as twelve constellations. Based on their shapes these constellations were later personified as figures or animals into what we know today as the twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac, each sign representing an ‘Age’ of human development and activities on the planet, as well as planetary movements. Ancient civilizations did not just follow the stars they elaborated them as myths involving their movements and relationships.

The Bible speaks of many astronomical metaphors’ of this nature. One of the most important one is related to the “Ages”. In fact the Bible consist of numerous references to the Ages which are determined by the procession of the equinoxes. Its called a procession because of the earths tilt, the constellations goes backwards rather than forward through the normal yearly cycle which determines the past, current, or future Age - for a total of twelve altogether.

These twelve Astrological Ages became known as; Aeries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces - one for each constellation of the zodiac. Each Age lasting approximately 2,160 years against much debate among scientists regarding the exact duration or timing, because the Ages are based on the galactic constellations in the heavens rather than on the seasons which the Western Zodiac is based. Therefore, arguments can be made on whose authority does one decide when one constellation ends and another begins, or their exact duration. The sum of all the Ages are often called “the Great Year,” which would total approximately 26,000 (or 26,850) years.

Nevertheless, ancient cultures recognized that approximately every 2,160 years the sun rises on the morning of the spring equinoxes at a different sign of the astrological zodiac thereby determining the beginning or end of an Age. For an example 8640 to 6,480 BC was the age of Cancer. 6,480 – 4320 was the Age of Gemini, and 4,320 – 2,160 was the Age of Taurus (Bull). 2,160 to 0 BC was the Age of Aeries (Ram). 0 BC to 2,160 is the Age of Pisces (fish) which we're living in today. From 2,160 to 4,320 will be the Age of Aquarius (the water bearer).

Each Age is determined by a zodiac sign and the inhabitants of the planet are governed by the attributes of that sign. For an example, the Age of Cancer was focused on social issues such as family, housing, food, and fertility. The Age of Gemini was focused on communications and information. The age of Pisces has been identified as the age of artificial intelligence, illusions, religion, and deceptions. Most religions today such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity were created during this Age along with computers, internet, and artificial intelligence.

Planet earth is presently going through another critical transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces began approximately around the era of Jesus Christ and his ministry – or what is defined as the Common Era (CE) 0 BC to 2,160. The attributes of Pisces is focused on the arts, humanities, intuitions, religion, mysticism, deception, illusion, fear, prophets and prophecy, dreams, secrets, mystery, addictions, and lack of directions. This is evident as one observes the daily aspects of life from educational institutions, religious institutions, and government – all having been nurtured during the Age of Pisces – and all having fallen from grace due to misrepresentation and deceptive policies. This artificial, paranoid, addictive system of illusions, misrepresentations, and falsehoods have conned the citizens of this Age into the illusionist Pisces paradigm. A paradigm where humanity is preoccupied with unnatural, oppressive, hierarchal systems of mind control enforced by regulations and religious doctrines.

These regulatory systems of control are maintained by so-called trusted organizations such as banks, the media, academia, governments, pharmaceuticals, entertainment industries, and religious institutions. Within these categories are toxic foods, addictive medicines, amoral leaderships, military war machines, religious doctrines, and deceptive obsolete histories who’s intentions are born out of deceptions for the sole purpose of validation, nationalism, control and societal acceptance. These defunct regulatory systems has allowed illusions and deceptions to run rampant during the Age of Pisces. The interconnections of human matter, spirituality, energy, and the healing forces of the planet has been ignored, or sacrificed in favor of a fast track, soft life designed to mask the atrocities of the Age. It has posed a constant struggle between spirituality, religion, science, and self-awareness.

The Zodiac sign for Pisces is two fish with intertwined tails pointing in opposite directions, which is symbolic of the struggles between the spiritual world and the world of matter, or the push and pull of moral directives. The New Testament is abundant with fish symbolism i.e. Jesus feeds five thousand men, women, and children with bread and two fish. His ministry begins with "fisher of Men". “Jonah and a big fish”. Other mentions are found in the following texts; Exodus 7:18, Isaiah 19:8, Matt 7:9, Jeremiah 16:6; Numbers 11:5, Luke 24:42, John 21:13. In fact Jesus alleged birth date starts around the beginning of the Piscean Age during the equinox date of December 25th as all other solar gods of the Ages who preceded him. The Piscean Age of alleged abundance will transition to the Age of Aquarius approximately between the years 2,160 – 4,320, symbolic by the Water Bearer pouring the water of knowledge, wisdom and peace down to the planet. It is assumed to be the Age of brotherhood, utopia, genius, science, immortality, hopes and dreams, revolution and spirituality.

This transition is triggered by “human awakening” where religion and institutional controls will take a back seat to self-awareness. A self-awareness that each individual have god-like healing powers within themselves and the ability to connect spiritually with one another. It is a merging of the opposites whereby the conflicts of spirituality, science, and matter – or duality can be resolved. It will be a period where the fish symbol of Pisces will be swimming together in the same direction. It will however, be a slow transition with its own chapters – each chapter unveiling slowly with each new generation as illusions, and deceptions are unmasked by knowledge and the power of self.

As the Age of Aquarius approaches humans will begin to realize that they no longer have to be exploited by institutions which has separated them from the created, energetic forces of the universe flowing through every individual. Man will recognize that he is a multi-dimensional creator whose existence and purpose is intertwined with others for the spiritual enlightenment of all. It’s estimated to be a period of conscious awakening.

The Age of Pisces has been managed by European influence and Dominance. A dominance over religion, military, academics, financial institutions, world history, and social order. It basically started during the transition from Aeries (Ram:Moses) to Pisces (Fish:Jesus) and took its stronghold around 1,800–1,850 during the fall of the Islamic oriented Ottoman Empire due to the rise and spread of Christianity. It was alleged to have gained a solid foundation during the Romantic age in Germany when the newly freed people (from Ottoman control) were looking for cultural identification.

Their first accomplishment towards cultural identifications was the establishment of a common language and religious belief systems based on Christian principles which spread throughout all of Europe. In the process dictionaries, academic and financial institutions, canonization of the literary writings and folk tales into biblical scriptures, religious institutions and social order were established to nationalize countries, regions, states, newly formed nation-states, and conquered territories. National “identities” were literally created and reinforced by means of the arts, propaganda publications and violence to articulate a common – questionable and somewhat false history of conquest and accomplishments. In fact, a lot of stories were literally invented to unite people around a central theme of nationality and cultural supremacy which materialized on a greater scale with the discovery of a cheap replica of papyrus known as parchment and vellum for writings in the early 17th century and the advent of radio and television in the late 18th century. These mediums became a catalyst for promoting white European culture and racial supremacy in the early 20th century.

However, as the new Age approaches the dominance of European influence and deceptions of the previous Age will slowly erode as liberation of the conscious minds makes inroads into the psychology of the subconscious. These deceptions are being unmasked daily with the advent of technology, the internet, information sharing, competition among media outlets for the minds of the general public, and ancient discoveries due to archaeological finds, lost historical writings, and research.

Unfortunately, as with all changes there are those segments of the dominant group who will fight to maintain the attributes of the Piscean system by destroying or eliminating those who attempt to purge, or detox themselves from it. As a result, the transition to the new Age will cause great turmoil domestically and across the globe in the form of civil unrest, religious persecutions, racial divide, and cultural conflicts followed by unjustifiable wars. These events are unfortunate but necessary to make way for the new paradigm of the Age of unity and brotherhood. Every attribute of the Piscean era with its delusions, deceptions, and mind controls will come to its inevitable demise as with European dominance. In the book of Exodus 32:27 Moses gave the people a strange command “Then he said to them, "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 'Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor”.

While this may appear to be a lunatic, luciferian command it was a command intended to usher the people from the Age of Aries (the Ram) into the new Age of Pisces (Fish) in preparation for a coming savior who will redeem them of past sins that the new generation may be liberated from a mindset of defeat to inhabit the new Age of brotherhood. In the book of Matthew 24:6 Jesus warns his followers And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet”. It will appear that everything is getting worst and the world is coming to an end. This however, will be nothing more than a major disruption, or a breakdown of the Piscean era to make way for the new Age of Aquarius as predicted by Jesus in Luke 22:10.

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Upon the Disciples questions in the Book of Luke 22:10 regarding the next Passover – or transition, Jesus instructed them as follows; "Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house where he entereth in." Is it possible that Jesus was preparing the disciples for the next astrological zodiac Age of Aquarius represented by the Water Bearer as Jesus knew He would not be around until the end of time – only to the end of the Age as he articulated in the book of Matthew 28:20 “and I will be with you always, even to the end of the Age”.

The world of matter has no time limit and will probably never end which is why Jesus said “but about that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the son – except the father (Matt 24:36)”. In fact the entire concept of the end of the world –or end time event - is nothing more than a misinterpreted astrological allegory. Jesus has been called the 'dying god' and His Pisces personification under European dominance will end when the sun enters the Age of Aquarius. This is evident as we witness modern day religious organizations decline in membership, attendance, and moral influence, particularly Christian organizations.

After 2,160 years of developing identity, monotheism, and the masculine heroic ego – a new consciousness will enter the collective psyche and begin to constellate in the mind of the individual. With each Age shift a challenge arises that becomes a catalyst for the incoming Age and lays its foundation. For an example during the mid-stages of Pisces era Buddhism came on the scene and preached a message of enlightenment laying the groundwork in the East. Five hundred years later, Jesus the Christ preached a similar message in the West. However, their Age of Pisces teachings were considered archetypally polarizing and heretical to the closed minded people of their times, although it was laying the ground work for transition to the Aquarian Age of psychological and spiritual liberation.

The Age of Pisces is still the current Age and is expected to remain for approximately the next 600 years at which time the vernal equinox is predicted to move into the constellation of Aquarius thus ushering in the new Age. Hollywood has made several attempts to deceive the general public regarding the coming Age with movies like '2012', 'Divergent', 'The Host', 'Left Behind', 'The Passion of The Christ', 'Big Brother Is Watching', and The Book of Eli” staring Denzell Washington to instill pessimism in an effort to maintain the old order of the Piscean Age. No one living today will witness the inevitable transition nevertheless, the transition Age to Aquarius has begun, and the transitory period is now! Christians may identify this period as the judgement before the return of Christ. During this period each generation will be tasked to make a choice. One can cling to the Piscean attributes of deceptions, mind controls, manipulations, religious doctrines, and outdated moral values or adopt the attributes of the new evolving Age – for what it’s worth. During this transitionary period generations are expected to challenge once perceived sacred authoritarian dominance, tear down existing institutional structures of religious, racial, and cultural divisiveness and replace it with a new order of human collaboration across cultural borders. Through the synergistic transition the collective consciousness humanity must change to eliminate Pisceans habits that limits spirituality and oneness with the universal energies that surrounds them.

From the astrological age of the ancient Africans – the first humans to study the stars and populate the planet, to the Spanish Moors, the Islamic Ottomans, and Christian Europeans - from empire to empire each Age has been ruled by a group, race, or nationality of people. As the European dominance of the Piscean Age enters its final chapter what group is poised to dominate the Age of Aquarius? Will it be the Asians - originating out of China? As Chinese population began to expand and colonize the continent of Africa, dominate the financial world, and increase in military strength and global influence will they eventually overtake European dominance and rise to narrate the end of the Piscean Age of deceptions – or will they continue the attributes of the current Piscean Age of secretive, power-hunger elites seeking absolute power and influence over others and religious doctrines?

After all the entrance of the Aquarian age is predicted to be violent – as each age which preceded it. On the other hand, the utopian phase is predicted to be the rise of scientific rationalism, the fall of religious influence, and an intense focus on human rights, self-awareness, wisdom, brotherhood, intergalactic space travel, and spiritual connections.

The world of matter will never end - it just switches from one astrological zodiac Age to another and no one group rules forever! The Piscean Age with its European dominance is rapidly approaching its final chapter. It is now the year 2021 and the Europeans are battling to maintain global dominance held throughout the Piscean Age. However, due to a reduction in their birth rate, an increase in death rates, an aging European demographic, coupled by the infusion of immigrants of color, interracial marriages, increase in multiracial populations among Asians and Hispanics, a decline in Christianity and global influence – they will soon become the minority group and their era of global dominance, like astrological zodiac groups who preceded them will come to a close. How will they take the transition? Will they retreat to an area of seclusion out of fear of global retaliation, or will they embrace the new world order?

Most European Americans, particularly wealthy conservative white evangelical Americans saw the election of Donald Trump as a deterrent to the coming change with hope that he will at least slow the progress of opposing groups, thereby delaying the transition – not from an astrological position, but from a transfer of power. On the other hand change is inevitable, and every group who once dominated the planet must acknowledge history and prepare for a peaceful transition.

In regards to the Piscean era and global dominance by the Europeans…….It was their era........It was their Time.... and it is coming to an end.

© 2018 James Brown


James Brown (author) from United States of America on May 27, 2018:

Very practical response. You get no push back here my friend!!

Larry Conners from Northern Arizona on May 27, 2018:

Truth is relative..? Hardly...Truth is eternal, immutable, an absolute...Two plus two will always equal four unless manipulated by human design or agenda...Keats defined Beauty as Truth, Truth Beauty...Critical thinking will always defeat human manipulation...

No argument for moral relativity will survive the scrutiny of a dispassionate seeker of Truth...

James Brown (author) from United States of America on May 26, 2018:

@ maven101; Thanks for stopping by and commenting. As you know truth is relative and historical facts are questionable. Therefore, critical thinking is up to the belief system of the individual. Since I can't prove the content of the article then its all about perceptions and assumptions until the year 2160 when the article resurface and someone say..... damn, what insight - how could he have known!? :)

Larry Conners from Northern Arizona on May 26, 2018:

If one believes in astrology and the Bible this hub would be interesting...Critical thinking appears to be absent and the historical assumptions appear contrived...However, the writing is excellent which led me to finish this lengthy hub...

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