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Islam and Its Beginning

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People Before Islam

Islam is currently the second-largest religion after Christianity, but according to a study, about fifty years from today, by the year 2070, Islam will become the first religion. Islam originated in Saudi Arabia in the seventh century, pre-Islamic Arabia was in the throes of ignorance, where Hindus and Jews completely destroyed the entire Arab world. Hindus and Jews made goddesses their queen and puppets of their gods. No woman's self-esteem was secure and there was no guarantee of trust, and they worshiped idols and fire instead of their true God. Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who believed in his God. According to some, Islam existed in the world before the Holy Prophet (SAW) and this is quite true, but the first person to bring the Holy Quran into the world was Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Before Islam, there were the Roman Empire who was considered to be the most powerful

Roman Empires

The Roman Empire became a republic two and a half thousand years ago in 510 BC. And then in 31 BC came Octavian Caesar started the dictatorship which changed the whole republican and started working hard in power. There were now two states, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Western. The Western Roman Empire did not survive and soon ceased to exist as it often clashed with Germanic tribes. Over time, Christianity took over and Christianity became a major religion.

Yamenies and Tradition of Bedouins

The Arabian Peninsula is a desert inhabited by nomads and many tribes. Yemenis played a role in these tribes. When the Roman Empire spread and wars escalated, Yemenis were advised to adopt a new religion, and they recognized Judaism, which disintegrated Yemen. The number of many tribes increased in which the Bedouins were considered the most important and powerful due to the large number of camels they had. Because Arabia was a desert at that time, trade was possible with the help of camels, so traders and merchants took camels from them in exchange for food and some valuables and did their business. And if these merchants had a good deal, the Bedouins would have rescued them from other tribes and looted their goods from the merchants. The chief of these tribes was Sayyid Because Bedouins was a political authority, he saved the merchants from them. But after the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), everything changed


Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and Islam

Hazrat Muhammad Saw was born on 22 April 571 AD in Mecca. He was a political and social leader of Arab religion his full name was
Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn Abd Allāh ibn Abd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim. He was the founder of Hazrat Muhammad Islam his Father name was Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib Who died in 570-571 AD in aged 25. Muhammad was very young at the time, so he was raised by his uncle Abu Talib, who loved him dearly. Muhammad was a political leader. His family was one of the largest families in the Quraysh, so people do not deny what he said. One thing was clear here that Muhammad SAW had a reason for coming to this world and that reason was freedom from the ignorance there that is why Allah made Muhammad a source of mercy and awareness for human beings
Muhammad proclaimed Islam in an invitation to the Quraysh and other tribes. He preached the message of Allah to the people there and asked them to convert to Islam. At that time everyone was silent but a child there who was about four or five years old showed his willingness to convert to Islam his name was Ali. This Child now is known as Hazrat Ali.

Hazrat Ali (RAW) Hazrat Ali was the First man who had Converts to Islam at a very young age. He was Cousin of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). After Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Khadija, the wife of the Holy Prophet, became the first woman to convert to Islam. It was not easy for him to spread Islam to the people. Many people from Quraysh and other tribes opposed it. The wandering boys used to throw stones at him. People used to lay thorns in front of his paths but still, the Holy Prophet used to pray for him. Seeing his kindness, many people started moving towards Islam and accepting Islam. Many people agreed

Caliph of Islam

The Holy Prophet passed away on June 8, 632 AD and this was very sad for his loved ones.
Now the question was who will be the next yogi after the Holy Prophet who will carry forward Islam. The idea of ​​many people was to make Hazrat Ali the caliph because he was the cousin of the Holy Prophet and the Holy Prophet taught him a lot. So, he was very brave
But in 632, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, the father-in-law of the Holy Prophet and Hazrat Ayesha. Was the father of, became the first caliph of Islam. He held this position for 2 years. He wanted Islam to spread but despite his ability, he could not bring Islam to the heights where Islam could go. Because most of the people of Quraysh and other tribes were against it


Caliphates of Islam

Caliphate Rule Capital



Medina (632–656) Kufa (656–661)



Damascus (661–744) Harran (744–750)



Kufa (750–752) Anbar (752–762) al-Rumiyyah Baghdad (762–796, 809–836, 892–1258) Raqqa (796–809) Samarra (836–892) Cairo (1261–1517)

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