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Is The Bible Reliable?

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Bible is important to all people either in good or bad times. This will help us in everything we face here on earth.

Through God's Word

Bible is the book where we can find the truth, clarity, promises, and love of God for us. Words that can be found in the Bible are spoken by God that we should be holding onto in everything we do, everywhere we go and who we are with.

There are people in the Bible who became witnesses about how good our God is. There were events mentioned about how these people believed in the goodness of our heavenly Father God and His son Jesus Christ. These are not just words, these are composed of truths.

Why do we need this in everything we do? because I know there will be times we can't make a decision for something and if we are confused about what to choose from our options. Definitely, we need this. This will guide us every step of the way, this will give us the answer whenever our minds are full of questions.

Through God's word, everything will be handled smoothly because:

  • You will feel that you are not alone in facing the giant
  • You will feel the comfort from God whenever you are in so much pain
  • You will receive wisdom from God when you can no longer understand the things happening in your life
  • You will be given clarity when you are too confused about something
  • You will be reminded to choose to have joy in your heart rather than grudges
  • You will have peace of mind whenever there are a lot of noises in your head
  • You will know that you really have a relationship with our Father God as He teaches you through His words
  • You will know that God is powerful and bigger than all your worries

Choose to read the Bible instead of thinking about all your worries and being stuck at the place where you have faced the giant. In reading the bible, you will have a direction that will never get you lost in the middle of your journey.


We Can Depend on His Word

The word of God is truly reliable because this will never fail us and definitely will never lie to us. God's word is our shield from any negativities and lies being fed into our minds by the enemy. It is good to know that we have the Bible because this is one of the ways to know what God is telling us to do and to hold onto.

When we feel hopeless as if nothing is going to happen in our lives, the Bible will give us encouragement. God will remind us how He loves us and how He will fight for us. If the noise is too loud, let the word of God be louder in your heart, mind, and soul so there will be no room for any lies from the enemy. When we read the Bible, we should pray first, read the word, meditate it and apply it in our lives.

By doing the Bible reading, you will learn a lot, your heart will be whole again, your mind will be renewed, you will be encouraged, you will be hopeful, and you will know your purpose in life. Also, reading the word of God will also save us from being tempted of doing evil things, and if ever tempted, God will always find a way to get us out of it and bring us back to Him and draw us nearer to Him.

That's how important the Bible is.

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Choose the Word Over the World

The world is our physical location where we live but the word of God is living in us. It is a living word and became flesh through Jesus Christ.

There could only be one letter difference between the word "world" and the "word" but remember there is a huge difference. They both can offer something, and they both can give happiness. But only the word of God can give us permanent happiness while the world has everything temporarily.

No matter how confused you are, no matter how loud the noises are, and no matter how painful you are feeling, always choose the word of God to fill in your mind and meditated. The world is full of uncertainties and will never give you something that will never break you.

I know this could be shown as easier said than done when we are not in the position but I hope you remember how God loves you so much and still choose to read His word no matter what.


Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Revelation 1:3

Blessed is he who read and those who hear the words of prophecy and who heed the things which are written in it.

Ephesians 6:11

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's scheme.


Worship Song For You

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