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What Is the Meaning of Lust and Why Is Lust One of the Seven Deadly Sins?

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Lust is on The Horizon

Lust is on The Horizon

What is Lust?

The Definition of Lust:

  • The desire to experience physical pleasures. Especially sexual.
  • An urgent need of naked flesh.
  • A want for power; an intense craving to rule, not just your own roost, but everyone else's too.
  • Intense enthusiasm with an overwhelming unhealthy desire.

The Greek God of Sexual Desire Himeros is a Symbol of Lust:

Himeros the greek God of sexual desire and one of the young Erotes (winged love Gods) was the personification of one longing for love. The twin brothers of Eros are regular subjects in works of art representing erotic circles of sex and love. Himeros was responsible for planting lusty ideas in the minds of others. Perhaps you can blame Himeros for all your lusty thoughts.

The Deadly Sin of Lust:

Is lust a sin? Yes! and a deadly sin at that. To lust after anything and anyone in many religions is not a good idea if you want to keep the hierarchy happy and the gates to paradise open and welcoming. Lust by thought alone is already a sin. The thought of carrying out the offending activity creates enough steamy entertainment in your head, therefore the thought alone is worthy of condemnation. It seems a little harsh I know, but perhaps the lesson behind the rule is based on the prevention method as opposed to the cure method!

Macbeth is a violent story of the ultimate lust whereby only destruction can reign...

Lust: Self Destructive Behaviour

Lusty thoughts are badly preceived by religions because generally strong desires and thoughts don't usually stay contained. This means the way we think can very often be the way we behave.To desire the flesh of a man or woman in itself is very normal. It's the lack of love that rides along with the guilty thoughts of wanting - it is the wanting that marks lust down as a big no! no! and therefore one of the seven deadly sins.

The number of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) out there confirm why promiscuity is not the best way to exercise your sexuality. The very idea of monogamy for some people would be like saying: you'll eat sponge cake for the rest of your existence, which by the way isn't seen as a good thing by everyone. Plenty of people will want and therefore desire a different kind of cake from time to time - a double chocolate fudge cake with black cherries and lashings of fresh cream. And undoubtedly a sponge cake will pale in comparison.

There is of course another word these days for an obsessive appetite, where lust evolves into an uncontrollable compulsion: Sexual Addiction.

Sexologists don't succumb to the idea of this illness with out some debate, finding the validity of it's very nature too vague in relation to the measurements of other addictions like drugs and alcohol. However the word obsession does refer to not being able to think about anything other than a particular thought.

Skeptics believe lust is a by product of cultural and other influences in our every day lives. The olden days kept most voluptuous proportions well under wraps while our modern society leaves very little to the imagination. However you only need to hop across to ancient Rome and their high banquettes for your hair to stand on end.

There was definitely a lot of compulsion going on, not to mention a lack of containment and serious self destructive behaviour and a bounty of voluptuous proportions wrapped in silk. Enough said! I sense the kingdom gates closing before me!

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Lust is not just fanciful thinking or even fanciful day dreaming. Lust is on a whole different level. Having wishful thoughts about kissing a guy or gal you fancy or looking forward to a weekend of loving with your loved one won't even measure on the sin of lust scale.

Don't worry, you've got nothing to be concerned about if you have a crush on some one or think a next door neighbour is hot. You're a million miles from the clutches of lust and won't be condemned for a little wishful thinking. It might be an idea to go easy on the romance novels though!

Lusting: A Deadly Sin

Devilish Behaviour

Devilish Behaviour

Devilish Behaviour

We can all blame the devil within for our faults and failings. Of course, he's the professional tempter and been around a bit, so he's had time to learn a thing or two! Adultery and wanting what you can't have are lustful sins. The desire for power; to control your own kingdom, be it money, wealth or greatness are lustful sins. I personally think and would certainly hope that we would all agree that other peoples spouses/partners should be off limits. I appreciate there are always certain circumstances, but generally nothing but hurt comes from adultery, and that includes all parties involved. I don't believe it possible not to lust a little, but there is a big difference when lusting a lot.

The most important lesson of all is never to confuse lust with love. Love gives and lust takes. Lust is an emotion that runs wild and many shapes take center stage, replaced very quickly with a new desirable object. To be desired is a wonderful feeling, but not if it's a short lived experience. Choose who desires you, by how they love you and harmony will be yours.

Famous Quote: ''The expense of spirit in a waste of shame is lust in action.'' William Shakespeare.

Lust is one of life's nasty elements and can reek havoc from the boardroom to the bedroom. Yes! we all look at sexy bodies and have fancy thoughts. Of course we like the idea of fit bodies and a bonus cheque to boost our egos.

In this particular frame, lust is a lot more than wanton thoughts and having a quick peek. We all know the limits when it boils down to it and we should try harder to live by them. As my granny used to say - 'Look but don't touch!'

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dashingscorpio from Chicago on December 06, 2010:

Just about everything "fun" is a sin. :-)

God made man and man made religion to control other men.

Life is a personal journey and each of us has to decide what is good and bad for ourselves.

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