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Is 'Life After Death with Tyler Henry' Real?

Stephen Sinclair is a Canadian freelance writer who has been publishing professionally for several years.

Is Tyler Henry Legitimate?

Is Tyler Henry a fraud? Are any clairvoyants genuine?

Is Tyler Henry a fraud? Are any clairvoyants genuine?

Tyler Henry: 'Defined' By Helping People Find 'Peace'

The top sheet of the notepad becomes a charcoal Jackson Pollock of indecipherable lines, up and down, back and forth. The hallmark of a gifted mind. It belongs to the one who can speak with the dead: Tyler Henry, for whom the 2022 Netflix series Life After Death with Tyler Henry is named.

"As a medium my life is defined by trying to help people find a sense of peace," Tyler Henry states in the Life After Death trailer. It cuts to him speaking softly with the relatives of a deceased person, repeating their loved one's words. "This is not a goodbye, this is just a see-you-later."

A tear-stricken relative responds to a visit from the "medium," "For him to come give me so much hope is what I need in my life."

Previously, Henry starred in Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. The Outline reported that it received close to a million viewers each episode.

That Netflix, otherwise-reasonable Americans, and the entertainment industry as a whole, has largely bought into psychics and others with supernatural abilities who "claim to communicate with the dead, glimpse the future, and even psychically diagnose physical ailments," is described as "insane."

A 2018 Pew Research Center poll concluded that of the American population "four-in-ten believe in psychics." IBISWorld states that the psychic industry generates $2.2 billion in revenues annually. Tyler Henry is reported to have received a "multi-million-dollar contract."

Tyler Henry Facts

  • Claims to be a "clairvoyant medium"

  • 26-year-old host of Life After Death with Tyler Henry

  • Previously hosted Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry

  • Signed a "multi-million-dollar contract"

  • Speculated to engage in "cold reading" and "hot reading"

Netflix's 2022 'Life After Death with Tyler Henry'

John Oliver Features 'Clairvoyant Medium' Tyler Henry

Is 'Life After Death with Tyler Henry' Scripted?

With regard to the irony of Medium television shows, comedian John Oliver has joked about their "focus on the psychics' personal lives."

"The Long Island Medium can ask Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Shakespeare anything she wants," Oliver channeled some Bizzaro World television announcer. "So, tune in next week when she thinks about getting bangs."

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Last Week Tonight played a clip of Tyler Henry claiming to communicate with the deceased father of now-disgraced former NBC journalist Matt Lauer. Oliver and Last Week Tonight then showed all of the information Henry conveyed to Lauer being previously disseminated publicly, such as in 1998 when Lauer had appeared on CNN's old Larry King Live.

This technique, researching the subject of a clairvoyant or psychic reading beforehand, is known as "hot reading." It might suggest that Henry's performances are scripted.

"Maybe Tyler Henry genuinely accessed the afterlife, an action that would fundamentally change our understanding of everything on Earth," John Oliver weighed the possibilities. "Or maybe he just Googled 'Matt Lauer dad' and hit the... jackpot!"

Matt Lauer was clearly affected. He appeared to deeply believe that Tyler Henry was in communication with his father.

Writer Erin Jensen with USA Today is another educated, reasonable adult who lauded Tyler Henry's supposed supernatural abilities, "After my reading, I'm convinced of Henry's ability. Like him, I believe we all have intuition."

The Late James Randi On The Paranormal

Tyler Henry Poll

'The Only Responsible Way To Put A Psychic On Television'

In contrast to hot reading, where a clairvoyant first actively researches a subject, with a "cold reading" a mind reader asks a subject about generalities that would be relatable to a wide swath of the population, over and over again, until something eventually resonates. Special attention is paid to the reaction and emotion of reading subjects by clairvoyants seeking physical clues that should be irrelevant to them.

When asked if she could use her ability to communicate with murder victims to ask them to identify their murderers, Theresa Caputo, host of Long Island Medium, responded that they will "never will call someone out, on the name," because she only uses her "gift" to receive "messages" that are going to "help." Seemingly demonstrating the logical fallacy that all psychics, clairvoyants, and those who claim to have supernatural powers present. Wouldn't identifying a murderer "help" everyone, including the victim?

If psychics are real there is no need for a criminal justice system. Every single murder should be solved the same day it is discovered. Every city should have a team of psychics on their police forces. Financial markets are pointless. Why bother playing competitive sports? Couldn't people just avoid avoidable disasters, such as pedestrians, or anything else, getting hit by cars?

And what of psychic Sylvia Brown who, as reported by ABC News, wrongly informed a grieving mother that her missing daughter, Amanda Berry, was dead, when in fact she had been kidnapped and was being held, watching Brown proclaim as fact her death to the television-viewing world? What reasonable person would stop looking for a missing child, or stop trying to save a human life, on the advice of a psychic or anyone claiming to possess supernatural abilities?

John Oliver argues that soundly debunking a psychic is the only "responsible" way to put them on television. That NBC and Netflix are irresponsible for giving Tyler Henry a platform.

"The same stunts are being done again and again and again," the late magician and skeptic James Randi stated with regard to the clairvoyant, as featured with YouTube. "They haven't invented anything new since the early 1600s."

Is Tyler Henry A Real Medium?

Does professional clairvoyance carry inherent conflicts of interest? Is Tyler Henry legit?

Does professional clairvoyance carry inherent conflicts of interest? Is Tyler Henry legit?

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