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Is There Suffering In Life

I like to share information that makes life more joyful and meaningful. My main interests are health and general wellness in body and mind.

How Do You Interpret Life?

There are many interpretations to life. Most of them are based on religious beliefs or philosophical hypotheses. This article is my personal analyses to life, with some basic influence from my own spiritual belief. The question is, “Is there suffering in life?” Basically my message is that there is suffering in life. But life is not all about suffering. Certain religions promise eternal happiness after life. But you need to die first before you can enjoy eternal happy “life”. Well, this article is not a “believe or else” confrontation. It is just my personal rendition of what life is all about, now that I have so much time to call my own. I am 65 years old, this year 2015. This article is about my personal thoughts and experience in my life’s journey. If you are very young, you still don’t have the privilege to declare and write about life’s experience. This is one subject that old age is an advantage and a prerequisite. Or is it?

What Was The First Sound We Uttered When We Were Born?

The first thing we did when we emerged into this world is “cry”. We didn’t know a thing about this world, but, yes, we cried out loud. And the greatest irony is that those around us smile and some even yell with such joyful laughter; while we cried our hearts out. Funny, isn’t it? What do you expect from a world that is full of ironies and contradictions?

We grew up learning the basic skills of survival. Since we didn’t have any basic knowledge of language, we used the only available option, that was, to cry out loud. Our parents associated our cries not as something sorrowful, but a message sent to them that we were hungry. When we grew up, these crying sessions began to convey more than the one message of hunger or thirst. They gradually transformed into cries of aversion, dislike, anger, and even hatred.

Cries Of A Different Kind

As life began to unfold, the cries took on a very different meaning; the cry of suffering. Humans are the most disadvantaged as a species. You never know what will happen to you tomorrow. That is all natural; all beings suffer the same fate of uncertainty. However, if you observe the lives of other living things, be they animals or insects or birds, you would note that the life cycle of each animal species follows quite a set pattern. Take for example, the life cycle of a bird. It starts with an egg. The egg is hatched and the nestling begins to grow at a very fast rate. Within 2 weeks, it is able to fly away and survive on its own.

Do we humans have such a set pattern of life cycle? You think so? Some did not even survive to see the day. Do you know what abortion is? Also, millions emerged into this world to suffer from day one. Look at the current exodus of misplaced people? Look at those from the poor and oppressive African states and those from Bangladesh and Myanmar, just to name two regions. You get to see those pitiful children in the arms of those refugees. Then what about those terrible and senseless wars all around the world? People are willing to die fighting. And the famines and earthquakes and diseases. Do we have a fortunate set pattern of a life cycle? There is much suffering in this world. There are no sugar-coated heart-warming assurances here in this article. The stark truth is that there is much suffering in this world. But just to reiterate, I never omit the fact that there is also much happiness in life. The happiness we see around us does not obliterate the bitter truth that there is much suffering in life for many unfortunate human beings.

What Is Suffering?

What is this suffering? Human sufferings take many forms, from the very subtle to the very gross. Many people mistakenly think that suffering only entails physical suffering. There is also a very painful type of suffering which you cannot see; mental suffering. Physical sufferings are too obvious and I shall not discuss further in this article. Now, let’s take a closer look at this very subtle form of mental suffering. This mental suffering inflicts almost every human being at any one time or other. The mental suffering mainly is caused by the manner we think about things that concern us. If we don’t guard our thoughts, our thoughts will become our masters causing havoc with our lives. Negative and hateful thoughts are mental poisons to our lives. They will slowly eat into our system, making us weak, and succumbing us to serious illnesses. Are you a habitual worrier? Are you the complaining type? Do you harbor resentful and unforgiving thoughts; worse still hateful and revengeful thoughts? If yes, then you are in deep trouble. You know you are not at peace with yourself every second of your life. This is a terrible form of mental suffering! To be at peace with your “self”, you need to reduce these negative and hateful thoughts, slowly eliminating all of them. Then you will experience inner peace.

Watch this video below very carefully. The message is very real and urgent. You need to change the way you think. Peace be with you!

“Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind”

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Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind

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Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on May 14, 2015:

Hi manatita44 ,

Yes, powerful message. We must serve others to be really happy. Thanks for the visit and comment.

manatita44 from london on May 14, 2015:

Nice and wholesome Hub. Great video at the end. Serve others, what a powerful message!

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