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Is Satans Name Lucifer? How Did He Get the Name?

What is the devils name?


The origin of the name Lucifer.

In Isaiah 14:12 a reference to Lucifer as one who has been cut down to the ground is mentioned among the prophecy against the nations that persecuted Isreal, Gods people.

The name Lucifer is associated with two Latin words Lux and ferre. Lux meaning, "light " and ferre meaning " to bring. " The Latin name Lucifer was a common reference to a star called Venus which was known for its brightness, as it could be seen in the morning light, is only second in brightness after the sun and moon.

Venus, according to Greek mythology was the goddess of love and beauty. The reference to Lucifer was often meant for Venus, the bright, morning star.

Isaiah prophesied against Lucifer.


Isaiah's prophesy against the nations.

The first prophecy was against Babylon ( 13:1-14:23 ) and would take effect two hundred years later when Babylon became a dominant world power. Isaiah continues to prophesy against Assyria, Philistine, Moab and many other nations surrounding Israel. This prophetic word spans across two chapters in the book of Isaiah.

In chapter 14, Isaiah prophesies against Babylon's King, the arrogant King Nebuchadnezzar who would attempt to exalt himself above all gods and world powers.

12. How you have fallen from heaven, ( Lucifer ) morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to earth, you who once laid low the nations! 13. You said in your heart, ' I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God;

Some would argue that this particular passage refers to the devil who was cast down to earth. It is this passage that many were taught that the name Lucifer belongs to satan and it spread like wildfire. Those who believe that this passage refers to the devil or satan, also believe satan had been cast out of heaven before Isaiah's prophesy, many believe that satan was in the garden because he was already cast out of heaven. But Isaiah's prophesy is future tense. Upon reading this passage one would also have to assume that Isaiah broke off from speaking against the nations to speaking about the devil and moved from future to past, to the future tense again.

Revelation speaks of the devils fall from heaven

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What must first take place before satan can be cast out of heaven.

Revelation 12:7-9

And war broke out in heaven, and Micheal and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels and the dragon and his angels fought back. 7. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9. The great dragon was hurled down that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him.

As you can see in this passage the rendition of satans departure from heaven is very detailed. There can be no mistake about what took place. Satan and his army were cast out of heaven.

Why would Johns vision about the future revert to the past? What is the purpose of repeating what already took place in the old testament? There is no purpose because Revelation teaches us that satan could not have been cast out of heaven until Christ the sacrificial lamb was killed and raised to heaven to be with God.

Revelation points to the ransom sacrifice as cause of satans downfall.


First blood must be shed.

"And they defeated him by the blood of the lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love there life even in the face of death ..." Revelation 12;11

Revelation 12; 7-12 explains that satan and his army were conquered because of the blood of the lamb. Satan was also conquered by the testimony of witnesses who had no regard for their own lives but would follow Jesus no matter the cost, even if it meant their lives.

This passage in Revelation clearly indicates that satan and his army remained in heaven long after Isaiah's prophesy. The devil was not cast out until some time after Christ's death and resurrection. It is indisputable that first, the shedding of Christ's blood had to take place in order to catapult satans defeat and decent to the earth.

What can we conclude? The runaway teaching of satan being Lucifer is scripturally incorrect. Thus the many sermons, teachings, and books using this reference to prove his fall from heaven took place before the new testament was written are incorrect as well.

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