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Fox -- MSNBC -- CNN -- And many Others: Is Cable Network News TRUTH?

Do Networks Tell the Truth -- Some Clearly Fail the Test!

It is alarming that many in the Church of GOD culture are limiting their exposure to legitimate and "fact-checked" news sources by gravitating to only certain polarizing News Network who's aim is anything but to tell the whole unvarnished truth. When we do this, we are clearly vulnerable to deception and in danger of settling for “confirmation bias” instead of having the “Love of the Truth” that scripture says characterizes the true saints of GOD. We are to love what is true – and not a lie! We know who the Father of Liars is don’t we?

In searching for “news & information” – do we just automatically choose a television or radio program – or even internet blog because we “like what they are saying” and because it “confirms the bias” of what we already believe or hope to be true? In other words, are we gravitating to a “comfort zone” instead of actually searching for legitimate and factual information placing a high value on what is actually true?

Generally, there seems to be great confusion about the identifying terms Conservative, Moderate, Liberal, and how these ideologies factor into a democracy. There are other terms too such as Libertarian, Capitalists-Neo-Con, Socialist, Fascist, Plutocratic Oligarchist, and many others. We commonly use "directional terms" such as Right and Left to identify political and even social and religious leanings.

It further seems we have taken to placing labels on one another to “define the enemy” so to speak -- to demean them or even "bash" them. Problem is – many “conscript” a label -- let's say the label "Conservative" as it has been “sold” in a right leaning philosophy -- and then further “conscript” the “direction term” RIGHT (itself) giving it the higher meaning of RIGHT as in “not wrong”. The label “liberal” then is used as a pejorative term to mean “evil, lazy, and socialist.” Neither of those definitions, in my view, is accurate. Arguments can be made that Jesus was liberal and others argue that he was conservative based on ones own definition of those labels. JESUS was neither in my view! HE was perfect, righteous, holy and exemplified the standard to which all should aspire.

Our culture is seriously divided these days and we have taken to name-calling. For instance: Is economic “survival of the fittest” a conservative or a liberal ethic. I believe it is neither – just an abrogation of social responsibility. Is having a strong desire to see social justice and have our government embrace social responsibility for our citizenry a conservative or a liberal ethic. I believe this also is neither. Social justice is a Biblically sound principle.

Let’s analogize, for a moment, “the whole truth” as a “great square. Presently in our nations discourse the natural pre-disposition of left or right leaning in all of our citizens is exacerbated by the new way we debate issues in the media. This pre-disposition comes from the influence of parents, friends, environment, and socio-economic standing. If “the whole truth” is this “great square” – we must be duty bound to first KNOW where each of us ‘lives” on that square. If those who impart information to us represent a bias from only part of that square then they are – in effect – telling us only “partial truth”. We commonly refer to this method as telling a “half truth”. The real truth is that a “half truth” consistently told is a “WHOLE LIE” – purely because “half truth telling” – by its very design – is meant to lead us to a pre-determined conclusion which reinforces the place where only the “teller” lives on that “great square”. Our media has failed us because it has abandoned objectivity in favor of excessive editorializing and the popularization of opinion talk media which is now absorbed by the citizenry IN PLACE OF a real and legitimate pursuit of the actual “whole truth” on most (and particularly) “political” matters. So if we examine how networks function in our very polarized day – we now find that these “leanings” are morphing into “lying” and we should neither be a part of that and certainly not be endorsing it.


EvanToledo on January 11, 2013:

A-Men to your article, Ed!!

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In spite of many sermons heard to STOP political talk at church, some still insist on parroting what some talk radio hosts spread about our leaders, policies, guns, ad nauseum. The Bible CLEARLY states we are never to speak evil of dignitaries and leaders--Jesus Christ even said "..render to Caesar things that are Caesar's" As Christians, we are to be seeking first God's Kingdom and future rule over this earth--THEN there won't be political parties or ideologies, for ALL will know God.

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