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Is Life Really Unfair as It Appears to Be?: A Satire

Val offers his views on dogmatic aspects of cultural paradigm with its religious, political, and medical sterile indoctrinations and taboos.

The heavy foot of the Mother Nature seems to be stepping on its creations with so many unfavorable setups.

The heavy foot of the Mother Nature seems to be stepping on its creations with so many unfavorable setups.

Who ever said the world was fair.

-- Cassandra Clare

God's Will? But Why Does It Have to Be So Unfair?

Believe it or not, but there is enough scientific evidence to support the claim about plants also having something like emotions.

Now, what kind of emotions they are talking about -- I don't know. Namely, is it that an apple is "admiring" your set of teeth, or feeling "terrified" by them?

In a true story, an ex-CIA operative played with his lie detector and attached it to a house plant -- then lit up his cigarette lighter and slowly approached it to the plant -- when the gauge showed the plant going in the state of "panic".

Doesn't it leave us with question why we are hurting our food? Why did God, or Nature, set up a food chain in such a way that something always has to hurt in order that something else can live. Where is fairness in all that?

Now, none of us "normal" folks would engage in experimenting with the so called "sun gazing", which allegedly removes our need for food by converting solar energy into biological one. Especially we Canadian eaters wouldn't go for it, as that would be for us a ridiculously long fasting, considering our long, sunless winters.

However, even if we all moved down south to Florida from here in that quest for solar breakfasts and dinners, there would still be this question of allegedly "water also having its emotions".

That's right, folks. Those scientists having nothing better to do, discovered that if you would call a glass full of water "ugly like sewer" for a while, it would change its molecular configuration into some yucky patterns. Looks like you would "hurt water's feelings".

Another, somewhat related story has it that if cook is in a bad mood, the vibes of that mood somewhat negatively affect the energy in liquid parts of the food he is cooking -- then also affecting those who will eat it.

I am not asking you to believe it -- just telling you there is a story like that. I know it sounds like a joke, but just to stay on a safe side, don't piss your wife off while she is cooking you a dinner, O.K.?

Nevertheless, if we are supposed to feel sorry for hurting animals and plants we use for food, and on top of that worry about the mood of the water we drink, how is that fair to us?

Why so many folks had to be created so stupid?

Why so many folks had to be created so stupid?

Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I am not sure about the universe.

-- Albert Einstein

Why This Unequal Distribution of Brains?

Now, just for a moment, let us forgive ourselves for having to eat and hurting our food, because here is another example of unfairness in this life on earth.

Namely, I am going to say a few about this uneven sharing of intelligence within our species of "homo sapience" -- meaning "thinking man", the name which apparently isn't deserved by each and every human specimen.

Maybe you never thought about that, so think about it now, and you may come up with the same question about this painfully obvious unfairness.

If we buy a puppy, and one day we realize that it has grown into a pretty stupid dog, that alone may make us think of this unfairness. But then we observe our human world, and we can't but notice these staggering differences in I.Q. distribution -- displayed in anything from "not being on the same page" to a war.

Well, let's face is, folks, some of US are smart, and some of THEM are not, and then we have all those cases in between.

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Actually, it doesn't stop at our I.Q. but also some of us have a way higher capacity for enjoying life than others do.

You have two siblings living under exactly the same conditions and receiving equally loving and supportive treatment by their parents -- and yet, one is constantly pissed off, with or without a reason, whereas the other is shining with his jolly disposition most of the time.

Then, combinations are many between our I.Q. and this capacity for happiness. Namely, it's not that the smarter we are, the happier we have to be, as there are many brainiacs being incorrigible sourpusses -- whereas a proverbial simpleton could be a joy to have around.

Unfair, no matter how you choose to look at it.

Which god to pick from so many?

Which god to pick from so many?

Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing a fool.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So Many Gods and Authorities to Pick From

We could see as pretty unfair the confusing guidance of those at the top of intellectual or influential scale. Our paradigm is so clumsily constructed with nothing that could serve us as a clear and reliable system of beliefs worth following. As if all those super smart icons of intelligence couldn't agree about what is right for humans to pursue, and how.

So we have a whole bunch of gods to pick from; some dozen diets, each one claiming to be "the only right one for us"; so many contradictory ideologies -- in other words -- so much offered to us to disagree about.

So little to see with same eyes, in this seemingly impossible quest of harmony that might catapult us to the next level of consciousness evolution.

There is nothing as discouraging as hearing two equally educated scholars, or medical scientists, or theologians -- drawing two opposite conclusions from a same evidence.

Or, for the same matter watching two presidential candidates in their shit-kicking back and forth, which they are calling a "debate" -- while with the same domestic and international problematics on their plate they are pushing some completely opposite agendas.

Indeed, one would assume that smart folks may differ in some fine details, not in the whole approach, right?

How is that fair to millions of people who expect their leading authorities to find some common ground? Sometimes it just makes you wonder if they are faking all that smartness.

Equally disturbing -- if not even more -- is this matter of a "right" deity to cherish. While every religion is claiming that there is only "one" god, they keep praying to their own, with the totality of global religion-seeking populace not trying to make up their mind which that "one" god should be for everybody.

At times this religious deal reminds of corporate world where each gigantic establishment is going strategic about how to attract more buyers -- maybe by scaring them shitless just enough so they seek forgiveness and salvation under their terms, plus using the promising tactics -- always for a fee, of course.

So, come on, you holy men, if mathematics can be the same under any religious arrangement, why can't you all agree about one faith, so we stop seeing our gods going through an identity crisis.

Well, here I tried to point at few of those things in life which simply don't seem to be fair.

However, being an incorrigible optimist, I can't finish this article without saying how none of these, or any other aspects of unfairness should be seen as an insurmountable obstacle. With a bright outlook and a lively spirit -- it's all nothing more but that proverbial "piece of cake".

So, let us make it our lifelong "dessert" -- because we deserve it, despite all that may appear unfair in this beautiful world of ours. -- Cheers!

© 2022 Val Karas

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