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How to contact Loki Safely


My discussion in part one and part two will remain cerebral onanism without trying to develop some form of relationship with the shapeshifting razor tongued skytravelling trickster, friend of Thor and brother of Odin. Friendship is definitely preferable and remember to talk to his wife Sigyn, an even more mysterious figure, from time to time.

I recall trying to contact Loki at a time I had problems, and the results were interesting. Over time I slowly acquired some of his better characteristics, which I lacked. I am still learning.


If you succeed in contacting Loki things will change. Make sure you tell him you want to make the change with minimal pain and end up sufficiently better off to justify the pain. You may get more straightforward help from his Brother Odin ( who has an agenda, where Loki just likes to have fun)
and ask Thor to keep Loki in check a bit.

Deciding what changes you want in your life before contacting Loki is probably a good idea for the cautious, Loki is an agent of change and if you leave it to him you may not get the change you want. You may not get it anyway, but there is no harm in asking.

It may be a good idea to try to deal with your Shadow Archetype first, but this is not vital.


I believe in simplifying things as far as possible. This is largely because of a nomadic lifestyle as an IT consultant in which weight and bulk are liabilities and a permanent shrine or altar is impossible. In any case an altar implies worship and I don't do worship. The purification, celibacy for days beforehand meditation, fasting, etc are redundant. If you like them go ahead. What Loki might do about all this, especially the celibacy, could blow your mind.

As a result I developed the following simple procedure. I poured a glass of Whiskey into a glass, lit a candle in the sink – Always make sure the candle cannot start a fire. Loki is a fire god, a trickster and sometimes has a strange sense of humour. Then speak from the heart and ask what you want. Some claim Saturday is a good day to invoke Loki. Continue till you feel it right to stop and then pour the Whiskey away,
DOUSE THE CANDLE and go out and do something as silly as you can safely handle ( do not take risks) and relax. A refinement is to burn a symbol or description of what you want out of your life and create it in such a way that a symbol of what you want emerges from the ashes.

Dancing may be a good way to thank Loki. Dance yourself into an altered state of consciousness and let him look thorough your eyes and feel through your body. Just do not let home take total control unless you are in a protective group who can control the results.

If you are into Shamanism try to visit Loki from time to time. The conversation should be of interest and may be valuable.


As I  type this there is a TV program about the trend in America to adopt a monkey as a son or daughter. I see a woman putting make up on a monkey's eyes and creating little dresses for it and using a psychic to ask the monkey questions. And I hear Loki  laugh. I am used to this kind of synchronicity.


Sesshyfreakalex from Asgard ;) on June 05, 2009:

I would also consider Loki as death itself, considering all his kin and the symbolgy behind them. Loki as death, I see him as an allegory of the sly ways of death taking away the dear ones; this in a piont of veiw of the ancient civilization, cuz i guess Loki´s image is older then one should expect, more likely the Trickster arquetipe. I tend to relate Jormundgand with Ouroboros, like a frontier wich keeps the order and yet it must be crossed, when Thor tried to hook the serpent to kill it, if he had he would´ve brought (i guess) Ragnarok before the change was needed. Hmm i shall write all this down in a Hub later, anywas great job loved it.

msorensson on June 02, 2009:

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I love it..

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