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Are You a Gemini Moon Child?

Gemini Moon Children are deeply passionate about the moon, really all moon children are about the moon, but Gemini Moon children have a deeper level of desire for humanity and nature. They have a different understanding of how the moon phases affects human behavior and on nature.

With the moon's energy and predictable routine, moon children are drawn to the sky night, and day. This is why they have a unique personality that includes traits with a balance of positives/negative beliefs. These balances are what they need to be in their comfort zones. Once balance found, they can understand the gifts and abilities they have deep inside them. The following are more about their behavior in the world they live in.

Positive/Negative Traits

Gemini Moon Children have great focus and concentration, and this helps them to be aware of all the little details surrounding them during any conversation or event. This trait could be seen as positive or negative because it depends on the vibe of the area how they will take in all that is around them.

Their light-hearted approach to life and humanity builds their intuitive nature for the sciences. Environmental sciences come natural to them because of the Ancient Celtic knowledge they are born with. It creates a great passion for protecting and healing nature, and this brings them joy and happiness. But these moon children tend to get lost in their own imagination when they are not helping and learning about how the natural world works and how humans interact with it.

Light Workers

Gemini Moon Children are one of the oldest souls among light workers. They understand the deeper meanings behind humanities' behavior. Their deeper connection to the intuitive universe leads them to see all perspectives in situations and conversations from a scientific view and a logical view.

These light workers refuse to listen to the restrictions put on them by society. They live according to what the Ancients have taught them.

They have the ability to read what is taking place around them, and stand ready to embrace something new. Not only that, but they need to explore these situations from every angle before the light of truth reveals itself to them. That is why they teach life lessons they have learned through writing books, creating workshops and doing podcasts.

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"For Druids, the skies are an open book, where the stories of the ancestors are written in cosmic clarity each night. Constellations rise and set, disappear for a season and return to mark the wheel of time."


Druid (Druadh) Magic

Gemini Moon Children have the knowledge of the Druids (Druadh) and the Celtic way of life. Each are born with this set into their DNA and are capable of using the gifts bestowed on them from the day they are born. This is something they do have to discover they have in order for them to continue to learn and grow. Once they have accepted that they have been living the life like the druids did, then they can begin their journey of what they must do with that knowledge.

The Druids have considerable knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and engineering. This knowledge is passed down each year. The knowledge goes to any child being born during a Gemini moon.

Gemini Moon Children can learn more about understanding their gifts and abilities by reading and studying more about the life of the Druids. The book below gives step by step guide to the Celtic Astrology. This book will answer many questions and will make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself.

To get a better understanding of how the phase of the moons affects your behavior and personality, learn more about the Druids Astrology Methods by using the moon phases.

The Celtic Moon Signs book by Helena Patterson will help you to understand a lot more about the power that is with in you. Once you understand about the beliefs that the Druids lived every day, then you will have an ideal of what you are truly capable of doing. Use this book as a guide to finding your own path and understanding, not as a set in stone way of life. The Druids had many ways among their people because the community consisted of poets, doctors and spiritual leaders. Their knowledge was way beyond the everyday person in Astronomy.

For even further study, check out

Nature Faeries

With their dual brain, logic and science becomes one world for them. With the knowledge of the Ancient ones, they are seen as natures faeries. They care and heal by using all that nature has grown, animals, plants, and trees to bring great wonder to them. Some faeries protect the trees while others protect the streams, rivers, and oceans. Just like there are many kinds of environmental scientist, there are many faeries.

To learn more on this topic the book written by John Philip Newell, Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul: Wisdom for the Reawakening to What our Souls Know, will bring some deep insight into the soul of Gemini Moon Children. It gives a different perspective of the Ancient Knowledge. For more information on this, go to

Note from Author

Gemini Moon Children are very deep souls and have a lot to offer this world and universe we live in.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below, and I will answer them. If you would like more resources, or you have other resources you found helpful in your journey, please post them below.

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