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Why Is Purity of Heart So Important

My great quality is that I am a human being. But if I don't cherish "humanity" within myself, I will not be able to feel myself as a human being spiritually. Why? Because, I am a mediocre animal as regards my physical contour. But, what makes or can make me a human, is my soul that is the real asset that no other being can ever possess. That truly makes me feel myself human when I take care of it. I am not superior to any other being at all. But if I manage to purify my heart, I will be definitely above all other living beings. My physical entity is to familiarise my human expressions to others, so that I can influence others better.

So, I should rectify my heart which may have been spoilt through unpleasant activities known or unknown. So, I must better my soul and further develop a human being in myself. Then, I can truly be the best living being in the infinite universe.

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