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Implement These “dos” and “don’ts” Before Starting of the New Year

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Let the things go which are not in your control. Let it go completely. Do not criticize yourself for what is out of your control. You cannot control everything, accept the fact. Do not say that you will tomorrow, do it today. Do not obsess over the past. Learn from your mistakes, evolve, and move forward.

You have the right to express your emotions. Do not feel guilty about your feelings. Cry when you want to cry. Cry when you are sad or depressed. Laugh occasionally. Take proper diet. Rest properly. Work hard and try to give your best. Do not make you exhausted, take breaks. Your body needs time to recharge, give it.

Observe the world around you. Put attention to everything. Listen to everything. Not only words. Not only friends and family. Listen to the world. Give your mind a chance to drown in the depth of the ocean of curiosity and wonder. Admire the simplest things; the things that humble you.

Care for everyone around you. All beings need love.

The ones who need it most are the ones who express it least.


Do not make a person down, for being unpleasant or self-centered by carrying your kindness and love off. It is what they need. It does not exhibit you as an unsophisticated person but a person with more maturity and wisdom. As you know, a person’s ability to give back good is an ethical gesture.

All of us have a story, and nobody knows the backstory of your story. Own your story. Do your own judgment before you allow others to give their decision. Takeover. It is your life, not anyone’s. Understand the reasons behind your grief and pain. Figure out that why something happened or continued to happen. That awareness permits you to rule yourself.

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Learn the value of your precious self. Your self-respect is the most important thing that you have. Do not say yes to someone by saying no to yourself. Do not feel ashamed for creating boundaries to protect your worth. Do not bluff yourself to satisfy someone. Never ever do this. Compromise and undertaking yourself are two different things. If someone becomes unhappy about your habit of setting a limit and criticizes you for that it does not mean that you did something wrong. Respect your privacy and do not let anyone invade it.

You have been hurt many times. Bearing hardships makes you stronger and stronger. No growth happens without struggle. If you have not been through something that shattered your heart yet, you will. Do not fear the pain of after-loss, take risks. The earlier you face it, the powerful you become at the right time. As you heard that a forest grows better after a wildfire sweeps through it because the nutrients come back to the soil from the dead matter.

People disappoint you many times but regardless of the number of times you have been let down, continue to donate. By giving, does not mean things. You may give your love, attention, time, trust. It is better for your self-growth. Because it stops you from being self-absorbed and egoistic. The main point here is, that you cannot pressurize yourself to lose your nature just because you’ve been let down. Try to become a better version of yourself as compared to yesterday. Live for yourself not anyone else.

Be faithful to yourself. Do not try to be different from everyone else, but by carrying your real personality. You are different from others at some things, and that is alright. You are similar to others at some things, and that is alright too. It is the combination of everything that makes you unique.

Multi-tasking can lead to problems of memory, it reduces the brain’s grey matter. It increases stress, depression, and anxiety. It affects productivity and efficiency badly. Multi-tasking is like poison for your overall mental health. Stop doing multi-tasking. Focus on a single project at a time.

Everyone can be kind, and it expenses you nothing. Do unplanned acts of kindness. Bring joy into people’s lives by making them smile with something you are good at. Believe me, it is better to be thoughtful and caring than to bully, so encourage compassion. Random acts of affection and generosity make the world a better place to live.

Let’s spread smiles and positivity.

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