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Imagination & Visualization

Born in Holland Nadine emigrated to South Africa taught art therapy and had a spiritual awakening that influenced her whole outlook on life.


Is Humanity Losing the Skill of Imagination?

That was the question I pondered before I went to sleep and the next morning I woke up with several article ideas flashing past my consciousness as to how our ascension journey can be explained through both our Imagination & visualization

I have written an article titled: can our imagination set us FREE? This time I will explore further how our freedom from this reality through our imagination skills can be achieved. Our human skills; being able to imagine anything, is ( so far as I know) a talent unique to the human species.

I suspect the following: Somehow the genetic scientists (gods with a small g) who manipulated our original DNA, have not been able to remove our imagining ability altogether, but they are very busy trying that during these End of Times. We do live during the time of what I call the quickening! Most of us know why.

Through the TV, advertising, the internet and by watching horror and scary movies humanity has been programmed to believe that what we can imagine stays fantasy. Its Not real. That is a LIE!

Let me explain what my perceptions are on how we are being manipulated and how we can bring an end to this.


The Manipulation of Mind Control

The mind is energy and has the power to change matter. Know that matter is simply the physical manifestation of energy. So, who is in control of our unified mind field?
We need to be very aware of the manipulation of mind control that purposely manipulates mankind out of their informed consent. Mainstream media and their psychological operations and propaganda are used to manipulate the uninformed public to support ideas and agendas that only benefit the controllers of this off-world alien anti-human agenda. I call these people sleepers and they're oblivious to the manipulation.

Who is Doing the Manipulations?


Is There a Negative Alien Agenda?

The anti-human agenda has manipulated humanity for thousands of years only because they've stayed hidden along with their destructive agenda. We are in the time of the apocalypse which means the unveiling, the revealing which means their reign is over. Connecting to Source, our higher self should be our highest priority to retain power over our personal sovereignty.


Were We Humans Created to be Slaves?

Erich von Däniken introduced the concept of "Ancient Aliens" to the world in 1970. When I got hold of that book in the late seventies I knew intuitively that he was on to something. In the later years the books by Zechariah Sitchin added weighty evidence and credibility to von Däniken's theory after he interpreted humanity's earliest written account of history that was rediscovered in the buried, cuneiform, baked-clay libraries of the world's oldest civilization – the Sumerians.

One of the highest hurdles I had to cross during the late seventies was that there is the real possibility that we might have to come to terms with two gods. One with a capital ‘G’, and the other with a small ‘g’.

For me the conclusion came that we have been conned since the beginning to believe that some form of advanced deity was actually God. Who was this “God that gave our ancestors the rules and punishments for disobeying that the scriptures today still preach?

Michael Tellinger's book Slave Species of God (published in the same year as my first two visionary fiction novels were published) also shaped my story about the Jaarsma Clan. The horrible truth that we are a slave species, purposefully created to perform a mundane function here on this Earth became a fact for me.

How have these theories affected our evolution as a species? It is for us to collect the clues and string them together to formulate a sensible answer.

If we were created in ‘his’ image is it then not time to awakening to our ‘god given’ talents and abilities? Or do we follow the overwhelming enslavement by sticking to religious dogma?

Since the rapid evolution of the computer, our ability to document ancient wisdom has also enabled us to understand it more clearly. I strongly believe that all the ancient symbols and text on the Sumerian tablets were left behind for future civilizations to use and build upon, like I’ve written about through story telling.

Why are Our Super Human Abilities Dormant?

  • Which unimaginable characteristics or super abilities are the dormant parts that somehow cannot be controlled if they wake up?
  • What human abilities are ‘they’ trying to De-activate?
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No matter how intelligent and smart we humans think we are, humanity constantly displays signs of basic animal behavior that can lead to the decimation of our kind in the blink of an eye.

  • If we don’t know who we are and where we come from, how can we possibly begin to understand where we might be going, on our path of progress and evolution?
  • How will our inability to activate our super abilities affect our evolution as a species?
  • Can we use our FREE WILL to step out of the bondage of human slavery?

Let’s follow the example of the incredible visions of Jacque Fresco with his global implementation of a socioeconomic system, which he refers to as a "resource-based economy, the Venus project.

Jacque Fresco envisions a global civilization in which science and technology are applied with human and environmental concern to secure, protect, and encourage a more humane world for all people.


The Creation Story Versus Evolution

Humanity rose from the ashes against all odds; we survived and grew in numbers while spreading over the Earth. It is clear that, somewhere in our DNA, there is a violent gene that plays a prominent role in human behavior. the last thirty so years I started to strongly accept that we underwent some dramatic evolutionary shift. During the previous 6 000 years… or the 10 000 years before there seem to be serious gaps in the prehistoric evolutionary patterns for Homo-sapiens.

Through watching YouTube videos we can all marvel at dinosaur fossils and talk about what it must have been like here on Earth when dinosaurs roamed, but was it ever like that?

We throw around numbers like ‘60 million years’ from when they became extinct; or ‘200 million years’ when we start comparing the timescale to famous events in our own frame of reference. The BBC says that the Earth is a little over 4.5 billion years old, its oldest materials being 4.3 billion-year-old zircon crystals. Homo sapiens, only appeared 200,000 years ago. So humans have been around for a mere 0.004% of the Earth's history. True or false?

Have a look by clicking on this link about our suspected timeline on human evolution. It took me years to awaken and recognize that the visions I was shown during the seventies were about my future self as a futurist.

Today films like Star-Trek and the fantasy creations of the movie ‘Avatar’ to give an example, inspired me from a fantasy point of view.


The Importance of the Skill of our Imagination

Our Imagination makes it possible to experience our whole world inside our mind. We humans can imagine a sound, taste, smell, a physical sensation or a feeling or emotion. Our imaginations can travel anywhere at the speed of light, without any obstacles. A developed and strong imagination strengthens our creative abilities, and is a great tool for recreating and remodeling our world and life.

Imagination is a creative power that is necessary for inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a house, painting a picture or writing a book. This skill is one of the most important super ability each human being MUST awaken and develop more in order to create a new reality.

People who are inclined to think negatively, do not expect success. They expect the worst, and when they fail, they believe that fate is against them. That is exactly what the global cabal wants to achieve. That is why we see more negative news and movies on our computer screens.

Above all, human beings are storytellers! Our human imagination is our only contact with the supernatural. There could be no heaven or hell, devils or gods without this powerful trait, so instead let’s use our imagination skills to visualize a physical reality where no human being can control others through money. Physical realities (Parallel Worlds?) where there will be no more hospitals or pharmaceutical companies because there is no illness, because we can heal ourselves and others. No more wars and poverty, because everyone can visualize our heart desire.

Our Imagination is Our Contribution


We are GODS in the Making!

Thanks for reading this article; my following posts on this topic will include how we all can speed up the awakening to our ascension towards a new reality by first activating our inner healing abilities. This information is now almost all available due to the gift of the internet.



I have lived with people to whom what happened in humanity's past simply did not matter. I never could understand why they had this absolute lack of inquisitiveness. Were these people already so desensitized and programmed and therefore closed themselves off in their cocoons of comfort? Or, what about the people who believe that if we work hard, or if we work smart; we will achieve some sort of reward at the end of all of this. (That was the programming I was brought up in)

For many years books were my only channel to satisfy my quest for understanding

Why were my dreams mostly to do with the lie surrounding the dis-ease of 'aging' and eternal life? Deep inside the burning desire to find answers to my own human question… “Who am I and why am I here?” To be determined to learn the answers got me where I am today.

Historians, archaeologists and anthropologists have painted a very predictable past for us, but there came a time for me when I needed to know which direction I needed to follow, and that applies to all of us.



Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 22, 2015:

Yes I also looked for them? They seem to have been removed?

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 22, 2015:

Thank you Kalinin for your reply to my post. I will soon write a post on the quickening!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 20, 2015:

Oh Daniel you are so very kind. Ive just read your article and left a comment. You wrote that 3 years ago! I've now shared it, voted up and promoted it. What a great post. Yes somehow we do tap into a 'creative source field'...some call GOD? That then would make total sense for me. Always love reading your articles!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 20, 2015:

Excellent comment Dr Pran. Most appreciated!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 20, 2015:

Thank you Genna yes sadly I heard that the Twitter addiction seems to be rife with youngsters.

Lana Adler from California on August 19, 2015:

Wait...where are the voting buttons??

Lana Adler from California on August 19, 2015:

I love this hub Nadine. They say: the truth will set you free, but really, it's the imagination! Looking forward to more on ascension in this time of *quickening* ;-) And I loved a reference to Jacque Fresco - I've been following The Venus Project for years. Voted up!

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 18, 2015:

I wrote a article back in 2012, when I first was getting started here on HP called Imagination Where Does It Come From

. . . that describes from an artists point of view how I use imagination.

Back then I didn't really consider it a part of the spiritual experience having recognized that if I could picture it in my minds eye I could recreate it.

Now though I think of imagination as a stepping stone towards making a connection with the Greatest Creator Of All, sharing something we both have in common, perhaps I need to go back and update that article.

I'd be interested in what my favorite Hub writer has to say about the article, so now you know you will at least get one vote as best Hub writer in the upcoming Hubbie Awards.

Keep 'em coming.

Dr Pran Rangan from Kanpur (UP), India on August 17, 2015:

Another great article from you. Imagination is in fact the mother of any creativity but, paradoxically, most of people use the skill of imagination to their disadvantage, which they consider to be their advantage. All great discoveries and inventions of any kind were achieved due to the skill of imagination.

All major religions of the world tell us that we have been created by our divine Father in His image only. We are like Him but we forget that we also possess His divine qualities. Instead of evolving our divine qualities to a higher level, we stick to our religious dogmas so steadfastly that our our consciousness remains only limited to them and, therefore, our spiritual growth is hindered. This is the result of our limited imagination.

Thanks for sharing.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on August 17, 2015:

Imagination is unique to the human species...what a an incredible gift. And many seem to be squandering it in exchange for sudden gratification, a dummying down and desensitization from too much television, surfing the Internet for entertainment, text messages and 60-second sound bites that masquerade as information and thought. Creativity has become something that is disassociated from in every day is "out there." Excellent article, Nadine. :-)

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 17, 2015:

Wow I would love to take these photos myself!!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 16, 2015:

Thank you so much for that comment Larry. That is why I was inspired to write it!

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 15, 2015:

Here is the deal, humanity has been seeking proof for years, decades and the Company of Heaven, Council of Worlds and Ashtar Command is finally in a position to provide it without The Cabal ridiculing, censoring and disputing it.

We have to do our part, so those of us that are awake need to continue to provide others that aren't with visual evidence in the form of photos. Once millions of photos, eye witness testimony and articles begin to flood the internet the 100 monkey will take over and Ascension will become easier.

Here we go hang on tight!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 15, 2015:

Wow! Really? Believe me I will now take note of our sky in between these dates and report back!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 15, 2015:

Hi Ann so glad you found my post both fascinating and mind-blowing! Yes I agree that what we can imagine we can materialize.

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 15, 2015:

DJ Anderson I'm so glad you have watched the entire documentary on the Venus Project. Visiting so close to the actual Venus project, you are so fortunate to be able to see his work. Please share this amazing man's project with your friends.

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 15, 2015:

Thanks for your comment Ruby and thanks for loving my artwork.

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 15, 2015:

Yes and no Marlene. If you listen to Jacque Fresco's video and you learn that his perceptions on artificial intelligence ( robots that do most of the work that today humans still do) He says this gives people more freedom to pursue their creativity. Do yourself a favor and watch the longer movie about this man. Imagine a home where dust automatically is expelled, and, regenerating fabrics and so on...

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on August 14, 2015:

These are very important skills for success.

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 14, 2015:

Nadine, according to the whoneedslight newsletter Ascension starts in earnest tomorrow Aug. 15th thru Aug. 20th and that you can go take a hi-res photo of the sky right now (daylight), blow it up and find images of starships.

I'm going to try it this afternoon if the cloud cover dissipates and will let my readers know what I find out, see if it works. The dates correspond to when Alien starships will be making their presence known to humanity so keep a look out and take photos.

Evidently they can't be seen with the naked eye.

Ann Carr from SW England on August 14, 2015:

Fascinating hub, Nadine. It's true that we don't use even half of the capacity of our brains. It's also true that our imagination can take us anywhere. Your theories make us think really hard, in fact I found this read quite mind-blowing!

I hope mankind manages to create a future which is worthy of what we can achieve. Using our imagination to the full, that should be possible!

Great illustrations too!


Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 14, 2015:

Its almost dinner time but I must reply to you before I close down. No I will never hold back, but I'm surrounded by people in our neighborhood who would experience a real culture shock if I say or explain some of my thoughts and ideas what I share in my writing. They know that I'm very NEW AGE thinking person! Because I mostly interact on a mundane level with them , now and then if the topic of conversation warrant it do I challenge them. Slowly but subtly I will rattle their cages.

DJ Anderson on August 14, 2015:

Nadine, your hub blew me away. With diagrams and visual aids it was

most helpful to me. I watched the entire documentary on the Venus Project, last night. We go to visit friends in Punta Gorda, Florida, which could not be more than an hour and a half from the Venus Project.

I have been following blue and his awesome hubs. Your perspective,

being from a female point of view, has been most beneficial in helping me understand the concept of a limitless future.

The theory, 'they will believe it when their mind is ready', could not be more true. Reading your super hub once is not enough. I will be back.


Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 14, 2015:

Thank you so much for your kind words.I'm so glad that I do not come across preachy or ...worse..boring. Thanks for your vote up!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 14, 2015:

Hi Flourish yes as Shauna commented, our Technology can improve our imagination skills or numbed it.

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 14, 2015:

Many thanks for stopping by Shauna. Yes its true that there are those who have become more creative due to the technology available and there are others who's imaginations have been dulled by it. Well said.

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 14, 2015:

Seems we read the same books, that lead to the same questions. I had a feeling you were holding back on us. I enjoyed your perspective, as mine seems to be a little more in your face knowledge and you are so much more subtle.

I will have to come back and reread this, as all I have time for now is a quick scan because I'm on my way to work but once I saw the title I couldn't resist taking a look.

Thanks for exploring this subject with your unique sense of what is important . . . I'll be back!

Nadine May (author) from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 13, 2015:

Thank you so much for your in depth comment. Yes the soul has infinite power and I'm sure there are reasons we might not yet understand from a human perspective why we seem to experience a limitation while in the flesh.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on August 13, 2015:

I can't ' imagine ' what we'd do without imagination. As far as theories, I read them and they open my mind to ideas. I do believe in God, and I believe all creation was through his\her power. Interesting article. I love your artwork.....

Marlene Bertrand from USA on August 13, 2015:

You're making me THINK! It is interesting to ponder how far we could go if only we would use our brains more and electronics less. I fear that people in the near future will have little use for their brains, after all, scientists are working hard to create artificial intelligence so humans can do less and computers and robots do more.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 13, 2015:

What an amazing hub Nadine and you offer so much food for thought here. Your article are so unique and always interesting. Eric von Daniken's books had a huge impact on me as a teenager and I have never discounted his theories. Voted up.

FlourishAnyway from USA on August 13, 2015:

Technology has definitely dumbed us down, dulled our senses. Very interesting hub.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on August 13, 2015:

This article really puts the readers mind to work, Nadine. I think technology has thwarted the end users' power of imagination. On the other hand, those who create technology have imaginations that know no boundaries.

Interesting piece, Nadine.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 13, 2015:

I especially loved the last subheading...we are gods in the making. Our ceiling is incredible. We need to keep reaching for it, and the only way we can do that is to imagine things that have never been done before and then find a way to do them....reach for the stars, in other words. Very interesting article, my friend.

Buildreps from Europe on August 13, 2015:

Again a great article, Nadine. The majority of humanity is losing its imaginative powers, by looking increasingly to images that are provided by the 'system of the rulers' by which they are programmed. There are others who only grow in imaginative powers. But that are just a few. The balance is clearly disturbed, and it seems to become worse unfortunately. As long as darkness rules on earth, the truth will NEVER be clear. In darkness most things are invisible.

Regarding our evolution or creation - does it really make a difference? I understand your fascination, and questions though. For almost any speculation there's an alleged set of evidence to find. First there is the theory, regardless of which side, and just then they search for evidence. Because the theorists don't like to see their theory destroyed by contradictory evidence, the lookout is always and only for the material that solely supports the theory.

What matters is that all humans have a soul. A soul with an infinite power, whether they know it, or whether they like it. That's the whole point. Everyone has the power to free him/herself.

The official theories are still the most reliable, but the tragedy of science is that they reject the existence of the soul, and thus reject that the Origin of Species is actually the evolution of the soul you're looking at. We are no material beings. We express ourselves through matter. But when people identify themselves with the material phenomena, they're trapped in the material world, full of unexplainable mysteries.

There is a relative simple way to tap into your own divine powers, and to find any truth. Because it can be used to create good things as well evil things, it is only passed on in secret circles. Unfortunately. I'm still not sure if that is a good thing. Maybe I will publish some of the techniques one of these days. That might possibly come back on me in an undesirable way.

When I was much younger I never understood this mist of secrecy around the powerful creation techniques. Now I do, because evil is so easy to create, once the techniques are under control of an apprentice. And locking in to once deeper (darker) parts of the mind becomes increasingly difficult with the advancement of practitioneers. On the other hand - since evil already overtook the world almost totally, it's perhaps not such a bad idea to publish everything for the good and loving people to create the things they want.

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