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President Eisenhower and the Extraterrestrials

President Dwight D Eisenhower.  President from 1953 to 1961.

President Dwight D Eisenhower. President from 1953 to 1961.

The President Disappears

From February 17th to the 24th in 1954, President Eisenhower took a vacation to Palm Springs, California. This vacation was rather abrupt and it was considered unusual since he had just completed a weeks vacation in Georgia only a few days before. Then on February 20th, he chipped, or more specifically he lost a cap on one of his teeth. He made an emergency visit to a dentist in the area but it was not reported until the next day. This caused rampant speculation in the press. The president had gone missing. There was concern. Where was he? Was he ill? Or heaven forbid, was he dead?

The following day everyone was relieved. The president was okay. But the question remains, if this was a simple dental issue, why the secrecy? Years later, when he was no longer president and his library was built to house the documents of his presidency, there is no evidence of dental problems when he was in Palm Springs. All of the other people that he had contact with during that time is recorded in his library, even the people he was with on Sunday, including the minister that gave the sermon when he finally reappeared that morning. The dentist’s records showed no indication that the president was ever his patient. This was also confirmed years later, after the dentist passed away, when his wife stated that she had no memory of her husband treating the president. If this is all true then what really happened? Where exactly was President Eisenhower during that missing time?

Missing time. This is the iconic statement of alien abduction. If the president did meet the people that is alleged, then this statement would be rather ironic.

The Meeting With People From Another World

It occurred at Edwards Air Force Base, roughly 134 miles away from his vacation spot in Palm Springs. He met with two people that day who flew into Edwards from another world. The general norm is that aliens are small and grey but these ones were more human like with nordic features, tall, light skin, and blue eyes. They met to reach an agreement that later, hopefully, would result in a treaty. But it didn’t occur. Even though his guests were nice and cordial, they did demand that the US stop nuclear weapons testing before any agreement could be reached. Eisenhower refused. This, however, did not affect the relationship that was established because they did return a year later to meet the president at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Is this a real photo of the alien craft that came to visit President Eisenhower.

Is this a real photo of the alien craft that came to visit President Eisenhower.

Meeting the Grays

It was also at Holloman, during that same year in 1955, that Eisenhower also met the grays. After Air Force One landed and taxied to the end of the runway, three craft appeared. One of them landed near the plane. Another seemed to stand guard, hovering nearby, while the third disappeared. Eisenhower was then seen leaving the plane. He met and shook hands with one of the extraterrestrials that emerged from the craft. Together, they entered the craft and didn’t reappear until 45 minutes later.

This time, the president did negotiate a successful treaty. Like the nordic aliens, the grays wanted the US to stop nuclear testing and they also wanted their existence to be made public. Again, Eisenhower refused on both counts but the grays agreed to back off on both of these issues for now. Some of the terms of the treaty were as follows:

  • This treaty would only be with the United States, no other treaty would be negotiated with any other nation.
  • They would be allowed to abduct humans but would provide names to the US government of all of those that they had taken.
  • The public would be kept in the dark about the existence of extraterrestrials.
  • We would not get involved in each others affairs.
  • They would help us to develop new technologies.

There is an interesting note. Before the extraterrestrial craft arrived, the tower at Holloman was instructed to turn off its radar. Why? Is it because the aliens didn’t want the humans to know their flight path? Where they flew in from? Or could there be another reason. There is the possibility that high powered radar, especially the kind used in the 1950s, is detrimental to the craft used by these aliens.

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Keep it a Secret

Another interesting note, is Eisenhower’s objection to making the alien’s existence public. This worked against the president since this secrecy allowed abduction. Obviously the president agreed to this. But now is the public slowly being made aware of their presence?

Recently, the US Navy revealed its own encounter with what it has called the “Tic Tac” UFO. Bob Lazar, who back in the late 1980’s claimed that he worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51, has recently resurfaced giving an interview with Jeremy Corbell which aired on Netflix in 2018. His story has not changed or wavered after all of these years. When Bob slowly faded away, where the government not only denied the alien reverse engineering story, but they also denied that he ever worked for them and they also denied that he had a masters degree in physics and a masters degree in electronics technology. They seemed to have partially erased his existence, but the Netflix documentary film exposed new evidence that Bob indeed worked for the government in positions that required some kind of a technical degree.

So, did the president’s encounter with the aliens really take place? There is an estimate that 300 people witnessed the second meeting. If this is so, then why hasn’t anyone come forward after all this time? This doesn’t take into account the number of possible witnesses at the Edwards Air Force Base meeting with the nordics. There was even another landing in 1964 under a different administration. There was no indication that the president was there but the aliens did meet the base commander and his personnel. The claim is that one of the craft had technical difficulties. The aliens stayed at the base for a few days as they repaired their vehicle with help from the humans. This time the three craft were tracked on radar and were even filmed landing on the tarmac.

Again, if this took place why hasn’t anyone told these stories? Yes, if you mention what happened, no one would believe you. Possibly, if many would come forward no one would believe the group story either. The only person that has come forward is Eisenhower’s Great Grand-daughter. It is interesting to note that Rod Serling, the creator of the Twilight Zone, produced and narrated his own documentary film in 1974 concerning the landings and the meetings with the president.

Finally, if this is true, why did they come here to meet the president? Both the nordic and the grays wanted only one thing for us. They only want to help us. To prevent us from destroying ourselves. For all of us in the present or near future, we may never know if this is really true.

Did the president meet with aliens

Did the president meet with aliens

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