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If Life's for Living..What's Living For?

Experience. And the journey therein.

Making memories of those experiences and forging new neural pathways in the brain.

I’m convinced that the only way “out” is to go completely within & get so “good” (loving, selfless, no malice or ill-will, tolerance, every good virtue))that your frequencies would be running so high it would impossible to inhabit a coarse body such as this any longer. You’d get beamed right up.

That is why we have the dual potentiality for good and evil. As long as one keeps that somewhat balanced one will probably continue to reincarnate over and over treadmill style. That is unconscious sentience-running on instinct.

The conscious sentient being-The Am That I Am, knows of itself and that said, must BECOME something.

But being social animals(most of us anyway) with a need to be accepted by other social animals, we quickly lose our objective as to why it is we even came to the planet. The vehicle for our consciousness is the ego and the only thing that it was intended for. People feed the ego-their own and others. Which will NOT make one any more conscious, in fact at that point things become cloudy-and privledge(perceived), entitlement, hubris, arrogance,greed, intolerance, elitism etc. take over and people attempt to grow in that misguided notion that those things(money, property and prestige) exclusively make them better people. When nothing could be further from the truth.

People will hide behind their worldly things thinking that those things will protect them. But they go to sleep every night, go out of their bodies and become just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Meditate and Destroy. Oops did I say that out loud? That’s So Kali ;)

Oh life and people truly fascinate the hell outta me but it’s not enough to get out of here alive, Jimbo. The only way to get outta here alive is to do what those nearly mummified monks have done-take your consciousness and memory with you intact to the next realm or back here to tell the others that it can be done and/or show others how to do it. Being the light.

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I have met so many people who bemoan “This is my last life. I’m not coming back. I’m just so tired.” I'd like you to meet my doubting raven: Pshaw! I ’ve only seen one of those same people who is finally getting it and is becoming so good, that I almost believe she could get so good as to be gone. However since the objective is to gather experience with the consciousness we have to make the memories we need to get through the next life, we all will be coming right back and in fact—oops my train of thought has derailed-I don’t know (yet again) where I was going with that..proof to me that “those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it” It’s true.

I personally believe that we all live this life and live others ones concurrent to this one. Ever since the “intervention” put us all on fast track, I think maybe the trauma from that ‘intervention” enabled the splitting of our conciousness and in numerous ways we are able to flex and move about in this fashion. I have memories that are not my memories from this life. I have a very vivid imagination but things that I’ve experienced, things that I remember puts me square into the middle of it—separate from daydreaming, psychic flashes and intuition. I know things about people I’ve never met(in this life) and when I come across someone I immediately recognize, the familiarity of already knowing them is not something I can even remotely ignore. Sometimes it gets pushed up to the point to where I am moved to actively address it with said person. At least make it known. That I see you, I recognize you and yours(where are the rest of them?), I relate to you on the deepest level because “In Lak'ech” I am another you.

Absolute elsewhere is being everywhere at once while going nowhere at all. Hold that state. Does that make any sense?

General 101, what every baby knows:

  • The only absolute is that one, absolutely.
  • Things are not always what they seem and nothing is what it looks like.
  • The fear brings it.
  • It’s ALL very simple, just ain’t easy.

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