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If Jesus Is King, Why Gentiles Still Rules the World?

Gentile Rulers

The G 5 and G 8 world leaders

The G 5 and G 8 world leaders

Your Questions Answered

This is a good question and I promised, you will get a direct bible's answers to this question.

People often find it had to accept that Christ was enthroned king in 1914, because they ask "why the gentiles still rules if Christ is now enthroned king? Some even go ahead to accuse Jehovah's witnesses of being false prophet because of the wrong expectation that the world will end in 1914.

Though Jehovah's witnesses made no new prophecies regarding the end of the world, they but were only trying to understand and explain already made bible prophecies.

Admittedly, at that early stages of their effort to understand these prophecies relating to Christ's enthronement, they then had no full or whole understanding of it like they do today. So off course, they had similar unfulfilled expectation like Jesus' apostles who thought that the 'kingdom will be restored totally on earth at that time'. (Acts 1:6), the apostles knew that Jesus will rule the world but they did not know WHEN, WHERE and HOW, so they though it will be immediately, and on earth.

I have written a concise explanations and calculation of how Jehovah's witnesses arrived at 1914 as the year bible's prophecies indicates Christ was made king in heaven. For more information on this you will have to read it >>>HERE

This article being the off-shoot of that article, let us consider directly two important questions

1. Why did God waited Till 1914 before making Christ King?

2. If Christ has now been made king since 1914, why are the Gentile nations still ruling the world?

Please read forward:

Why Did God Waited Till 1914?

If you notes carefully in the contents of the hub I referred you above (or if you're just coming from there), you may have sensed the reasons why God waited till 1914 before enthroning Christ, and secondly why humans Government are still struggling for world power today despite Jesus is now enthroned. Let us look at it directly again,

The reasons why God waited till 1914 before enthroning Jesus as king are as follow:

  1. Till that time, Satan and the demons were STILL IN HEAVEN causing trouble. God purposed that Jesus will become king when they are removed from heaven Rev 12:9. Ps 110:1,2
  2. The time God has allotted for the Gentiles to dominate the ruler ship of David (as a punishment to unfaithful Jews) who's kingship belong to Christ without interference by God must come to an end. Daniel 4:17
  3. Satan and his demons must be removed and restricted, heaven cleansed for God's will to be done in it. Psalms 110:1.

    These are what the bible really teaches. If now Christ had been enthroned in 1914, when the time allotted for the Gentiles ended as mentioned at Daniel's prophecy, why then are the world still govern by human rulers?. Why is Christ kingdom not here yet?

    No history book can give you answer to this question but the bible.

    Let us take a look at the answer the Bible gives.

The Major Powers Today

The five major world powers are united States of America, China, Germany, Russia, Japan

The five major world powers are united States of America, China, Germany, Russia, Japan

Why Are The Gentiles Still Ruling The Earth If Jesus Had Been Made King?

To understand the answer to this question, you need to understand first what the bible means by 'Christ being made the king of God's kingdom' or being "set up" on the kingdom's throne.

If you have read the article which I referred you on the onset of this article (first link above). You will see the meaning of the prophecy in Psalm 110:1, 2. Which tells us the period of time God made Jesus the King of his kingdom.

Are Jehovah's Witnesses False Prophets?

In that Prophecy, you will see the phrase; " Go rule in the midst of your enemies" What does it mean and what does it tell us on why the gentiles still ruling the earth even though Jesus is enthroned?

It indicates that what Christ enthronement really mean is a little bit different from what the majority of people today, the apostles and even Jehovah's witnesses before thought or expected it to be.

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Many people thought that Christ enthronement as king in heaven will mean his second coming and immediate establishment of his kingship on earth and destruction of the world.

However, the phrase "Go rule in the midst of your enemies" indicate that Jesus enthronement will take place while his enemies both Satan, the demons and human rulers are still alive, active and struggling for power not at the second coming of Christ to destroy his enemies. So Jesus will begin ruling before his second coming but in heaven, that was what the apostles got wrong when they asked him "are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?" Acts 1:6.

As I said, you need to understand what the enthronement of Christ mean and that is what I just explained. Admittedly, this is where Jehovah's Witnesses also did not fully understood at those early stage in their search for the truth contained in the bible as they do today, and perhaps where the entire Churches of Christendom still have not come to understand, which is why you are reading this.

Then Jehovah's witnesses like the apostles knew that Christ is to become king in line of king David. But unlike the apostles, they came to understand WHEN and WHERE but did not understand correctly HOW so they thought 1914 (the year Christ was enthroned) will mean the end of the world and rule by man.

Does this make Jehovah's Witnesses False prophets as many accuses them?

Well, ask yourself. Were the Apostles false apostles because they earlier had wrong idea or expectation and did not understand correctly the full prophecies regarding when the kingdom will be restored on earth? (Acts 1:6) or did that mean that they never did understood it correctly?

None of these questions has their answer to be Yes.

I have already answered the question, did you note?

Today, Jehovah's Witnesses fully understands that the enthronement of Christ will occur 'in the midst of his enemies' and he will 'rule in their midst' and not at their destruction on his second coming as can be seen in Psalm 110:1, 2.

As already noted, witnesses before actually thought that the enthronement of Christ in heaven will end Satan's rule by humans immediately, they did not discern then as they do today that the Lord has more work for them to be done before the end comes. (Mathew 24:14, Acts 1:8)

What other bible passage confirms this?

The successive world powers of Daniel prophecy

The successive world powers of Daniel prophecy

What Says Daniel's Prophecy?

Another bible prophecy that confirms this is Daniel's prophecy.

Daniel explained to Nebuchadnezzar the successive world powers that will rule (even after Christ enthronement in heaven) till the kingdom turns it attention to the earth. This is what Daniel 2:44 says;

"in the days of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom".

What does this statement mean?

This means that the establishments of God's kingdom in heaven will take place in the days when human kings are still handling power on earth here and not at their destruction. 1914 was an exert time in human history when humans made a terrifying struggle for power like never before, more have followed since then.
It continues;

"that will never be destroyed. but it will destroy and put an end to all these kingdoms".

This tell us that, God's kingdom has been made to exist once and for all time.

Though humans will struggle, but this is a sign that something they once had has been taken away. Like a bled animal, they only struggle for their last minutes to their final and ultimate death.

It farther tell us that the king of God's kingdom will surely turn his attention to this earth.

"and it itself will stand forever".

What other reasons why God did not destroyed human ruler ship immediately he enthroned Christ? There are more.

What do you Think?

Expressing God's Desire Of Salvation

Preaching the good news of God's kingdom in the middlle east

Preaching the good news of God's kingdom in the middlle east

What Is God's Desire?

IT was not God's intent that human rule themselves (Jer. 10:23) However, right from when Satan lead Adam and Eve into disobedient, Jehovah had allowed humans that independent that they desired away from him, he has allowed them to govern themselves under Satan.

But what have they achieved? Nothing. Thus, God could have destroyed Worldly Government since but he has not. Why?

His desire is not to see humans die but to turn to him and gain life. The bible tells us;

"God does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.” ... (2 Peter 3:9)

Thus, since 1914, Jehovah had been warning the kings of the earth to turn and submit to his son which he has made king.

Psalms 2, contains the full warning from God since 1914 to the Gentiles now struggling for power and dominion. Note the warnings bellow:

"Why are the nations agitated And the peoples muttering an empty thing?
The kings of the earth take their stand And high officials gather together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one (Messiah)......So now, you kings, show insight; Accept correction, you judges of the earth. Serve Jehovah with fear, And rejoice with trembling. Honor the son, or God will become indignant And you will perish from the way, For His anger flares up quickly".

And through whom are this warning being sounded today?

It has to be through an organize people who have totally rejected and do not support the Government of this world (though they respect and obey them). And who are actively preaching worldwide in fulfillment of Mathew 24:14 and Acts 1:8 or don't you thinks so?

So who are they?

They are none other than the same Jehovah's Witnesses, the only organized Christian group on earth today that do not take part in political Government of this world!

After all, the sincere effort they made at those earlier stage, to understand bible prophecies has been blessed by God, and though their sincere search continues, as they continued to allow their understanding of bible's prophecies to shape their teachings, they do sincerely thank Jehovah for the blessed privilege of understanding clearly prophecies relating to the kingdom, its establishment, and the enthronement of Christ the king.

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