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INTERVIEW Crop Circle Expert ELTJO Haselhoff

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The tracks and the lights; the scientific evidence

The Book of Eltjo Haselhoff : "The Deeping Complexity of Crop Circles ", is the first popular science book about the phenomenon of grain circles, describing instances of geometric patterns around the world, farm fields and other areas of the field .

The reason for this book is entirely focused on the obvious and reproducible features, accessible from a rational point of view and based solely on scientific evidence. is because it was written by a scientist trained at Los Alamos (USA), who tries to sweep away all the ideas of the circles of grain, and the controversies that have been created on this phenomenon, informing the reader about the importance of these facts  which are misinterpreted (despite the assertions of opponents and skeptics).

Crop circles are no less with us in 2012 than they ever were and still creating news for those following this subject. Whether from a ufo or some military (government) causes, perhaps interviews with experts can reveal.

Obviously there are many dozens of photographs and videos taken by individuals. These observers claim that cereal circles were created by the "balls of light" in a few seconds:

These statements lead to many controversies. Few people know, however, that these "balls of light" leave real physical trace, such as: Dehydration in the stems of plants or burning circular marks on metal or wood.

In scientific publishing, specializing in botany, Phisilogía Plantarum, described in a rigorous and honest, the analysis made in the stems of various circles of cereals, confirming the hypothesis of creation by "balls of light."

Q - What is your opinion about the circles of the cereal?

H - Good question, I do not know. Possibly simple circles, are a natural phenomenon. Obviously, some of them are made by man, with a simple mechanical crushing. But many others were not made well. I know this is so.

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Q - How are you sure those were not made by a "mechanical crushing?

H - Try crushing a field of carrots without leaving marks or without damaging the plants. Try making a circle in a snowy field without leaving traces. In addition, important biophysical alterations were found in plants. That is not produced by a mechanical crushing plant.

P - Colin Andrews, another prominent researcher said that 80% of the CC are made by man.
H - It is 80% of the formations in the south of England, not in the world. It's a big difference.Colin reached its conclusion to the magnetic anomalies based on only 20% of the formations investigated but not the rest. But these anomalies do not always occur, or they disappear quickly in some cases. Dr. Levegood, for example, biophysical anomalies found about 90% of the cases investigated. This is not to be speculating about the accuracy of these numbers. 

Q - Are cereal circles made by aliens (aliens)?

H-I know of no clear evidence to support this hypothesis. But I've talked to many people who claim to have seen a flying saucer circles created a cereal, and there are some who claim to be communicated with the creators of the circles; That, they say, are aliens or supernatural beings.

Anyway, these statements can not be proven nor disproven. Who knows? at this point is all we can say, and to talk about something more specific research is needed.


- The true nature of the phenomenon known among researchers "crop circles" (circles cereals) is still unknown.
- The phenomenon is wrongly ridiculed, underestimating its complexity.
- The idea that all crop circles were made by pranksters, is not sufficient to explain all the observations documented.
- "Balls of light" electromagnetic are involved in the process.
- Something very strange is happening.

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