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“I Just Know”: Ways that My Claircognizance Manifests

Celine is a neurodivergent Mystic, Writer, and Witch. They have Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairempathic abilities.


Practical Examples of Claircognizance

I am outlining here the ways that my Claircognizance has manifested in my life. It is my deep wish that this will be of service, that you may see yourself in this content, and that it may validate your skillset. I have purposefully chosen to include personal anecdotes and examples, because I haven’t found much information out there on how these abilities manifest in day-to-day life. I have also found that, sadly, Claircognizance is often overlooked or devalued. Clairvoyance is the ability that people tend to focus on (note: I am not suggesting that any ability is better than another).


Exceptional Verbal/Linguistic Skills:

  • Early speaking – I began speaking in full sentences when I was around 2 years old. I was surprised that children my age couldn’t reply back to me, so I generally preferred to speak with adults.
  • Early reading – I was fortunate to have a Father who really valued education, so he taught me to read very early. However, I picked it up really quickly, and was an avid reader for my whole childhood, and most of my adolescence.
  • Writing ability – I’m a good writer; I’m not ashamed to admit it – and I always have been. As soon as I learned how to read and write, I would get ideas in my head and write them down: characters, stories, one-liners, poems, rhymes. As I got older, I wrote short stories, essays, articles, and short fiction. Writing ability is Claircognizance – it is Magick of the Mind! Where do all these ideas and words come from? The ether!
  • Proficiency with languages – I pick up other languages quickly. From a young age, I could repeat many different accents and sounds remarkably well (often for comedic effect). I always loved French, and my accent was very good, despite not having French speakers around me.

“Just Knowing:”

  • Words – I remember writing a story about The Easter bunny when I was 7, and I wrote that he had “a treacherous headache.” My teacher at the time asked me if I knew what the word meant. I stumbled, trying to articulate its meaning. I had a deep sense that I had used it in the sentence correctly, but it was difficult for me to give a canned meaning. I think I said that “treacherous” essentially meant bad. They sent me to the Principal’s office and had me retell my story, and then they gave me a Pokémon sticker as a reward.
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I’ve had this experience over and over, though - that the perfect word for what I’m trying to say will pop into my head as I write or speak, and I know it works perfectly (9/10 times it does), but when someone asks me what the word means, I have trouble telling them, because I just know.

  • Premonitions – Or, knowing something will happen before it does – this is a phenomenon that all clair-abilities can experience (there is a lot of overlap between them; it’s the details that differ). For me, it hasn’t happened starkly very often, but it did happen once very clearly. When I was around 8 years old and my brother around 6, we were playing in my room. He went to his room down the hall to get a toy he wanted, and a few seconds after he left, I had a strong feeling that something “bad” (that was my understanding at the time) was going to happen to him. I tried to push it away, but it was so strong that I actually stood up. A second later, I heard him scream in the hallway, and went running. He was white as a sheet and was so shocked he could barely speak. When I calmed him down, he said he had seen an apparition of a face, laughing at him.
  • Remembering random, specific facts – As a young child, my classmates called me “The Walking Encyclopedia.” To this day, I can remember all kinds of facts and bits of information about a wide array of topics (I think this is related to my Gemini South Node, as well). Again, what it is my brain chooses to remember or discard isn’t really explicable – I know a LOT about various plagues throughout history, for example, because that’s something I was fascinated by for a while.

Intuitive Analysis:

  • Researching - Yes, I did have some university training on how to use search engines, but it’s more than that. When I search for information, particularly about something spiritual, it feels like I am lead to click on this and that, sometimes lasting for hours, in a process that makes total sense to me, but to many others likely would not make sense at all. I know which section of a Wikipedia page to read, or how far down in Google images I need to go to find the next clue. I know which links to click, and what books to read. I am simply lead to them. With books, I will open one up (or it will fall on) a random page with a message in it that I need at the time. (This is called bibliomancy or stitchomancy.)
  • Unique Analysis – The way my brain analyzes and extracts information is not the same as the ways I was taught to synthesize information, for example in the critical thinking and philosophy classes I took. My brain is amazing at analyzing, but only that which it deems to be of value or interest. What that is, I cannot accurately describe, because there is no conscious or “logical” process to it - my brain has its own, internal logic. When I follow it, I am able to do things like analyze the dreams, emotions, traumas, experiences, and motivations of others with great insight. When I try to explain to others how I did it or how it works, I’m often at a loss for words. I just know.
  • Inexplicable Internal Logic - I never liked math, but I remember that in math classes I took over the years, I’d sometimes get the correct answer to a question, and similar questions, but the process I used was not the same as the process we’d been taught. If a teacher had asked me what my process was, I’m not sure I could have explained it. Even though the answer was correct, my answer was usually marked wrong or given partial marks. This is a common experience Claircognizants have - being told or shown that we are wrong, that the way we think or what we think must be wrong, because it hasn’t derived from conventional methods.


  • I’m not at the point (yet?) of being able to project full sentences and carry on conversations with others solely using my Mind, but I do have the ability to finish others’ sentences, or to suggest the exact word that someone is searching for in conversation. Generally, this only happens with people I have a close bond with, such as my Mother, some family members, and my closest friends. But it has happened many, many times over the years.

Bright Ideas:

  • I receive many novel, insightful, intuitive, ingenious, and creative ideas throughout the day, for all manner of things. For anything, really.
  • Advising – Because we seem to have a never-ending supply of these brilliant ideas, and are adept at analyzing information, people often seek us out for advice. Personally, this has been a recurring theme in my life – both with people my age, as well as those much older than me asking for my perspective on a situation. If this is you, know that people continue to seek you out because you are genuinely good at it - it is a Spirit-given gift! However, it is important to have healthy boundaries and to develop your own Discernment regarding who you should and should not help. Although I am naturally good at giving advice, I did have many experiences of people much older than me, especially family members, telling me things I was not equipped to handle, or otherwise overburdening me. If you have a Claircognizant child, please be mindful of this.
  • Humour/Wit – Being able to quickly concoct a funny reply or joke or idea is Claircognizance. It comes out of the air, in its own intuitive way that cannot be forced, and is exactly appropriate to the situation. It’s not like when you’re trying to come up with something funny – it just comes, unannounced, and it’s hilarious or insightful when it does.

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