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True Stories from Real People:Experiences of Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons!

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons have a connection and Team Wiseman has exposed and revealed this Truth in their Articles. A Must Read!!

Hundreds of comments by people who have been affected by crystal meth, witchcraft and demons

Hundreds of comments by people who have been affected by crystal meth, witchcraft and demons

Crystal Meth and Demons Connection

Crystal Meth and Demons Connection

The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons Show!

Spiritual Eyes Open


The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

The article the following comments came from is called "The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons" and the reason we have decided to write this particular hub you are reading now is to highlight some of the most mind blowing and heart felt comments from individuals who have experienced the mysterious connections between crystal meth, witchcraft and demons in one way or another in their life. The comments you will be seeing below are real comments left from real people who have had horrific experiences while using or being near or under the influence of crystal meth, the drug that many people believe belongs to Satan himself. The authors of 'The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons' believes that the article was well written but the True Quality content in the article is derived from the "Comments" section and that is why we have gathered several comments that are so full of Truth that we must share it again. These individuals have totally set aside their shames and pains to tell their own stories with others in the hopes of impacting another person in a positive way and they deserve to have their stories told again... their stories of pain, regret and sometimes even freedom from crystal meth, witchcraft and demons.

Note: There will most likely be some misspelling in the following content due to the fact that the comments were written in a time when the people were simply sharing their experiences with crystal meth, witchcraft and demons and were not concerned with their spelling, nor are we, but we should mention that ALL comments have been copied and placed here in this article just as the comments were initially provided to us from the article, The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons, in order to give the respect of authenticity to the commenters.

There has been a high level of comments on the article so just a very small fraction of those comments will be shown in this hub. Another reason for this particular hub is to allow some of these amazing comments to have a second chance to be heard since the number of comments in the original article, The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons, could possibly drown out some of these truly awesome stories of experience with crystal meth and demons. We find it a privilege and honor to possess and be able to share with you the comments of real people sharing real stories of their life while under the hammer of crystal meth, witchcraft and demons. We hope you enjoy and are encouraged from reading their stories.

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Meth Demon Attack?

Crystal Meth Warfare on Believers around the World

Crystal Meth Warfare on Believers around the World

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.

Real Comments from Real People affected by crystal meth, witchcraft and demons

christinekv 5 years ago from Washington

TW - Thank you for writing on this topic and going into some depth with it. Satan's mission is to steal kill and destroy those God loves, and that includes everyone, whether they have a relationship with Him or not. I believe Meth is one venue the enemy uses to accomplish his goal. I know from personal experience, when I used this drug, I did things I would not have done had I not been on it and regretted later...things that I thought might be cool but ended up making me feel really dirty...things that the man I was in a relationship likely would have appreciated had it been anyone but me....I'm sure when he learned what I did, it caused him to think twice - from then on - about one of the ways he would choose to spend his free time when he needed some R&R. Thankfully however, I never did become an addict. We need sleep and I like to sleep (speaking physically, not spiritually here).

I agree demons are lurking everywhere and when a person has been without sleep, they may see things as a result of it because they are in a weakened state. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when people are spiritually strong in the Lord Jesus and loving Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, they may experience visible Holy angelic visitations. Those I know who testify to this usually operate in the prophetic and apostolic. Apostles are Generals in the army and throughout the OT especially, so many times when angels intervened, it was during times of war - battles over possession of a land. They also appeared to strengthen, protect, deliver encourage etc the prophets of God in their time of need...and we see many examples of this in the NT also.

Animals are very sensitive to the presence of spiritual beings...I remember before I got saved, I started to read the Bible. I was home alone with just a dog and a cat at the time and I woke up in the middle of the night with my dog on my bed (not usual) sitting by head growling at something I could not see.

Seems you may have a calling to minister to those who have or are going through this battle. May God bless you in your efforts and anoint you to bear much fruit!

Freedom from Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons.

Freedom from Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons.

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Even Christians are Being Attacked by the Implications of Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons!

mitchell 4 years ago

my comment is an experience i had i was shooting up heroin and to get off heroin i tried using meth well i used it for 8 days and and the end of the 8th day some crazy stuff a devout chritian i love the the lord jesus christ with all my heart but here's my story me and my girl friend only had a 30 bag of meth left we were shooting it up well i was sitting at my kitchen table and i looked into the spoon of the tool i used to shoot up in and i saw a man i thought it was jesus because he had some sort of heart looking thing in the middle of his cheast and behind him were people partying and eating. then my girl friend looked at it and she said she felt fear come over her she knew right away that it wasn't jesus it was a demon then she looked at her spoon and there was a skeloton in hers we freaked out and flipped the spoons over there was black on the back side of the spoons. we left for about 15 mins came back and the spoons were flipped back over again.i have had a relationship with jesus for a while now and i have seen excorcisms and bob larson exorcisms so i started rebuking the demons in the Name of Jesus that was a bad idea at the time because i had back sliddin and had just shot up meth. the next thing u know the demons start pulling on my shirt and pants i started jumping around scared they did the same to my girl friend. i was quoting scripture after scripture, i couldn't find my bible because it comes to find that later on that the demons hid it from us. but they were pulling on my girl friends clothes too trying to scare us and mess with us. me in my ignorance kept rebuking the in the name of jesus with needles and spoons and meth sitting right on the table. after about an hour of trying to rebuking them and cast them down in the name of Jesus it wasn't working and suddenly my girl friends face turned bright as Gold and she shouted STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH i knew it wasn't her but the Holy Spirit because i was jumping around like a rabbit scared of them so i stood firm they continued to oppress me. Suddenly God spoke to me and said that we had to throw all the needles and drugs and spoons away to get rid of them and so me and my girlfriend went and sat at the kitchen table contimplating if we wanted to or not the addiction was so strong at the moment that my girl friend suddenly started saying that she didn't want to throw it away but just do the rest of it. i was like o no what do i do but at the same time i wanted to do it so i walked out of the kitchen for 2 mins came back into the kitchen and said ok fine lets do the rest of it i grabbed the bottle and left the room that's the last thing i remember. It comes to be that i had got majorlly oppressed a demon and tried taking over my mind my eyes turned black and i had two shadows the things that the demon said is still hard for my girl friend to speak of because my face changed and she knew it wasn't me. So the next thing that happened was unbielable. now let me tell u a lil about my girlfriend she is a shy girl and always has had a hard time speaking the word of God out loud. So God spoke to her and she realized what she had to do she had to go throw the needles the spoons and the drugs away. By this time there was ten to fifteen demons in our house so what happened she ran in the kitchen and tried to grab all the stuff and throw it all in a bag but has she walked into the kitchen she felt the demons pulling her in and and grabbing her stomach and almost suffocating her she said it was very painful. What she thinks they were trying to do was either kill her or totally posess her and take over the house. But by the grace of God she got and realized she couldn't do it on her own so she ran in again yelling Jesus Jesus Jesus and as she was grabbing the drugs and the needles she felt wings of angles pulling the demons away from her it was amazing Praise be to the lord Jesus Christ it just shows how powerful his name really is. me and my girl friend have had many other experiences too if u have questions some have to do with heaven litterally coming into our house and seeing and fealing angels


Demons & Electronics while High on Crystal Meth

fukn up 4 years ago

They're fuckin with me right now, as I just finished typing my story, I scrolled up the page to look at something and right back down, and it was all gone! Anyway, let's see if I remember all that I wrote...

Afer reading this I literally got chilled head to toe. I've been using daily for a month after having years clean! I make myself go to sleep every night, so I know the shadows I see in the corner of my eye, are not due to a lack of sleep. The first night after I used Meth again I had an all too familiar dream of the evil demon that's after me and can even FEEL him on my bed, as I try desperately to call out to my old man next to me to wake me up, but it won't let me. Terrifying, but not enough to make me quit! About a year after I very first started using meth, I got into an accident while I was high. I decided then it was time to put a stop to it. That's when those dreams first started. I was terrified to fall asleep, the second I did they were waiting for me, and its so intensely real, I cannot put it into words. I would make someone watch me as I would try to sleep so they could wake me. Needless to say, the dark side won, as I continued to use a ruin my life, lost everything and everyone.

Also, good to know I'm not crazy, as my cat fuckin knows what's going on! That cat has been right next to me the last few weeks, usually he so lazy and ignores me! Soon as I get high, he'll look right as me and run... creeps me out.

Well, I hope this puts my ass in check...


Speaking in a Different Language While Under the Influence of Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

t.j. 4 years ago

i have had some wicked times using meth. i agree that meth is demonic. i have done a lot of drugs but meth was by far the best and the worst, if you know what i mean. about 6 months ago i was working construction in oklahoma city and was using meth daily. one night i was drinking while coming off meth. i went to sleep or so i thought i did. two of my roomates said i got up in the middle of the night to take a piss, when i returned from the bathroom i started to curse them in spanish. they said i tried to square up with something, they said i kept saying "lucha mi diablo" or fight me devil. they said i was pounding my bed and i puched some holes in the wall. one roommate said he was about to call the cops but he was to scared to reach for his phone. shortly after all this i went back to sleep. they said that they stayed up the rest of the night and watched me to make sure i wasn't goin to attack them. the next morning jamie told me what happened and i said to quit fucking with me. he kept saying how fucked up i was! after this whole thing happened i started to realize how evil meth is. i think all drugs have an evil side but meth is by far the most evil drug ive ever done. this is just my opinion. what's even more fucked up is when i talk about it my mouth waters. ever since i did meth i sometimes talk to the devil. i believe in jesus christ though so there is hope for me and i know that the holy spirit is in my heart....


Crystal Meth Demon, The Dog Spirit!

ME 4 years ago

yeah my shadow man was laughin at me with such joy then threw what was in his cup(all my sins) into my face then the liquied had turned into a visions of how i was seen by them ass a dog....


me again 4 years ago

as dog not ass...sorry...i had seen this demon in such a different portal world as thow where he/she/it/?...existed there was no time for them, time did not control them, they were as thow gate keepers of the sinners/fallen/us...when i had this i had been very very wasted & was havin chest pain, i was layin on floor & shakin with great chilles, i thought i was goin 2 die, the shadow man had very great power, mind u the shadow man only had come into my room after my thoughts of if i die now i would go 2 hell then he came laughin laughin at me, so i prayed 2 Christ & he vanised & all things house & everything around was seen threw my eyes/mind as thow i seen my house from above this clear programed world in clear blue & a little ord of light was formin in my room, then peace had overcome me & i felt better, but i really could never was right after this experience, i sometime can't be around people cause i feal this extrame energy come off them like there mind flows threw me & i have visions in my mind of there secrets....this is no joke, this is why i never want 2 really go out anywhere, my grate grama was a witch so i don't know if this has anything 2 do with it.......>>>

Understanding "J"

J 3 years ago

I know what you speak of. I have made my way through the portal , for about a year, and I got to know those shadows very well. I beieve in Jesus Christ ,too. I had heard of Meth being witchcraft before I did it, but I came to understand why it was. It basically was the "portal". It is WORSE than people could imagine, but once you've been their you can understand that darkness. I have had 6months, and I have done it once after those 6months . Since I did i t again, I have really been wanting to go back, but please pray for me. I don't ever want to go their again, I don't want to be a breeding ground for demons! When I quit the first time, for 30 days, I had them streaming in my head , giving me visions of horribel things, and saying the worst things to me I had ever heard! I just wish I didn't know what you were talking about I do, and I really glad your out of it TOO!

Hope all is well,



A Vigilant Helping Hand

Praetorius 3 years ago

First of all, i'd like to say that i've gone thru this bout of demonics and meth addiction and came out a wiser man. There are truths to this but also lies, or half-truths. The very first and foremost thing you have to remember is that God is Sovereign, Satan is not. Satan's power is limited by God's allowance. Satan's power is embodied in making you BELIEVE that God has turned his back on you. God will never forsake you. Satan never stops forsaking you. You choose your fate. There is a light at the end of the Meth/demon tunnel but you have to want to see it. There IS redemption after this. There IS forgiveness. Don't believe the LIE that Satan tells you "You did meth, you are a Sorceror or witch" Only God can condemn you. Satan makes you feel condemned, but his condemnation is only valid if you accept it. never give up on the Grace and Glory of God . If you'd like to contact me my email is:


Praetorius 3 years ago

I'd like to elaborate on the passage i posted "he who finds his life (Eathly happiness, sex, sin, drugs, sorcery etc) will surely lose it. yet he who loses his life in my name's sake (Obedience, resistance to Satanism, Going to church, Repentence) Will find his"

You are NOT Crazy!!

crystalangel 3 years ago

thank you very much now i no what iam dealing with around me inside me and iam a beleiver in JESUS BIND THE DEMONS AWAY IN JESUS NAME


A Warning to Stay Away from Crystal Meth

supergypsy1978 3 years ago from Georgia

When I got heavy into drugs, about 7 years ago, my drug of choice was cocaine. I received a drug charge and spent about 4 years out of the last 5 incarcerated. After I was released I began experimenting with meth. Still in my addiction, it is the drug I seek out these days when I want to get high. I'm not sure why it is, because there is definitely an evil to the drug that I have not experienced with any other. When on it or coming down I have seen, smelled, and tasted death. And that is the best word I can use to describe it. Death. It steals the soul. On it, I have the will to do the things that horrify me when others do them, when I am clean. I grew up in a Christian family. But ironically, I did not have absolute faith in God until a recent 3-day run on meth when I witnessed up-close and personal a spiritual battle within myself and the people around me. During other binges I had in the past, the evil surrounding me was potent, but this last time was the first of it's kind I've seen. I could tell these stories in more detail, but I'll save that for a later time. That I still desire the drug after these experiences speaks of it's highly addictive nature. It's straight from Hell and Satan knows exactly what he's doing. To those who have not tried it... run.

A Bad Thing to Recognize, But Very True and Scary Meth Demons Released while using Crystal Meth

justinkace1 3 years ago

did you know that if you take a picture of the smoke coming out of a person that just took a hit off a meth pipe you will see demons images in the smoke ?


Howard 3 years ago

It is Hell on earth.

Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons!

4 years ago

this is some real shit i been through sum crazy stuff with evil spirits and crazy people in cults that sell it and fuck with people in supernatural waze that make no since at all make u think u crazy but im glad it has happened 2 me because it scared me so bad that i changed my life around and im with jesus christ he has blessed me with a gr8 job that pay 80k a year and i have been clean 4 5yrs now but it is good to know that im not crazy thanx a lot

Living Normal Again

rshahi123 3 years ago

I tried a lot searching for a site that connect meth with some supernatural,demonic , satanic and that sort of things. I did meth for 2 continues month without much sleep. Now I am almost 18 month clean and never ever want to go back. After continues use for two month, i started hearing voices telling me what to do what not to do, moreover controllling my brain and soul. I used to talk with voices and belived it to be real. It occurred to me as a spritual awakening. I was talking with god, demons and all sort. meth took my life away from me, I lost my friend and near ones as i had delusion that everyone was after me during that period of time.

I told a lot of friend now days who are sober ones, they all tell me its all psychosis and hallucination i had of the substance but deep inside i am still not been able to wipe out the thoughts,visions and the stuff i heard during that period. I tried to ignore it , just making myself belief that its just psychosis and hallucination but it had more than that. I search a lot of meth stories in internet and was really surprised to see how each story connect the same element of demon,satan and so on. I am a non- christian but i do strongly believe in good, the good things that's exist in thisd universe. Meth is surley a devil drug. it connect you with devil and takes your beautiful life away from you. I do regret my life , i still hear those faint voice now too but i am living a normal life. god bless

A Prayer in Relapse from Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons

Sheryll Desmarais 4 years ago

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” philippains 1:6

Hes just molding us I guess 2 something better.

Boy, we pay big time when we don't listen.

He was very revealing too me. Like, I knew He was there. His warmth and love. Very comforting. But I made some stupid mistakes because of selfish worldy fleshly feelings. And became destructive after facing situations. Jesus Christ Save Me From myself. I need you so much. We Need You Lord. Forgive us. Also Lord This demon that torments me everyday. (meth) Thanks Lord Amen. Oh, Still using been 3 yrs since i felt Him Like i use to. Because of this sin. I miss Him. So much. :) lots. OKay, I've been addicted for 3 yrs. since i was 16. just turned 18. I just relapsed not to long ago. was sober for a couple weeks. was really loving it. but tried to do it my own way. tried to Lie to myself and say i don't need Him to get me out of this stuff. but. nope. boy i can be my worst enemy sometimes. OKay. Lets say this prayer all together. hehe lets agree. YAY! :D Lord, Jesus Christ forgive me of my selfish ways. Forgive me thinking i can do this on my own. Lead me Lord Jesus. I need you now. I miss you so much

In Jesus name that you will protect us.Cover us in your blood. Our minds. Our hearts. Our temple. Use me. Do your will in us. In Jesus name.

Just I ask Lord Jesus that you minister to out hearts and fill us with your Spirt. Refresh us or even teach us. Fill our cups. In Jesus Name no harm will come to me or my family. Amen ! :D


Hope In Christ to be Free, Free Indeed!

Advice from God's Annointed 3 years ago

All I can think about is saving your life . My niece put a gun in her mouth and left this world as a result of drug use and she had told me about the demonic activity that took place in her life as a result of drug use. Please if your heart is still beating you have a chance . Cry out to Jesus , Jesus please forgive me , Jesus please save my life and my soul. The only way to beat thi addiction is to pray continually and read God's word and separate yourself from the people and places that temp you . You have the power to take your life back though Jesus Christ. Think about the price he paid for you on the cross and don't let any one or any thing send you to Hell. Will you give yourself to the one who knows you best yet loves you most. Begin to resist Satan and he will have to flee from you. You did open the door to Satan through any kind of drug use, but you can open the door to Jesus and he will help you to kick Satan out. Talk to Christian people who are not on drugs tell them that you want help and stop denying or hiding Satans secrets. A real christian will love you and pray with you and you will have the support of someone else. Please don't waste any more of your life with sin , call it quits with Satan and tell him to get out of you and leave you alone in the name of Jesus. Seek help from a minister in the deliverance ministry. Don't give up. And don't fear tommorrow God's already there.

Thank You for Your Comment, Seaked1

seaked1 2 years ago

team wiseman you r very correct when you say that meth makes you more spiritually aware. Its very weird how it takes control of you so quickly. Last time i used was two and a half years ago i promised god and myself i would never use again. i would use it on occasion like about once or twice a year for the sexual high i got from it. I could go for eight hours or so. but it wasn't normal sex it was kind of scary intense sex like i was being puppeteered by the devil like you said. I would never act that way sober and never have in my life. Satan used that as the lure to get me sucked in. You know how in the bible it says that satan can appear even as an angel of light. well i know this is true because at the end of my high i would feel the spirit of god burning in my soul and i didn't see anything,but i heard for awhile angels singing. I know that this was not god but satan tyiing to convince me to keep using. I am very grateful to god for being free from drugs to this day. He has saved me, although it took much sorrow and repentance on my part. Curiosity is what did me in. All just trust in god from now on


Thinking of trying crystal meth?

So, you want to try crystal meth? Crystal meth, also known as crystal methamphetamine, and informally as ice, tina, the devil's drug or glass, is a colorless form of d-methamphetamine, a powerful synthetic stimulant which is highly addictive and effects the central nervous system.

It has been around for many years and although it's strength has decreased and its formula has been changed countless times, crystal meth has continued to increase in popularity among users. Most people that try crystal meth end up becoming dependent upon crystal meth. I have noticed that many people become more addicted to what crystal meth causes them to do rather than the drug itself. Some use crystal meth to enhance their sex lives, others use crystal meth to enhance their spiritual lives.

Why do you use crystal meth? Why are you considering using this drug, crystal meth? Is the reason because your boyfriend wants you to try it? Is the reason because you think you need it to help you study better, for longer? Are you seeking the spiritual world? Are you just curious about using crystal meth and want to try it just because of that curiosity?

If you are thinking of trying crystal meth, we have this to say... DON'T!

Listen to the Preacher and May God Bless Your Journey in Life!

Crystal Meth Puppet

Crystal Meth Puppet

Preacher overcoming Crystal Meth and Demons

Preacher 4 years ago

I was a meth addict that Jesus Christ the Son of God saved who deserved to die and go to hell. I can attest to the truth of the statements made in this forum. Meth opens the realm of spirtual demonics and invites these devils in. I have seen and expierenced the wrath and destruction spirtual wickedness in high places has to offer. This drug opens door ways that allow these entities to infulence your thoughts of suciced, your hated and immorality to overcome you. The ONLY way out is The LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Jesus said " I Am the way, the truth , and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." John 14:6 If you want out of your painful addiction you must repent of your sin and call upon the name of Jesus Christ and ask him to save you. He said if you will come to him he will in no wise cast ye out. Think about your life and how you got to where your at. You are helpless and powerless to overcome you sin, your addiction, your hell, and the demons and devils who torment you. But there is one who can. He died on Calvary, He shed his precious and innocent blood so that you could have life.Take back your life today and call upon the name of the only begotton of the Father. Again, what you have read is real, the truth will set you free and the truth is Jesus.


Freedom from Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons with Christs Help!

Team Wisemans Comment

The thing that most people don't understand about crystal meth is this: Many religious people will fast and pray for several days in order to become filled with the Holy Spirit, be closer to God or even cause something to occur here on Earth by divine intervention. Well, the devil and his army are copycats of God's kingdom and His ways because they can Not work out of God's will. When someone uses meth they go several days without eating, (fasting) and they are usually intensely focused on a certain situation. (That is prayer) When this occurs under the influence of meth the user becomes filled with anything other than the Holy Spirit and because the person is unknowingly fasting and praying without the assistance of Christ then they become free game for evil. They can actually become possessed by evil and be rendered as puppets. We certainly believe that it is possible to not remember something occurring, even something as major as murder. This is the explanation to the dilemma of crystal meth, witchcraft and demons. Sometimes meth is used in this exact manner for witchcraft on purpose but then there are other times this occurs by complete accident. Nevertheless, using the drug Crystal Meth seems to bring horror and unnatural events into your life and it should be avoided. The truth is that whenever we choose to use crystal meth we are in fact enrolling ourselves into a class of witchcraft and demons! STAY FREE from Crystal Meth with the assistance of Jesus Christ.

Continue Reading More Personal Experiences with Crystal Meth, Witchcraft and Demons Here



Daryl Chausse on October 04, 2020:

I believe wholeheartedly in the dark forces that surround us when we do math because I was able to capture them I would see things out of the corner of my eye and I would take my camera and take pictures and there it was pictures of demons I would see pictures of them all over the place and I have those pictures proof that I'm not hallucinating cameras don't capture hallucinations I've been clean almost a year now and it is by the grace of God that I am I pray for all those that are suffering but believe me you are not crazy, Satan and demons are very real and they're out to get us so stay sober and vigilant

PRIN on September 30, 2020:

I was using for 5 months , the people I was around, always talked about the "shadow people" they been doing meth for years, i just started. At first i just thought it was a "tweaker" thing. Until i had my first encounter...... seen the shadow people jumping in front of the car while driving. I didnt even know how to explain it i literally pulled over and everyone was mad, but i had to have someone else drive. They increased and played with my mind. Then in my dreams. I opened a door. A very bad door. I always been open door to spirts mainly when i get super depressed is when the door opens and almost everytime an evil soul leaks out.. feeding on my depression. Anyway they would tell me to kill myself, jump out the window .... play tricks... and my angel always seem to distract me and i would go to sleep... but the more i binged the more they came. Mainly a girl.... everyone who would come to my house would hear her. She liked my daughters room that was empty locked door from inside... took 3 people to get in there and the next day it was locked again.... i invited a friend and her kids over who didnt do drugs and the girls came running down stairs.asking if they can play with the little girl locked in the room. So i knew it wasnt me being high...i started having dreams of loved ones being demons. Having demon house being cold and the grass and plants out side dying including trees. I was scared to stay at mt own house alone , so i didnt. I knew one day they would convince me to follow through and kill myself i knew id fall weak.

I stayed with my friend .... when i found out i was pregnant i stopped using. But she still was. One day i woke up to her talking to someone, and it was telling her i was setting her up to hurt me. I been sober for a week. She was believing it. Finally i heard it say so what if shes pregnant if you hurt her the baby will be no longer. I dont know if it was her talking to herself and back. She was def fighting with it. Falling asleep and waking up crying saying she was being raped by it... that it was really touching her. She did this quite a few times. That was the last time i went to her house. My angel told me to ...

Aaron Michael Spaulding on September 01, 2020:

Ok where to start.... I guess it started when my dad got sick and had mental breakdowns,he would start reading the bible and then start acting very strange, we found out he was a schizophrenic with bipolar disorder. I started to doubt God back then, wandering why,if God was real, would He let my dad be like that. I quickly turned to drugs and that lifestyle. Drugs bring out the worst in people and it did the same to me, I cared nothing of God or the bible or anything. I found myself in rehab after rehab, but slowly I started asking questions about God, reading the scriptures here and their, praying, but nothing would stick. I just couldn't get past this problem I had with Jesus being the son of God but also God Himself. So I continued my lifestyle, back to rehab, sober living in Cincinnati and the likes. Honestly searching for something to fill this emptiness inside that kept growing, getting worse and worse. It was after a lot of fighting this addiction battle I found Meth and then things got very bad. It was august or September of 2017 when I left Cincinnati for the 3rd time or so to go back home, back to this trailer on a hill in Laurelville. It was my moms boyfriends house and we all used together their. I had this nice red mustang my sister had let me start buying because I was doing good in Cincinnati but when I moved home obviously work and staying clean fell to the wayside. It got bad down their. One day in a moment of desperation I thought I would get in my car and drive back to Cincinnati and stay somewhere, anywhere to get clean. I remember backing out of the drive way and I was turning around to drive out the driveway when I put my car in park. I looked out towards the road and it seemed to me that their was like an invisible,crystal looking wall at the end, I got this thought and feeling that if I left out of the driveway I would not be coming back, I thought I would surely die. Then I go to pick up my phone to call my sponsor to talk but I get a feeling and I put down the phone. Then like someone dumped a bucket of water on me I feel this wave of conviction and power come over me, I start saying"Jesus is the son of God and I dont know how" I kept repeating it, also saying "I dont know why I'm saying this", I was crying so hard I was hysterical with my nose running and everything. My cousin and mom were leaving to go do laundry so I get out of the car and walk into the empty trailer. I grab a red leather bible,(mind you I hadn't been thinking about God a lot if any). I tell God right then and there that if I open up this bible and He tells me what I'm suppose to do I'll live for Him till the day I die, so I open it up randomly and the first verse I read is this" Aaron is to sanctify the holy places", it felt like the trailer started to shake a little and i heard scratching at the front and back doors and then it stopped. From that point on all i did, day and night was read the bible and use drugs, i know that doesn't sound good because it's not but it's just the truth. This continued for about a year, reading books upon books about the bible and such, but i eventually found my way back to getting clean at my aunt's in Columbus. I stayed their for about a month, always talking about God and the bible. Well one day I was getting dressed because me and my cousin were going to get some donuts and something tells me to look at my pants button(weird I know but it's the truth) on the pants button it has three numbers,222, I feel as though I need to remember this number so I tell my cousin about it and we leave to get doughnuts. We are driving to pick up the doughnuts and she looks over and sees the gas prices, she says A.J( my family calls me A.J.) the gas price is 222, and I'm like see I told you I was suppose to remember it. Well nothing else happens and about a week and a half later I've made my way back to laurelville to the trailer on the hill. I started using immediately and kept reading the bible. One night, I was writing a paper on Melchizedek, genesis 14 psalms 110 hebrews 5 and 7, because He is the most fascinating person to me besides God and Jesus, I was writing on him because I felt like God gave me revelation on who Melchizedek actually is but I feel this heavy conviction and I throw the paper and pen down and figure I should just read the bible. I start reading my favorite book, the book of Job,I start at the beginning of the book and I'm laying on my stomach facing away from the window in my room, as I'm reading I hear people outside my room arguing( there were 3 people there, 2 were arguing) I felt this negativity come over me and the room then as I'm looking at the words on the book it looks like the pages are in invisible flames, like when movie credits roll really fast at the end of a movie, and I feel as though all the good in the world was gone, I felt totally alone, so I got scared and sat up to the edge of the bed, I was sitting Indian style, I was really scared but something...will continue in part 2

Tmf on November 05, 2019:

I felt i was in a computer program. A game of life and death. Rugs on the floor had faces, strange symbols on glass, etchings in concrete. Everything was familier but evil. I felt dirty and could not scrub muself clean. God has redemmed me i am clean and delivered. Only Jesus has the power to set you free and give you the desire to remain clean. I am eternaly grateful for my soberity and salvation.

SPEEDKILLZ on September 28, 2019:

In active addition for more than 30 years now and had one experiense with shadow people and 2 bad spirits..after 17 days of being awake. I just rolled with it

Anonymous on September 23, 2019:

I’ve used meth for 2 years on and off. I thought someone did a witch craft spell on me cause that’s what the voices said I’d feel ghosts roaming around in the house laughing at me for what ever I did thinking they’re real people. The next day I started to see demons come towards me slowly, and I’d hear words from a girl screaming in a different language and they would say if I can’t hurt you then I’m gonna hurt your family and she would scream at me to open the door!! And I was going to do some laundry and I look down stairs and I see a deformed thing crawling up the steps i waited for someone to come to the house. And during the night I say I was one day sober and they said they were coming to hurt me right away. So I started praying I believe in my god and my culture and Once I heard one of my loved ones voice I felt that warmth inside my heart and They told me to throw my baggys and drugs away so I got up and I threw them outside and god came talk to me and I thanked him very much and since that day I’ve been 10 months sober from that day!!! But I still hear those voices to this day but I don’t let it bother me. It’s really hard recovering from meth but you just gotta have faith and hope in your heart and the peace in your mind and heart. And to put your trust into god❤️