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File under, "Occupy till I come." Luke 19:13 ~ "I am Spartacus"


Cory Booker was and is a sad joke.

According to the Story (historical fiction) ...of "Spartacus" that was Leader of the Rebelling Slaves in Rome: the time of their forced surrender, the Romans were demanding that he Spartacus, reveal himself and save the rest from crucifixion.

They - according to the story didn't know who was who, they were, after all just slaves. Kirk Douglas as Spartacus, wanting to spare his peeps, stood up and said, "I am Spartacus". One by one, at first, and then all that surrendered, followed suit and all claimed to be Spartacus.

Well, you know what? I keep hearing all these rumors and rumblings and threats from the Left that the Trump supporters past, present and future, will made to PAY for their crimes. And that makes me want to ask, "WHAT CRIMES?"

Oh do you mean the "crime" of believing the Leader that promised to end corruption in D.C. and took many strides to do so? Or, the crime of believing that same Leader that said he would take strides toward an economic healing and for FOUR years did exactly that? Or the crime of believing him when he would stop illegal immigration and for three solid years near totally stopped it? And - Or... is my crime, believing he would be instrumental in slowing and stopping Abortion, Human Trafficking, and for the sake of being brief... simply striking ABJECT FEAR in the hearts of the corrupt?

Now that the Corrupt Roman Forces are eyeballing the defeated in search of the method that will keep the slaves in their place FOREVER... never to rise again, there is the obvious temptation to do what the RINO Pretenders have done. Tuck tail and run..!

I have just got to say, that unlike Cory Booker that posed and postured for the press (yes small p ) claiming in some feigned indignation to be spartacus (yes small s ) There is no subterfuge here with me, while the Roman Army of Washington is in search of the "GUILTY" of the above listed crimes of searching for FREEDOM from Tyranny... I am DECLARING as the least of all the slaves of gov't tyranny...


Jus saying



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