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I Refuse to Allow You to Wash My Brain, Democrats! My Brain is just FINE thank you!

Anyone today who does NOT believe that they are being brainwashed, subdued, and forced into perpetual compliance to evil agendas put forth by the democratic party is truly living in denial. You MUST agree to a dark, manipulative democratic political agenda or you will be snuffed out by voice, choice, or life.

Watch the news spread seeds of hate:

All major broadcast stations spin the agenda towards a democratic bias. You cannot simply get the news. There was once a time, even 20 years ago, you could watch the evening news and get just that, the news, the facts, and no more. Now we get bogus information, spun in the direction of political gain for only one party, the democratic, and the more LEFTIST it is, the more spinning of facts and information occurs. You do not get the news, you get the whiny, egocentric spin of a station and it’s soldiers filling your head with bogus information to plant their political seeds of hatred into your brain so that you eventually comply with the idea that this is how everyone feels. Well, primetime is not, in fact, how everyone else feels. You are giving misinformation to the American public. America should shut you down!

Whine, whine, baby, whine:

Like babies and toddlers who do not get their way, democrats reduce themselves to child-like states of being. Take Nancy Pelosi, the frontrunner of the Demonstrative Democratic party. When Trump gave his State of the Union address in January 2020, just prior to the covid pandemic shut-down, Nancy Pelosi, in her whiny childish state, ripped up President Trump’s speech. Need I say more. All those he honored and gave accolade for lives of service and respect, she shredded up like a child not getting her way. Democrats! They whine, cry, shout, and beat their hateful breasts in victimhood. The union of victims and oppression - the demarcations of the true democrat.

Whittling the freedom of the American people one dark agenda at a time:

Look what has happened to free speech! I dare anyone to say something against the barbaric and heinous acts of those who protest, rip down our history, and burn the businesses of their fellow man! If you’re then labeled the racist. Might I remind you Joe Biden was once a racist during Ruby Bridges brave walk into a public school to end segregation? He didn’t want his own children in school with black children. Hypocrite! Joe Biden hides behind his Catholic label, but cannot receive the true body and blood of Christ as he promotes the bloodshed of the innocent with his pro-abortion agenda spearheaded and pushed by the bloodthirsty women of congress who use him as their puppet. He is only a puppet!

Victims Unite! The victimhood of democrats who have no responsibility or accountability. Always the victim and never the true victorious!

It’s not fair! The forever whine of those who want but never give. The chant from those democrats who sit on their asses and cry victim when hard-working Americans get up each day, provide for their families, serve our country, God, and carry guns to protect the innocent. The democrats don’t want any of this. That is why they want so much for everyone to vote and push it along the airways! They want every moocher in society to vote democratic. Free healthcare, free baby-killings, more welfare, more dole, more, more, more for those who do very little for our society.

Be careful moochers, you may have to work someday.

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How does a concentration camp sound? You think socialism is ideal, but see how people are treated in socialist societies: no voice, no choice, no freedom. Comply or else! You think abortion is a choice, wait until they are forced upon you. Don’t believe me? Look at China’s practices.

You think you have it so awful now, look to your perceived future when you give up your God-given rights and freedom to those in power. The democratic agenda is the sneaky smooth-talking salesman with fingers crossed telling you what you want to hear until the day it is too late. They won’t hear your cries once in the office! they will push their own agenda and you must comply. Comply, comply. Wake up America!

Democrats the “bleeding hearts” who cry victimhood, only to stomp on others to get their way.

Forever the victims of circumstance, victims of poverty, victims of drug use, victims of poor choices, victims, and whiners. Our job as Christians is to help the needy not the seedy, yet the seedy is all there seems to be among many American poor. Many are lazy, don’t want to work (but have money for tattoos and drugs) and want to live off the dole of hardworking people. Voting for socialistic democrats will get them what they want - everyone is equal in pay regardless of sloth and crime. Who exactly would pay for them to live off the dole? The educated hard workers! No more!

Democrat victims: Some need to get off their lazy, entitled, whiny asses, and do your part to make this a country worth living in and fighting for.

You think it will be easier if we are socialists, but you will no longer have a voice, you can no longer protest, and if you think it is about equalizing opportunities for all races, think again. Democrats aren’t looking out for the underdog, the marginalized, or those who are disadvantaged.

They wan to exploit you as subservient pawns in a political game the average American knows nothing about. They don’t want you to know their evil population control and mind control plans. Think about the strategic location of Planned Parenthood clinics. Many can be found in poor black neighborhoods because they want to exterminate you! Think! The democratic party isn’t speaking out for you! They want unrest. They want to shake the jar of ants and watch division destroy our country. Perhaps we need to turn our eyes away from each other and onto the democrats to have played you, me, and Trump!

The Democratic party is demonic in nature:

The democratic agenda has filled the airways with evil movies, news footage of hate, T.V. shows, images, music, books, etc. Even the once considered, benign Harry Potter books, are filled with demonic names and incantations. Research it! Plant seeds of evil in every American home and living room. Break up the American family, slaughter the innocent, and exploit the young! Make American addicts to porn, the internet, video games, violence, and all other evils. Big pharma wants you addicted to drugs as well! A pill for a pill for a pill. Can’t you see? Open your eyes to what the democratic party has pushed since the 1940s!

This is not a Godly party that wants to serve others.

The democratic party wants to subdue others. This is about serving themselves and deciding for others! It is nefarious and nebulous and the greed and power of the democratic party prey on the innocent, the idle, ignorant, and the blind. Last week, the government took down a TRUMP sign - similar in size to the iconic “HOLLYWOOD” sign that was positioned on private property. The reason: because they thought, “It would distract drivers.” Bull. They took it down because they don’t want free speech against their hidden agenda.

Those who blithely go along with the democratic party simply think they are part of the more “popular” culture. Think again. This is a political party of death in a culture of death. They’ve got you and will use you. Saying “yes” to the democratic party is synonymous with saying “yes” to losing your freedoms one by one. Try vocalizing, just for giggles, that you are republican and see how you are treated. You won’t because you are scared. You are scared, because, on some level, you know you’re being hosed and silenced.

Trump may be a blubbering ass from time to time, but he is at least a God-fearing Christian who wants to expose the dark manipulation of the democratic party: population control in numbers and complacency. At least we know Trump. He’s generally a good guy that the childish democratic party bullies time and again on-air about EVERYTHING the man does. Might I remind you that senile Biden hid in his basement during the pandemic because he is a coward!

No level too low for Democrats:

Even a fly on Mike Pence’s head is not beneath the Democratic party to nit-pick! It’s a fly! No matter what Pence did they would have focused on the friggin fly! That is how low they go! Do not trust a party that will lower themselves to the level of focusing on a fly during a national debate. Had he swiped it away, they’d comment he was distracted. Shame on the whiny, childish, temper tantrum democrats and their demonic agenda. My only prayer is that others see through you and are disgusted by your behavior and you bury yourselves. I will vote for the adults - Pence and Trump. Sorry, baby-killing is not an agenda I want anything to do with. But, when Trump wins, you will whine, cry, throw a temper, burn your bras, beat your breasts, and harass your neighbors.

I’ll just make popcorn, watch, laugh, and wonder where your parents are.

Pro-God, pro-life, pro-guns, and pro-America! Go, Trump! Godspeed.

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