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I Am Not Religious; I Am a Child of the King.

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Cross: The Symbol of Christendom

Many carry a cross around their neck but never bear the cross of Calvary.

Many carry a cross around their neck but never bear the cross of Calvary.

Why Do the ‘Many’ Seek to be Religious?

When Christ stated in Matthew 20:16 and repeated in chapter 22:14 that “… many are called, but few are chosen.,” the innate knowledge of eternity and judgment within mankind causes them to seek religion to ease their fears of what shall come after their death. They have a right to be afraid, sadly the many seek religion as the world seeks power, fame, wealth, sex, drugs, and the list goes on. Humanity cannot hide from what is coming and neither can those found among the religious. The religious crowd seeks to cloister themselves away from the world into their havens in buildings called churches, temples, halls, and the like. Many of the many choose to meet once a week whereas those who deem themselves more devout may add an additional day or two to their practice.

Being found religious within Christendom affects both the religious themselves and the world around them for two reasons:

First: within many of these sacred halls of religion you will find both the many and the called, though the latter is most often a minority. Wherever a child of the King is found, those around them are blessed by just keeping their company. God honors kindness to His chosen even to the wicked of this world, of which I have personally partaken and witnessed a countless number of times over the past 53 years plus. As there is guilt by association, there are blessings in ‘this life’ to those, saved or not, that bless God’s own.

Caveat: many of these religious institutions are great training grounds for the newly chosen for basic instruction in living a righteous life. [2 Peter 1:5-8] God, in His time will lead His own to either stay or move on according to His will alone.

Second: a religious crowd has a profound effect on the world around them as they see a people that are more trustworthy than what the world has to offer. They will send their young children to “Vacation Bible School” that many offer during the summer months, hoping their young ones come back slightly more manageable. To many it will be their first introduction to the Savior and can have an impact upon their families. When a business owner identifies themselves as being a Christian establishment, the community in large, will deem it to have an ethical business practice.

Caveat: the world keeps its eyes more closely attuned upon those who claim the name of Christ. Whether it be a church gathering, a business, a neighbor or co-worker; most seek justification for their rebellion against God by claiming hypocrisy if one should slip in their own perception. The chosen slip too often on their own, but the many are known for being slippery.

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James 1:27

It is the part B of this verse that most within Christendom deliberately ignore.

It is the part B of this verse that most within Christendom deliberately ignore.

So, You Believe in Pure Religion

First things first; pure religion is absolutely impossible to achieve this side of heaven. One must understand that when James wrote chapter 1:27 it was to expose the vanity of the hypocrisy of being religious as found in verse 26. You could try to achieve sainthood as Mother Teresa did by living among the widows and orphans of this world but that dreaded word “unspotted’ must enter the equation. Only Christ could and did live an unspotted life upon this broken and sinful world.

When John penned his first letter, it was to believers alone.

1 John 1:4 “And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.

He then used the pronoun ‘we’ in verse 8 which meant he was included in the following statement: “If we [including John] say we have no sin, we [including John] deceive ourselves [including John], and the Truth is not in us [including John]. I emphasized the point to stress that no one is without spot as this condition will only exist when we, the believers are presented ‘faultless’ in the presence of our Lord’s glory. [Jude 24]

Conclusion: there is nothing we can do, say, or achieve this side of heaven that will have any impact upon our being found among the chosen; it is by God’s grace alone. The Father draws us to the Son and the Son is committed to receiving EVERYONE whom the Father draws to Him. [John 6:44,65] It is our Lord that makes us accepted [Ephesians 1:6] for mankind is incapable of accepting Christ but fully capable of accepting a religion to assuage their fears … for the time being.

Out of the Many Comes the Few

All are without excuse and that includes those outside of Christendom.

All are without excuse and that includes those outside of Christendom.

What Identifies the Few [Chosen] from the Many [Religious]?

The Few may interpret their moment of conversion in several ways, but there will always be others that will consider it to be ingenuous at best or deny they ever had a proper conversion experience; thus, are not saved. These naysayers will act as judge, jury, and executioner as to another’s relationship to God. [Note: an unbelievably bad idea] To the Few, the Word will come alive, and they will become as sponges, attempting to absorb every word, rightly divided, into their daily existence. The Few will also learn that they are at war with themselves [the flesh] and will seek at the Holy Spirit’s direction, teaching, preaching and fellowship that helps them grow in grace. [Hebrews 10:24-25] God Almighty will lead His own as He sees fit according to His will alone.

The Many mostly base their conversion to Christianity on the prescribed dictates of whatever fellowship in which they may find themselves. These dictates may contain rules regarding baptism, church attendance, attire, music, etc., and always leave the decision of salvation as being their choice. The Word is only necessary as it pertains to the individual gatherings’ doctrines. In other words, their doctrines determine the interpretation of scripture. Their love of the Word is only concerned with those scriptures that support their doctrines according to their interpretation. This leads many of these groups to a self-determination of themselves being the only way to heaven and should one fall out of line; their salvation will be in grave peril. The Many will be without excuse of the day of judgment, no matter how loud they cry out ... Lord, Lord!

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