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I Am In Training

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A believer, in recovery, looking to the Bible to know who I am in Christ.


Train yourself in godliness. For the training of the body has limited benefit, but godliness is beneficial in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:7‭-‬8

Helpful in EVERY Way

Believers train themselves in godliness.

Train. That means it takes practice. I am not going to magically become instantly godly in every sense of the word. I must work. That's what training is.

And obviously, God knows that I am in training. He's my head coach. He's a gentle and loving coach. But I don't want to miss this: He disciplines those He loves. He disciplines me. And that might hurt.

But what I see from this verse is that this training is something I must pursue.

Now, I get help from God and mature Christians. But it's still something I must desire and reach for. Godliness is not going to instantly penetrate my mind and soul. He wants me to work at it.

And it's beneficial. In what way?

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Every way.

An Annoying Question

I'm going to ask an annoying question: what does every way mean? What is the apostle Paul saying here? Every way.

At the very least, He's saying that pursuing godliness is far more powerful than I might have realized. It benefits me (and others) in ways I can only begin to understand.

And though this is work for me to do, He works. He does the heavy lifting here. He changes me, sanctifies me. I can't make myself righteous. He does it.

Yet it is my responsibility to pursue it.

The resulting benefits are a promise. I don't need to worry that I'm going to waste my life on this pursuit. He is going to do amazing things. Not only that, these promises roll forward into the next life. I don't know what that means! But I want those blessings.

And this is all in the context of my relationship with God. In fact, godliness is all about my relationship with Him. He leads. I follow. And we talk.

Lord, teach me to pursue godliness in spirit and in truth. May I be open to all of your instruction. May I train for godliness today. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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