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Was Man Genetically Engineered by Space Visitors? Would They Be Hostile Towards Us?

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren't any space aliens. We can't be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we're not all there is. If so, we're in big trouble.

-- Ellen Degeneres

Monopolized Truth About Man's Origin

Before we tackle the question from the title of this post, why not approach to it slowly, by first taking a look at the obstacles prevailing in scientific community which dismiss the possibility of the extraterrestrials' (E.T.'s) existence.

It appears historically (and at times hysterically) evident how every single epoch is displaying certain symptoms of intellectual arrogance, as they claim to "exclusively hold the bag with Truth".

Those highly educated members of the science community just can't stand the idea of having wasted all the time in a "wrong studies" throughout their career -- so they tend to dogmatize what they "know".

However, on the other side of that spectrum there is a growing number of brilliant minds who insist on alternative studies in fields like medicine, archaeology, physics, and among many more -- also cosmo-biology, which is suggesting that an infinite possible planets may have life, even with an advanced form like humans.

Logic behind that theory being that in this vast universe with millions of galaxies it's impossible that our earth would be the only one with life forms evolved all the way into a sophisticated civilization. And where logic stops -- beliefs go wild filled with myths and biological non sequiturs.

Which brings us to a spinoff from that theory which used some incredibly convincing artifacts still scattered around the globe strongly suggesting that man was actually genetically engineered by some highly advanced space visitors in a very distant past.

The battle is still going on between evolutionists and creationists over the origin of man -- one side contending that man evolved all the way from a single-celled amoeba, while the other side bringing in a deity who created the whole world in seven days including us, his beloved children.

Since "believing" in something is not the same as "knowing" something, both theories are actually just as valid as the one about man's being created in a petri dish of an extraterrestrial, who mixed his DNA with the one of an ape roaming aimlessly on earth.


I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has to yet appear on planet Earth.

-- Stephen Hawking

In Some of Us, E.T.'s Genes Are More Expressed than in Others

Let us allow that possibility that we were really genetically engineered species. After all, evolutionists are still biting fingernails unable to explain that huge gap between those primitive hordes and a sudden appearance of some architectural marvels on earth.

And creationists, likewise, joining them in a secret misery over unexplained God's allowing His beloved children to suffer without intervening at all.

So, let us entertain ourselves just looking around and observing some huge differences in mentalities of people -- suggesting that in some of us those E.T. genes succeeded to surface and express themselves in wonderful creative ways with extremes seen in geniuses and savants with some outlandish (pun intended) abilities.

On the other hand, of course, we cannot but see a whole mass of humans with predominant animalistic life orientation towards psycho-physical survival through territoriality, greed, arrogance, and fight for dominance.

Maybe I should make up that third, the lowest category where those texting while driving would belong, with all garden variety of other idiots -- when intelligence is the criterion.

One look at the ruthless corporatism, foreign politics of intimidation, coercion, even military enforcing of some dubious "national" interests -- tells us the story of some very intelligent apes doing their thing in this concrete jungle of ours.

I have no impressive credentials to cross swords with those highly learned scholars at either side of the chess board, each pushing their own pet theory -- but even if I could, I wouldn't get into that intellectual debate with no end -- hmm... maybe because there is not enough of a monkey in me after all.

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However, for quite awhile now, the science is no longer a monopoly of the scientists, as ordinary thinking folks keep appearing all around the globe with inventions, discoveries and theories.

But we can always use some logic in our observations, to establish some credibility or a lack of it, in all theories, those mainstream and those alternative.

We don't have to be intimidated by the monkey-gene expressing itself in the academic arrogance that keeps insisting on the current cultural paradigm, which evidently doesn't really work for our benefit, nor for the benefit of consciousness evolution.


Virtually any pointed edifice is considered a candidate for alien engineering. After all, how could the Egyptians or Mayans have possibly stacked up stone blocks into pyramids?

-- Seth Shostak

Great Pyramid of Giza -- Enough of an Evidence

So, why not bring one huge monument into our focus, as we are daring to assume that someone other than humans with their primitive tools, could manifest something of that architectural brilliance -- like Great Pyramid of Giza.

Couldn't that alone be enough to ask some questions that would be smart enough so that they don't even need an answer. Like, how could ancient Egyptians cut and form and transport those huge blocks -- let alone, "why" would they see it so important to have it.

We are talking about the Bronze age, and those chisels which were allegedly used in that colossal work were of a relatively soft material, making ridiculous supposition that they could do all that. It's like imagining the Statue of Liberty being washed with toothbrushes.

Indeed, just by looking at that one of the Seven Wonders of the World, one simply cannot be naiive to see people of that era, still heavily into superstition of polytheism, and into constant bloody conquests -- as having brains to put it up there, with all of its mystery about its true purpose.

If it's been established for a fact that even today's technology could not reproduce the architectural wonders of those times -- how can the mainstream archaeology still insist that they were done with the use of those primitive tools?

Scattered around the world are some mind-boggling remnants, that are almost painful to the intellect of any openminded person, with its outlandish (pun intended) structure and detail.

Religionists are rushing to explain many such places as "temples for worshipping some gods" -- but why not see them as places where some advanced minds were practicing their abilities taught to them by E.T.'s -- including telekinesis, or moving the objects with minds alone.

Actually, those old Egyptian paintings are showing some creatures with bird's head as either healing or teaching humans.

That secret non-religious order still being talked about as the "Shining Ones" are said to have possessed some outlandish abilities -- why not call them powers.

Could we bravely assume that the Great Pyramid -- as well as so many other intriguing artifacts around the globe -- were formed by some form of "quantum act" -- or collapsed from the field of infinite possibilities to be manifested to do their purpose -- whether functional of decorative, or both.


I believe in aliens. I think it would be way too selfish of us mankind to believe we are the only lifeforms in the universe.

-- Demi Lovato

Ascribing Human Characteristics to All Those in Heaven and in the Deep Space

Now, almost every cultural tradition has it that "gods will return to earth some day". Those ancient aliens theorists don't hesitate to call those gods "extraterrestrial visitors" -- and their claims sit well in my mind as highly possible.

Apparently, the most of the world's population not only believe in their existence, but also in their having visited us in that distant past. Mostly belonging to one or another religious denomination, they would be reluctant to buy the story of humans being created by anyone else but their God, but that doesn't prevent them to believe in E.T.'s existence.

However, it seems like we, humans, are judging everyone by ourselves, ascribing our own qualities to anyone "up there", whether it's a celestial holy entity, or someone flying around in their fancy spaceships.

Ever since we heard that "God created man in His own image" -- and then unable to act more "godly" as to prove that resemblance -- we resorted to giving God our own characteristics.

There we go -- NOW we are more alike, so we happily deceive ourselves, with our God "seeing", getting "angry...pleased..." -- and yes, He can also "punish us" whenever He is not too busy "loving and forgiving us 'UNCONDITIONALLY."

Hey, we even portray our God as an old bearded dude. How much more can we make it true that He really "created us in His own image".

And then we treat the same way those elusive, now-you-see-them-now-you-don't" extraterrestrials, our assessment of them being largely amplified by those science fiction movies regularly depicting them as being hostile.

Didn't we also start believing in "evil" after seeing some paintings and pictures that scared the crap out of our brainwashable asses? Indeed, those creators of our cultural paradigm -- if they wanted to -- could even convince us that politicians are having only our best interests in their (career-oriented) minds.

Oh, they did it already?

It's truly amazing how quickly we get paranoid, mostly by judging everyone else by our own nature.

Hollywood didn't want to complicate matters by making those E.T.'s speak their own, no matter how fake language; so they were talking to us in plain American English, no translators needed.

And that communication was rare anyway, because they were too busy kicking our asses. Again, typical for our own nature, as we are known to attack a country not wasting much time on talking.

All talking we do is while convincing our nation that such an attack is necessary, because they are somehow posing a serious threat to our security, or security of our friends Israel -- and so to war we go.

Likewise, we are not trusting anyone coming from the space -- always ready to hit and ask questions later.

Well, those E.T.'s certainly can't be called a stupid target, obviously knowing that earthlings are not in the mood for talks, while judging that everybody is like them.


Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.

-- Wayne Dyer

Friends or Foes

So, what is generally believed to be their "agenda", if they would ever land right in the Central Park in New York.

Why would they be hostile, that's the question.

For, after all, if it's true that they created us by crossing their genes with an ape's, we got THEIR transfusion -- they didn't get OURS, so why would they act like us?

All joking aside, imagine an untold millennia older civilization than ours. Even if they also had been a combination of some other superior beings and an animal -- hopefully not a crazy monkey -- their super long consciousness evolution would have evolved away any traces of animalistic tendencies.

Indeed, they could not have an arrogant bone in them, no need to conquer, to dominate, to kill, even to hurt in any way.

That by a simple logic, that anybody who would be so intelligent to know how to come from the outer space, would also be too intelligent as to have any primitivistic intentions toward us.

Could you picture Albert Einstein in a boxing ring?

Sorry, Hollywood, but maybe you should stick to the violent movies with crazy humans killing other crazy humans, as usual, spice it up with some sex, and some villains pissing the viewers enough for them to deserve to be killed.

Well, yes, those E.T.'s know us enough not to take our friendliness for a given. Now, not that they couldn't wipe us and our fancy nukes off the surface of the earth -- if they really wanted to -- but the fact that they haven't done it so far means that they are friendly.

Really, folks, why do we need this image of some "space Hitlers and Attillas -- lately even Putins"? Haven't we invented more than enough of our own variety? Why can't we imagine our space relatives as peaceful blue avatars capable of healing with a touch of hand, and producing a contagious blissfulness with their smile?

Who knows, should they ever come back, they might refresh our memory how to build some pyramids for converting the cosmic rays or vaccum into an inexhaustible source of usable energy.

But also, after seeing the flaws of their initial genetic experiment of creating us, they might telepathically reprogram us into something that would this time really be "in their own image".

No beard this time.

Pyramids and obelisks as ancient "antennas" connecting to the space "gods".

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Val Karas

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