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Hymns and Songs for Church Musicians to Play During Communion

In many churches, Communion / The Lord’s Supper is a time when the congregation sings or when musicians play soft music as the bread and wine are passed around. "... Take this in remembrance of Me." Singing a song or listening to a piece of music at this time can help to focus our thoughts on Jesus and His sacrifice for us.

This hub is for the church musician who is looking for some ideas of appropriate songs to play or sing as the elements are being taken. I will present a few songs that can be played or sung during the Lord’s Supper.

Gethsamane (To See The King of Heaven Fall)

Behold The Lamb (Communion Hymn)

Contemporary Songs That Make Communion / The Lord's Supper More Worshipful

Gethsamane Hymn (To See The King of Heaven Fall) by the Gettys

Gethsamane is a quiet contemporary hymn that talks about Jesus as our sacrificial lamb. The feel of this song is very melancholic, and it is in a minor key as well. Here is a video of the song. This song is appropriate for Good Friday too, when we remember Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins.

Behold the Lamb by the Gettys

Behold the Lamb is another communion hymn that fits perfectly into the Lord’s Supper Context. It can be played as special music, or the congregation can sing it together while they pass the elements around. What is beautiful about this song is that there is a verse specifically about the blood of Jesus and another about the body of our Savior Jesus Christ. The words are very meaningful and help bring us into a time of reflection and confession as we partake the Lord’s Supper. Do check this video out.

Hymns to play or sing when the cup is being passed around

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

This is a traditional hymn that reminds us that there is nothing that can we can do to save ourselves from our sin - except the blood of Jesus that makes us white as snow.

There is a fountain

Another traditional favorite that reminds us Jesus’ blood is the only fountain that can wash away all our guilty stains. The words to There is a fountain are also very powerful, and we are all reminded of the blood that Jesus shed for our sins that gives us life and eternal hope.

Hymns to play of sing when the bread is being passed around

Break Thou the bread of life

This is an older hymn (1877) with meaningful words by Mary Lathbury and melody by William Sherwin.

Bread of heaven on Thee we feed

This might not be that widely known a hymn, but it is about Jesus’s body being broken for us as living bread. The words to this hymn was written by Josiah Conder.

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More Hymns to play during Communion / Lords’ Supper

  • Lead me to Calvary
  • O Sacred Head Now Wounded
  • Man of Sorrows What a Name
  • Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross
  • I Need Thee Every Hour
  • At the Cross
  • Amazing Grace
  • And Can It Be

More Songs and Choruses to Play during Communion / Lords’ Supper

  • Think about His Love
  • The Love of God
  • Lamb of God
  • O Lamb of God
  • Grace Greater Than Our Sin
  • You are My King


Charlotte B Plum (author) on April 17, 2012:

Thank you teaches12345! It is such a poignant picture of Jesus in the garden. I too love There is a Fountain! It is really beautiful and so meaningful to sing!

Dianna Mendez on April 17, 2012:

Wow, the Gethesemane hymn is powerful. This would truly make the communion meaningful. One of my favorite old hymns is There is A Fountain, we heard this often growing up in my father's church. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings.

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