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Expected Attitude to the Human Beings and Other Living Things of this Planet

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I got myself involved in writing from 2013 to date. I prefer writing after having thorough research on a particular topic. Thanks

The most expected attitude from everyone of us!!!


Humanity to human beings & the planet as well!!!

We, as human beings, always seek a way to live a healthy, happy, and enjoyable life. All our consciousness is confined to the welfare of our living. To do so, we mostly forget about the responsibilities that exist surrounding us. Too many helpless people are being the sufferer to manage a peaceful or more preciously said as well-mannered lifestyle, and of course the basic requisites to live for them. Should we think for them or play a significant role that does belong to our must-do activities from a humanities point of view? Every one of us must ask them. Then, the answer would naturally come in the fashion of a BIG YES. You might think why this sort of thinking or question is arising? The most common scenario frequently is observed in the form of our selfish attitude. Most of us are unacceptably egocentric about our issues to be resolved. The danger is there. A baby is the by-product of a man and a woman. On the other side of the coin, a newly born baby can't be responsible for his or her birth. The un-healthy or more preciously said ill-structured social infrastructure is responsible to create such discrimination between children. After being grown up, that un-healthy social environment creates a situation to develop negative attitudes help to create discrimination between human beings. The concept of equality never exists!!! That's it. The so-called civilization falls under deep questioning. Can we expect social harmony in this regard? Of course not!!! Then what? The clash between the different statuses of people living in the same society does spread out and grab the entire country, and ultimately the world can't be out of it. What do you think? Is this scenario pleasant for the future of human beings? The answer is a BIG NO. In reality, we forget the definition of civilization while fulfilling our utmost issues. That does create such a horrible threat to civilization. If the scenario is such, where humanity would be? The inexistence of humanity in turn, back to generate the attitude of in-humanity in the mind of the people. No social stability would be observed and the so-called civilization would be kept on the pages of the book. Our today's world is suffering from that unstable or improper or more accurately said as the disease. Yes, it's so. This attitude of in-humanity not only exists around the world but also within our family. Most of the time we show our reluctant attitude to the family members, neighbors, and so on to do what is suppose to be done for the welfare of them. Our entire consciousness becomes occupied with the affairs of our own. Have you ever put your thoughts on it? What a shameful and irresponsible attitude, and what adjective should be best appropriate or suited to place against that, difficult for me to express. We're establishing an unacceptable illustration on this planet that nature dislikes most. If this becomes our role or more accurately said as a stand, then what our nation and as a whole, our beloved planet might expect from us? The answer is nothing but only shame. This reluctant attitude that is, not doing the responsibilities imposed by our creature has got a definite outcome. Any idea what it might be? The negative outcome, of course. Please do not go for blaming others, just blame you, and of course, if I become a part of such practice, I should certainly be ashamed for my conduct. Our unethical and irresponsible attitude then naturally compel a significant number of people to suffer from hunger, social-insecurity, and many other unacceptable situations that do not at all match with the definition of a well-structured socio-environment where people might think to live full of security, harmony, and so on. The unavailability of humanity to the human being making the entire society unrest and unsecured. This fragile social structure making people more inclined to go for taking some unwanted and unexpected activities like robbing, bribe-taking, and so on. You can blame them for their unfair activities but to survive, most of them becoming compelled to be involved in those unfair activities. So, before going to blame others, better blame you, and that's what I strongly do believe. It is time to take the entire thing under immediate consideration to be resolved from our side. This disease deserves to be eradicated forever, and that's how we would be rectified from previously done severe unfair activities or mistakes by ourselves. If we become a failure, the clashes that are being observed around the world would certainly create a fragile civilization that has already been knocked at our door. As a result, our most lovely planet would never be a place to live for those who dream to live in a well-structured socio environment. The failure of establishing humanity within this planet among human beings would never end at this point. The reason is, can we be free from our conscience. Every soul must ask its own. Think deeply about it.


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