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5 of cups, the Arm of the Hierophant


5 of Cups

As a tarot reader, the 5 of cups always reminds me of a broken heart, yet not all is lost. There are two cups still standing. Upon meditation last night I asked The Crystal Fairies, a group I channel, how best would these two cups standing help me? I figured they might respond with the usual, having hope, not everything is as dark as it might seem, and other variations of a pep-talk. Our spirit guides, as well as our tarot readers do try so hard to shine the light for us, even in our darkness of hours. Their reply though was different. Enclosed is a channel session I had with them.

Sorrow and Loss


5 of cups and Crystal Fairies Meaning

“The Five of Cups often depicts for us a person so lost in their own head, they do not see others who have sorrow in their hearts. Their need to share their pain will whirl them right into a circle of those who cherished those three cups that have fallen. The cycle of sorrow expressed deepens with each new day, until someone points out to them, they need to grab a hold of those two cups remaining. The eyes of wonder open wide, and they hold those two cups tight to their bosom, with hopeful glee that love will return. It can be a love from their past, or at least a love. We all seek love, even those who swear they do not. Our hearts cherish being loved, by others. We crave it and we seek it, for it is a reflection of the love we have inside”.

“This though is where the tricky part comes in. if your love for yourself is not genuine, and is dependent on another’s love, your heart gate will open to those who have similar false love. This love becomes the choking love where it extinguishes the flame of love within, verses kindling it. The three cups that have fallen, will remain on the ground, or drop to the ground at a later point in one’s life. The two cups that are sitting up need to be seen in a different way. A way that is often not considered in matters of the heart.”

“The two of cups that remain upright in the Five of Cups tarot card are not cups of hope and grace. These are factors that are already within one’s spirit. They are not separated from you, just often ignored. Our spirit is always within us, and cannot be dislodged. Our ego confines us into believing we are unlovable. We begin to accept failed relationships as a factor of our spirit, which has no truth to it. It is our ego that designs the walls around our heart, not the spirit. These two cups do not hold in them, compassion for ourselves or a new hope for ourselves but something else. It actually is not about us receiving, but what is within those two cups that we can give away. This is where the Five of Cups heals the best. What do you give to another? What is within those cups? Is it blame, anger, fear, retribution for all that you have experience? Will everyone you meet have to fix you? Will you have to fix everyone you meet? What is inside those two cups is what you give to others. Do you give people high expectations as a test to watch them fail?”

“As we come to the closure of this card, we suggest you look deeply into those two cups standing, as well as the three cups that have fallen. The cups represent the emotions of joy, love and happiness, alongside sorrow, hurt and disappointment. Did you have an expectation for someone to make you feel joy and love? Was it met with disappointment? Did your expectations set you up to be fixed from all the misery you have had in your life, or for you to fix someone who has had a miserable life? Was what you wanted not handed to you in the way you sought? Is this a good enough reason to not let your spirit love? The reality is though our spirits do love, and we cannot turn it off. We can block it and this protects us, or so we think, however this very act is creating illness within us. What to do? You pick up those two cups and you offer the world the best of your spirit, without expectations. If someone does not wish to accept your cups, than you can share it with another. This is not just in vain of a romantic love, for love is beyond that. In loving we love ourselves, and extend it to others. We honor all boundaries, as we wish to have our honored. If one cannot do so, we gently move on”.

Crystal Fairies

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Crystal Fairies on what 2 cups standing mean

“The two cups standing up in The 5 of Cups are the essence of your soul, the yin and yang, which is blending together as one. They become again the Two of Cups in Tarot, the binding of your two selves, so you may again share you when you approach the Three of Cups in Tarot. The recklessness of not paying attention of what is being offered to you (love of Spirit), as expressed in the Four of Cups will bring you back again and again to the lessons of the Five of cups. Always walk with your two of cups in their correct placement; the heart. Give these two cups, your yin and yang to those you meet. If this is difficult, because you have built walls of the ego, than take slow steps. Look into the 6 of cups of the tarot, and choose memories of happiness, joy and love and meditate on those. This will help you to melt your walls away. It may take time, depending on the walls you built. We understand the pain you have gone through, as well as many people on earth. It is not an easy process, yet eventually you will have a direction and you will move towards the love of your spirit, and let the love of your ego melt. This is a process, a journey and one that has no time limit on it”.

Their message has given me plenty food for thought regarding the meaning of the 5 of cups. Those two cups standing hold something different than I use to believe. It is important to know what is contained in those cups, for it is what we attract to us, in all types of relationships. What is it you are offering to another? Has it worked for you in the past? What parts of you are laying in those cups on the ground? Are they aspects that you need to bring back into your life, or let go completely? I hope this information can be of some value in your healing.

You can find more information on the Crystal Fairies in this hub.

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