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How to Prepare Yourself for the Kundalini Awakening?

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.


Kundalini is such an exceptionally powerful system that unlike other branches of yoga, you can’t practice it without the guidance of a guru. Kundalini yoga doesn’t start at once. Instead of making any noticeable changes in your life, you need to be self-disciplined and start with basic practice.

Don’t go for advanced practices, start training your physical body first, then your mind, and then, finally, look forward to exploring your deeper levels. You must be aware of effective techniques that may cause kundalini awakening, but don’t start with them right now. You need to gradually prepare yourself for the emotional, mental, and physical realms.

Be patient and conduct the practice wisely and regularly, kundalini awakening will surely emerge within you.

Why do you need to prepare yourself beforehand?

Proper preparation ensures you have developed immense strength to handle the result of full awakening that is lying dormant within you. Almost everyone has no control over their behavior and physical manifestations. For example, if you have taken sleeping pills, then you are not in control of your brain activity and you won’t be able to control your sleep. Similarly, you can’t control the effects of severe headaches. So, what would happen when other unknown manifestations start to take place in your brain? Certainly, you won’t be able to control them. That’s why you need to do healthy mind management beforehand.

Maintaining a balanced mind in the phase of mental and emotional problems helps you rise above your anger, worry, desires, disappointment, failures, hatred, sufferings, and other sentiments. If you can do this, you are ready for ultimate awakening. If you stay calm and cool-headed when everything goes against you, then you are an eligible candidate for kundalini yoga. This is similar to the way, you need to build a factory before setting up the generator to utilize its full power.

Do you need a guru to practice kundalini yoga?

People have divided views on whether you need a guru or not for the higher consciousness. The answer is dependent on one condition - are you aware of your inner guru?

Kundalini yoga is about establishing communication with your inner self. This doesn’t happen to some people naturally and they are so ignorant they don’t even believe in this reality. For them, it takes prolong years to raise their kundalini energy. That’s why you need an external guru who helps you realize your inner strength first. You may also need a guru even if you know your inner master because you may be at delusion if this is real or just superficial. A guru will go through all your sufferings and guide you towards the right path.

How long does it take to awaken your kundalini in Sahasrara?

Each one of us consciously or unconsciously inches towards spirituality every day. For some, the process is slow and may take many years, while for some the process is fast and may happen within a few days or months. When we are into eating, sleeping and having sexual intercourse, we are nothing more than in animal consciousness. Because animals are made of vastly these characteristics. You certainly don’t want to act like an animal forever.

When you become strong to rise above your animal instinct, you start your journey of becoming a superconscious human being. The time you take to make this happen is the time you’ll take to awaken your kundalini.

On the other hand, while many religious practices don’t believe in reincarnation. According to Hinduism, a person’s evolution starts from the point where he left in his previous birth. The concept of reincarnation is similar to the way you complete one level of education, you look forward to taking the next step. You don’t go back to join the last level. You keep on progressing further to higher levels.

That’s why despite being born from the same parents or living in the same environment, you are so different from your siblings, colleagues, and friends. Clearly, your time for awakening kundalini depends on how much you have evolved until now. If you are just starting, it might take years, though it depends on your surroundings as well. On the other hand, if you are already evolved to a great extent, you are very close to achieving the supreme consciousness.

However, irrespective of your stage of evolution, you shouldn’t be in haste. Keep aside a few hours from your daily routine to practice kundalini yoga.

Moreover, you may also achieve this tremendous energy in a short period of time with the help of a guru but it may not sustain. Because if you are in control of a weak mind which can’t keep up with the extreme excitement or sorrow, then how can you expect to keep up with energy this powerful. Like I said earlier, you need to prepare yourself first through yoga, pranayama, meditation, and then, start gradually.

How should you begin your practice of kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga helps you initiate your kundalini and raise your consciousness above the current level. This doesn’t ensure the full awakening. The foremost important thing to do is to know your current level of consciousness. There’s no point in opening the garage if the car is already on the highway.

Start practicing yogic techniques and meditation. This will increase your concentration and cleanse you from within. To awake kundalini, you need to open your Sushumna Nadi so that your energy finds the right passage to pass through. If it remains inactive and your energy passes through Ida or Pingala, then the situation will turn very complex.

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You need to purify your chakras and Nadis. This happens with Surya Bheda pranayama and Surya namaskars, which purifies Pingala Nadi, and Shatkarmas, which purifies Sushumna. After this, start with asanas, then pranayama and when you’ve gone at an advanced level in this practice. Start practicing mudras, Bandhas, and finally kriya yoga.

What if you start to experience awakening before full preparation?

I have observed this situation in a few people known personally to me. If this happens with you too, then start with switching to a light diet. Because you don’t want your whole body to focus on digesting your large diets, right now its attention is needed on something else more important. You should avoid social interaction for a while to avoid any sort of distraction, better read magazines and books. Make sure to not allow any chemical to enter in your body, this includes drugs, medicines, and other chemical substances.

After strictly following these suggestions, you’ll start to notice some changes within you. Then, that’s the time you should look for someone who can guide you further.

Why do yogis prefer to live in an ashram, away from social life?

An ashram is a place of a small community where dwellers are busy in their kriya yoga. They are detached souls with no prejudices, hatred, or complaints. They live a modest life, with little to eat and don’t have any quest for comforts or luxuries, just the minimal essentials.

There are no expectations or social pressures nor any gossips or show-offs. People, in an ashram, don’t mess with each other.

Living in an ashram gives a boost to your aim of awakening kundalini. There are fewer chances of mental crisis, but in case it happens, you are free to gain the full experience of whatever comes. If you don’t feel hungry, can’t sleep and have emotional problems, it’s perfectly alright. People will empathize with you and leave you all with yourself. If this happens when staying with your family or friends, they’ll send you to see a doctor. You will be injected with drugs and made to undergo certain therapies, till you start behaving the way they want you to. Maybe that’s why there are so many ashrams and monasteries all over the world.

What do yogis practice in the ashram?

In the ashram, yogis conduct several practices to internally purify their physical body. This is done through Shatkarmas, a yogic purification method to balance the acid within the body. A simple ashram diet also helps in mental and physical purifications and makes you free from toxins.

Some yogis also indulge themselves in prayers, reading books, talking the least, practicing hatha yoga, or dedicating themselves to the karma yoga. It is also important to idealize the sitting posture - Siddhasana, padmasana, or Vajrasana. Siddhasana, the accomplished pose, is the recommended one.

The motion of consciousness during the awakening of kundalini is impromptu. It happens so spontaneously you can’t even alter the events. The sensation that starts within your body helps you evolve. If this happens in a quiet environment, where there’s no one to disturb you, you’ll have a seamless experience. Just enjoy the flow and watch it dawn within you.

What is the role of karma yoga in the kundalini awakening?

Karma yoga is an essential part of spiritual life. Even if you follow all the known practices strictly - mantra, pranayama, tantric initiation, and so on, it’s all fruitless if you avoid karma yoga. This will retard your evolution.

For example, you can’t ride a strong and dynamic vehicle on a bumpy and out of shape road. Similarly, you can’t build your personality without an unprepared mind. Samskaras must be carefully heeded, awareness must be amplified to each level, dedication must be flawless, and your illusions and attachments must be spotted and dealt with. All this isn’t possible without karma yoga.

Karma yoga doesn’t directly initiate the awakening of kundalini, but without its involvement, kundalini can’t rise above from its lowest point. There’s much said about karma yoga in Bhagavad Gita. It contains a yogic explanation of how karma yoga shapes the lifestyle of a man.

What is the most important thing to know before practicing kundalini yoga?

Some people complain about how kundalini awakening affected them mentally and they decided to let it go. They look strange and behave strangely. Also, they turn totally confused and chaotic. This is because of a lack of discipline. Contrary to what everyone says, kundalini awakening is not dangerous if done properly. You need to be a strict disciplinarian.

To be an advanced yoga master, you need to be self-governing from the very start, so when you reach the supreme consciousness, you know how to let it merge within you. Otherwise, you may face horrifying results causing you severe mental stress. You can’t afford to go insane, you have to work, go to the office, shops, malls, communicate with others, and drive your vehicle. Not everyone can turn a swami or live in an ashram.

When you are practicing Kundalini yoga, it is recommended to spend some days in seclusion. Interaction with lots of people will make your mind drown in the sea of different emotions. This mental stress may impede you from achieving your goals.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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