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How to make Herbal Sachets for use in Magical work, Protection and More.

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The full moon is an excellent time to cleanse cloth to be used in making herbal sachets.

The full moon is an excellent time to cleanse cloth to be used in making herbal sachets.

Herbal sachets are simple to make and can be used in a variety of applications. These small bags can be used to contain incense and fragrance rooms, cupboards and other areas, in magic spells and rituals, as protective amulets or to attract certain things into your life. Herbal sachets are also an excellent way or working magic for other people as once the spell is cast or the items enhanced with the required intent they can be given to the recipient to carry or place at home as needed.

Herbal sachets are also known as totem bags, amulet bags and gris gris bags. As well herbs many other items can be added to the bags including flowers, spices, and leaves, stones, charms or crystals. Sachets are best made using natural fabrics but these do not have to be bought especially and old clothes, clothes and other fabrics can be recycled into sachets. In this case and if you wish the fabric can be cleansed before using to remove any energy that the material may be carrying. This can be done by first thoroughly washing the material and then hanging it overnight in the light if the moon.

Making Your Sachets

Once you have selected and prepared the material there are several ways in which you can make the sachets. They can be made using rectangles of fabric that are folded in half and sewn to form a small pouch. The tops can be tied shut using cord or sewn shut once the sachet has been filled.

Another method to create herbal sachets is to cut a circle of your chosen fabric and place all the intended contents in the middle. Now draw up the edges of the material and secure by tying with cord. Sachets can be made in any size you need but a good size for general use is approximately 2-3 inches wide by 4-5 inches. When deciding on a size remember to allow for space at the top to tie the sachet shut, unless you are planning to sew them to seal.

The colour for you fabric can be chosen in line with colour correspondences if you wish. As with any magical or ritual work it is important to do whatever feels right for you and what you are doing. Using colour can help to add power to your work and not only applies to the material but to the colour of cord and items placed within the sachet. Magical correspondences can also be used to choose herbs, crystals, flowers, charms and any other materials that are placed inside. Most importantly you must keep your intent clear and focused in your mind while preparing materials and making the sachet. This will enable them to work as well as possible.

If you are planning to give your herbal or magical sachets away it can be a good idea to make them discreet as others may not wish to discuss what they are with people either because they feel it is private or because it may cause problems with those who do not practice, believe in or understand magic. This may also be something to consider for your personal sachets depending on your individual circumstances.

Sachets can be plain or decorated depending on your preferences and the purpose intended.

Sachets can be plain or decorated depending on your preferences and the purpose intended.

Choosing Correspondences

When making your own herbal sachets or indeed with any magical work you can use various correspondence to help enhance your intent. These include colour, planetary, herbal and crystal correspondences.

Some examples of common sachets uses and corresponding ingredients are:

Love - Pink, red, aster, cedar, rose petals, rosemary, valerian, rose quartz, jade, crocus, hibiscus, planet Venus, hearts, Friday, garnet and Aphrodite, Venus and Freyja..

Protection – The sun, Horus, Sobek, , African violet, blackberry, aloe, basil, amber, carnelian, moonstone, ruby, myrrh and the colour black.

Prosperity – The element of earth, the sun, cloves, corn, Vervain, citrine, copper, tiger’s eye, green, red and Sunday.

Luck – Allspice, aloe, dragon’s blood, green, orange, aventurine, cinnamon, lemongrass, juniper, pine opal and amber.

Peace – Basil, chamomile, olive, aventurine, carnelian, kyanite, pink, violet and Monday.

Travelling – Air, mercury, maple, feverfew, calcite, moonstone, tin and Monday.

Banishing – Bay, black, nettle, rosemary, amethyst, jet and dragon’s blood.

Courage – Mars, Ares, thyme, amber, carnelian, diamond, jasper, red, aries and leo.

Creativity – Element of fire, Venus, kyanite, turquoise, Pisces and Wednesday.

Divination – Moon, anise, ash, crocus, moonstone, quartz, tin and black.

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Fertility – Earth, Moon, Venus, Akka, Aphrodite, Innana, almond, apple, birch, mistletoe, amber, garnet, green, leo and Friday.

Many gemstones have magical correspondences and can be used in herbal sachets and other magical work.

Many gemstones have magical correspondences and can be used in herbal sachets and other magical work.

Herbal Sachet Blends

Anti-theft Sachet

Use white cloth and fill with caraway, rosemary, juniper, garlic and elder. The sachet can then be hung over or near doors or in cars and other vehicles.

Home Protection Sachet

Use red cloth and fill the sachet with rosemary, basil, fennel and bay. Place over your front or back door or in the attic.

Peaceful Home

Use a pink cloth and tie or sew it up with a green ribbon or cord. Add 3tsp of jasmine flowers, rose petals and rosemary to 1tbp of bay and lavender and mix well. Use this mix to fill the sachet before sealing. Hang the sachet over the front door on the inside.

Sachet for keeping away cold and flu

Mix 4tsp lavender, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1tsp sandalwood, ginger and cayenne pepper with 4 cloves and 1 crushed nutmeg. Blend well and use a lavender coloured cloth and black thread or cord. The sachet can be carried with you, hung over your bed or above your house entrance.

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Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on August 25, 2015:

You can also make a simple sachet by cutting a square or circle of fabric and placing your items in the middle. Now draw up the fabric around them, gather them at the top and tie with any ribbon or cord you like.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on August 24, 2015:

I need to learn to sew! This is my next skill to learn so that I can make my own protection sachets.

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