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How To Find Your Destiny And Allow It To Manifest In Your Life


One of the most important ways to connect with your destiny is to sit still and listen to what your inner voice is saying to you. Many might call this mediation, many might call this daydreaming, I call it soul listening! I am by far no expert on this subject, all I can do is share some information I have come across, information from my heart that might help someone find their reason to be, their destiny revealed!


My Definition Of DESTINY

Ok so i started this article like any other...i looked up the word "Destiny" in the dictionary and didn't find the definition to be relevant to what i wanted to express in this piece...so i didn't include it...my definition suits me just fine...Destiny means to me...the aspiration of your soul being whispered to you you on a daily basis...Destiny means...to me...the following of your purpose...the one you were created for...doing that one thing that makes you sing to do it....that one thing that doesn't feel and seem like work...that one thing that makes you believe in the greatness and joy that life has to offer...following a destiny...to me...is the closest thing to living your truth as a human being...


Become Acquainted With Your Destiny By Simply Listening

First and most important is being open and courageous enough to believe that you were born to do something that only you can do...something that only you can do it the way you can do it...all kinds of people do many of the same things but they can never be done in the same way...as individuals in a collective...all have special features that stand out...special things that make us unique...THIS IS YOUR DESTINY

DESTINY finds you by whispering its qualities in your ear and will continue to do it until the day you die...(who does the whispering is something only the individual can come to terms with)...some people ignore the voice...and some people go as far as turning it off believing that they cannot possibly adhere to what the voice is asking of them

A DESTINY can frighten you...it challenges the soul and asks it to become something that seems impossible...this is when you know you are on the right track...your DESTINY is the thing that...if you told your friends and family you wanted to do it...they would most likely look at you like you're crazy or out of your mind...it is the one thing that pushes your buttons harder than any other...it lingers in the backdrop of your life waiting and baiting you to bring it into the light...to dust it off and take it for a ride

If listened to...your DESTINY gives you comfort when your world is upside down or falling apart...your DESTINY begs you to believe and believe even more in yourself...your DESTINY strengthens your character and helps you to stretch your already thinning faith to surrender more...this is when you know you have allowed your DESTINY to guide your life

You have now challenged your old thoughts..your actions open new doors...your new found faith pushes past what used to hold you back...your DESTINY is unleashed and finally free...granting you everything you could ever hope for...in the blink of an eye life changes and the world sees you as an example of faith personified...AS DESTINY REVEALED!!!

The dark days are now filled with infinite light...your hope has a new name...SUCCESS...allowing your DESTINY to speak to your heart unhindered manifests situations in your life that resemble things read in books...magic permeates everything you touch and your life becomes whole

People will call you lucky but luck has nothing at all to do with it...this has to do with listening to that voice...ADHERING TO YOUR DESTINY...being courageous to walk on the path that only you have the map for...set you on a path that only you have the co ordinates for...set you on a journey only you can believe in


Interesting Reading

A Poet's Story

My story is unlike any other...i was 21 years old and i came to a crossroad that nearly crippled me...nearly 24 years ago i was doing the things that made me cringe...things i wanted to avoid... like...working in a bank and working in a clothing store at the same time...moving in that direction had me feeling strangled...i love fashion but not selling it...i love money but not counting other peoples money...so one morning i simple sat...unmoved...i stopped going to work and lay on the couch day after day after day for several weeks...i -- at the time -- had no idea that i was having a break through (i like to call it a breakthrough as opposed to break down)...after i came out of my self imposed exile from society i knew that i had to follow my heart...it was then that i started writing poetry...it was then that i knew being an artist was something that i had to pursue...to survive...so...i wrote:

Life it seems is living up to the standards of others

or to follow the shoes of your forefathers or mothers

but can it be that you see yourself as unique

or in the eyes of society something of a freak

because to you true happiness is to be free

to let nature take its course and let you be

some people have to understand

that for some it takes longer

for their individuality and character to become stronger

some people might think these ideas are wrong

but to others

it's their only means of survival

to help them to go on

and to dream about

that final day or time

when they can put down their staff

because they have finished their

final climb


i have never looked back and i can say that during that time of exile...i listened...i listened intently to that voice...i was afraid...i didn't understand but i listened...i slowly moved into being a poet...one simple task at a time...the journey is nowhere near finished so i know how important it is to listen to DESTINIES VOICE...religiously...because it has and will always guide me and manifest the beautiful in my life...even during the times that seem difficult...for these are the times when listening is the most important...


Karen Gibson Roc (author) from Los Angeles on March 14, 2013:

@clarence -- destiny dwells in the tiniest places!! Be still and watch it appear!! Through the heart is where the vision will appear!

Clarence on March 14, 2013:

I am currently in a very similar position that u described about now being on the couch after dedicating years to serving the country and I am desperately yearning this thing called destiny..

Karen Gibson Roc (author) from Los Angeles on June 07, 2012:

@Sachuda !! Tks for reading :) in your want is where your Destiny will reveal itself to you!! Peace and Light on your journey!!!

sachuda on June 07, 2012:

i want to to know my real destiny

Karen Gibson Roc (author) from Los Angeles on February 28, 2012:

@iamaudraleigh thanks for making me smile this morning!!! I am sure your destiny will sneak up on you one way or another...it always does! so keep a look out!!! Peace and Light 2 U!

iamaudraleigh on February 28, 2012:

Your entire hub on destiny is a treasure! I especially loved the poem at the end! I am still looking for "destiny" in my life. Thank you for writing this piece and for being one of the first people to welcome me to hub pages.

Karen Gibson Roc (author) from Los Angeles on September 05, 2011:

@suzettenaples !!! thank you so much for reading and sharing your words!!! i felt it was important to share this story/hub !! it means a great deal to me that you could connect with it so clearly!! peace and light...kgr

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on September 05, 2011:

You are so right! I smiled when you described your breakthrough, because that is how I made my breakthrough - I still went to work, but afterwards, laid on the couch and just listened and thought. Our culture right now does not value listening and thinking and that is what it takes to truly discover and follow your destiny. And, I like that you choose to call it a breakthrough instead of a breakdown. Again, it is our culture that labels it a breakdown, when I like you, see it as a breakthrough - a breakthrough all the conventions and labels society puts on us. This is really a powerfully written hub and I thank you for sharing your personal account of finding your destiny. Wonderful poem!

Karen Gibson Roc (author) from Los Angeles on February 22, 2011:

Thanks for reading!! Peace and light in ur day!!

michael ely from Scotland on February 22, 2011:

Hi karengibsonroc, A really good Hub. Very inspiring.


Karen Gibson Roc (author) from Los Angeles on February 21, 2011:

Truth sees truth -- thanks for ur inspiration!! Have a great day!!

Ashantina on February 21, 2011:

You have a truly beautiful spirit Karen. Stay Blessed :) A

Phillip Campbell on February 20, 2011:

Wow Karen!your story brought tears to my eyes as I read it,not only because of certain things in the past but also for the idea that I am not pursuing as strenuously as I should be GOD'S purpose and destiny for my life.I've always said that the worst thing in life is to reach a point where you look back with regret for not doing the things that HE hardwired to do but now for one reason or another are not able to do and having to live with the tyranny of those thoughts within you,I've also heard someone else say that the richest place on earth is the graveyard filled with all the unfulfilled dreams destinies and purposes,I'm so happy for you and there are no amount of words to fully convey it,But know that your words have blessed me and caused the fire within me to burn even more intensely in the fulfillment of HIS purpose for my life...Thanks Kare'

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