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How to Build Strong Faith in God

Elijah is a young guy from Nigeria, who wants more of Christ

The word "faith" is not only common in religion but in different things. For instance, faith in a person, faith in a gadget e.t.c. But probably there was never a set of guidelines given to you so as to increase and build strong faith in you towards God, here are those guidelines to building strong faith in God.

You must believe so as to receive

— Adetunji Elijah

1.Light and knowledge

One of the major ways to growing faith in God is to actually know what God has said about our lives. I mean his promises and words of encouragement he has given to us, probably in the bible, to an individual, a church, a family or institution. Many believers don't know what God has said about our lives, PS 82:5. God is a kind God that has promised us beautiful things as long as we keep to our own side of the bargain( obedience). Here are some verses in the bible that will give you knowledge of what God has said about his people: Deut 28:1-13, 2 peter 1:2-4

2. Meditation

I think we need to know the big difference between meditating. Reading involves you skimming through the pages of a book, while meditating involves you digesting the words you read, getting full understanding and comprehension of it, and applying it to your life. So meditating on the word of God can also give you strong faith in God, not just knowing those verses off hand but giving yourself the realization that this is true and can till happen in this contemporary world of ours.

3.Power of prayer

Sometimes, you might need more than support so as to stand firm in some situations. You will need prayer for support from God in some situations and challenges. Life is hard and we will need prayer to stay Strong in difficult circumstances. Luke 22:41-44, Mark 11:24

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4.Words based confessions.

Have you ever heard people say to themselves "am blessed" "am forgiven" "am delivered", you might be thinking what exactly are they doing. They are not chanting neither are they saying vain words. Those words are confessions that give them self esteem, confidence and also remain them of their God and his promises. Learn to confess positively into your life and the lives of people around you. Remember, there is power in the tongue.

5. Action of obedience

Since you believe in God and trust his ways, you must not just only confess those things. Many people have lost their miracles and indirectly begin to disbelieve God because they feel faith is all they need but they have forgotten the words of apostle Paul " Faith without works is nothing ". Don't because you have faith, neglect the works of your hands otherwise many people will begin to lose their faith and stability in Christ. The book of proverbs says that a diligent man will stand before kings not before mean men. Take actions of obedience from God, work hard and work smart. Never leave a wasted life. John 13:17

6. Thanksgiving

Most people neglect this aspect, they prefer to complain before God instead of giving thanks. Look at the story of Jehoshaphat in the book of second chronicles, he was faced by a vast problem but scaled through thanksgiving. So I challenge you, give thanks when it is ugly , gives thanks when it is fine, give thanks when it is not OK and watch God turn helpless situations around for good. 2 chron 20:1-30


Here is one quality that I pray for everyday and I think you should do also. Patience doesn't only gives you faith, it gives you results. Patience exposes you to different things about God which later leads to you getting what you want . there and then, you will be fearless in the sight of any challenge

© 2022 Adetunji Elijah olamide

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