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How to Work with your Guardian Angel


Communicating with your Guardian Angel

We all, each and every one of us has our own guardian angel - assigned to us at birth.

They stay with us throughout the whole of our lifetime and assist at our transition to the spiritual realms.

Some people believe we have more than one, I believe this may be because we do have different angels working alongside us whilst we go through certain life events/situations.

Some people do not believe they have one, because they cant see, hear or feel their presence. There are many reasons why this may be. I will explain a few here:

We block them unconsciously through:

* Emotions - emotions such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty, disbelief, anger and guilt, block our receptiveness to experiencing a connection through our 6th sense.

* Psychological blocking - we are blocking our communication through our instilled 'belief systems'. We have a tendency to only believe what we can physically see or hear, we may hold so many self limiting beliefs. We 'rationalise' experiences and put them down to 'chance' or 'coincidence'; convincing ourselves that there is no truth or reality other than our 5th dimensional thinking processes.

* Religious teaching/upbringing. We may have been taught from an early age that this kind of thing is nonsense or make believe. Or raised in an environment that did not discuss or allow our spiritual side to develop.

Most people working in this field of Angel healing and spirituality believe that what we are practising is totally non denominational - the angels are for everyone, you do not need to have any particular belief or religion.

* Expectations - we limit our experiences by placing rigid expectations on what we 'should' see, hear, feel or know. Openness and letting go of these will help.

How can we connect or get to know our guardian angel?

This is something we can all do, we do not have to be experts or teachers.

I will give a few simple techniques for beginning your connections:

* Talk to them! - in your head or out loud. They like to be invited into your life, they respect and honour your free will. If you choose not to make them part of your life, they will be beside you just the same - but will not try to influence you in any way. They do try to keep us safe and protected, and may intervene if a serious or life threatening situation occurred; if it is not your time to leave the earth plane.

* Just before going to sleep ( we are in a more receptive state and not so dominated by our ego or lower self) invite them as follows:

Dear guardian angel, please join me in my sleep and dreams tonight, please bring to my attention all that I need to heal. Please help me to release all that is not serving my highest good. Thank you.

Try this every night - keep a dream journal so that you can record the content of your dreams. If you find emotions coming to the surface - this is the angels helping you release and let them go.

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* Meditation - Do not be put off by the 'term' meditation. If you currently practice this, you will find your connections strengthening.

If just beginning, you just need to find yourself a quiet space and time. Sit quietly and talk to your angel. We are initially just trying to quieten the 'chattering mind' - allowing us to become relaxed, comfortable and receptive. If things keep popping into your mind - do not try to resist them, just acknowledge the thought and let it go. Try 5 minutes to start with, and build the time up as and when you feel ready.

* Don't give up - practice, practice, practice.

Copyright - Kay Clover


Barbara Wiler on November 02, 2017:

I very much believe in angels.☺They have intervened in my life often.

Ginger Donovan on October 17, 2015:

I belive angels and good lord jesus

Change my life round

Every day i pray and read my bible

Joshua.o on May 26, 2015:

I thank god in life and the wisdom that god gave to u to writ this book about the angelic ministry which the church of god need to no.i need more lesson about the angelic visit.thanks

Shibu on January 27, 2015:

This was really informative .. i was indeed totally unaware. Thanks

kasekende on May 21, 2014:

nice to meet the lesson

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on November 27, 2010:

This is a very nice and helpful article. Thank you, CirclofAngels. I enjoyed reading this.

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