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How to Work With Archangel Michael

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A Prayer to Archangel Michael

The prayer I have always used to Archangel Michael is very simple and serves as a good introduction to any session you have with him. Whether you simply want to talk or have a guided meditation with Archangel Michael, this prayer is a good starting point. I find that it centers my focus on St. Michael and helps me ignore the chatter of my thoughts. It is very simple and easy to memorize:

Oh, Glorious Prince, St. Michael,

Chief and commander of the Heavenly Host,

Guardian of Souls, Vanquisher of Rebel Spirits

Servant in the house of our Divine King

and our most admirable conductor

You who shine with excellence and superhuman virtue

deliver us from all evil who turn to you with confidence

And enable us, though your gracious protection,

to serve God more and more faithfully each day.


Before you end the prayer, you can send your own petition to Archangel Michael, asking him for guidance or assistance. There is really no limit to what you can ask Archangel Michael to help you with, but he is an Archangel, so trivial concerns are best left to your guardian angel. That being said, Archangel Michael is widely associated with protection, truth, courage and motivation. His lesser-known associations include material wealth, success, ambition in career and business, forgiveness, confidence, friendship and joy.

Archangel Michael Meditation

An Archangel Michael guided meditation is one of the easiest ways to get started on working with Archangel Michael, but you can do so without any tools or videos. To begin, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Lie down and wear warm clothes or a blanket, because becoming cold during meditation can pull you out of the experience. Once you're comfortable, simply begin by being aware of your breathing. I first heard of this meditation technique from a Tibetan Buddhist monk, and it has worked for me in every type of meditation I've tried. Some of us find it difficult to "clear the mind" and meditation becomes more stressful than relaxing, meaning

Some of us find it difficult to "clear the mind" and meditation becomes more stressful than relaxing, meaning that we do it less often. You'll find in your workings with Archangel Michael, as with all spiritual disciplines, that consistency is the key to growth. The more you meditate, the easier it will be for you to feel his presence. You can focus on breathing for however long you like. I sometimes like to give myself a count of eleven, the angelic number, because it primes my mind to relax faster. This may not work for you. Once you have gotten into a steady rhythm of breathing and are aware of your breath, begin to focus on relaxing each part of your body. I start with my feet and work my way up to the crown of my head. Again, don't overthink whether you're relaxed enough. The meditative process will get more comfortable as you go.

Once you feel sufficiently relaxed, begin by picturing a white light emanating from your core to surround you completely. Some people prefer to picture a blue light, which is Archangel Michael's color. Once you are fully aware of this circle light and that it is protecting you completely, ask Archangel Michael -- out loud or in your mind -- to join you. Many people want to know how you'll know when he has answered, and in my experience, you know. His presence and energy is strong and unlike any other. If you are not already tuned in to energy, your experience may be somewhat different, but with time you will come to recognize his presence as well.

Once you feel that Archangel Michael is with you, thank him for his presence. You don't need to use flowery language. He loves humanity and is eager to work with all those he is charged with protecting and guiding. Tell him that you wish to establish a relationship with him as you have with your guardian angel and begin by asking him for advice on whatever is troubling you. All human souls have a guardian angel who can assist with smaller matters, so it is generally a good idea to come to Archangel Michael for more important things, but if it is very important to you, rest assured that it is important to him as well.

How the meditation goes is up to you. Some people have a conversation with Michael and picture themselves walking with him along a beautiful stream or beach. Others simply enjoy remaining in his presence. After being in Archangel Michael's presence, even for a small amount of time, you will notice that you feel energized, refreshed and motivated to accomplish things that seemed overwhelming before.

Another Archangel Michael meditation practice I use is to "hand over" any fears, anxieties and negative emotions that have been eating away at me. I find that once I place them in Archangel Michael's capable hands, I can no longer be consumed by them. I am either filled with the knowledge and ambition to do what I need to solve the problem myself or, if it is beyond my control, I know that he will take care of it and the anxiety disappears.

However you choose to spend your meditation with Archangel Michael, be sure to thank him for joining you and watching over you. Some people like to begin and end (or both!) a meditation with Archangel Michael by saying the Prayer to Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael, Magic and Witchcraft

With many of the syncretic traditions in witchcraft, it is no surprise that Archangel Michael is a popular angelic patron in many magickal traditions. He is a prominent figure in Hoodoo as well as for many eclectic witches. I work primarily with Michael and several other archangels, and have never found that my practice suffered for the inclusion of Judeo-Christian entities. In fact, there is evidence that Michael, much like Lucifer, existed in human religion long before the Abrahamic faiths came to be.

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Michael is most often called upon in witchcraft for protection. Find a red, gold or blue novena candle, dress it with orange peels, St. Michael oil and cloves and burn it on a Sunday (Michael's day) and you will have a very potent protection spell that surpasses any I have personally used or heard of. There is no power that exceeds Archangel Michael's protection. In fact, the name Michael literally translates to "He who is like God." Whether you believe in a literal God or Source energy, Michael is widely regarded as the most powerful spirit subordinate only to God, and his authority brings all lower entities (that is not to say that they are lower than the magickal practitioner or somehow not powerful in their own right) under command. If you are having trouble with spiritual attacks, there is no one better to turn to than Michael.

Myths about Archangel Michael

All seven archangels are assigned dominion over a day of the week. Michael's day is Sunday, his "planetary" authority is the Sun, and his element is fire, which is in opposition to the planetary energies that govern Saturday. These associations have led to the common misbelief that you cannot contact Michael on Saturday. Michael is always able to come to those who need him on any day of the week and at any time. While it is true that Sunday is a far better day to start magical workings with Archangel Michael, you can absolutely go to him in prayer or for comfort on Saturday or at any other time. Archangel Michael is known for his immediate appearance when he is called upon.

Archangel Michael Blue Flame

Have Archangel Michael Cut Cords with Energy Sword

I know this one sounds a little strange, but hear me out. A popular meditative exercise is to envision yourself as an energy body with loose threads hanging off you. The idea is that these cords are karma that is binding you, both from this life and your past lives. When meditating, you can ask Archangel Michael to cut these loose threads away with the blue flame of his sword. This visual exercise helps you understand how Archangel Michael is releasing the karma that keeps you from reaching your full spiritual potential. With enough of these sessions, you will begin to see and feel the difference.


Aaron Michael Spaulding on September 01, 2020:

This is what i know. I just finished reading all about these angels on here and then looked at the clock, it was 11:11 and i had literally just asked Michael to come protect me, i think i got an answer back.I didnt pray to him because we are to pray only to God in the name of Jesus.

Joey (author) on August 20, 2020:

Salvation comes only through our Lord Jesus Christ, but Archangel Michael is a valiant defender of Christians, and intercession is very Biblical. :) Revelation even talks about the prayers being lifted to Saints in Heaven.

Nagendra Kumar from RAWANG on October 29, 2019:

Jesus had already said, He is the Way, The Truth and Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Why the need to summon help from Archangel Michael then? Isn't it forbidden by the Bible?

Vicki Wood from Eldon, Missouri on January 08, 2018:

I'm a little open minded and am not offended by others beliefs. I think it's interesting to see what other people believe. I am linked to traditional baptist values, but I had no idea that witchcraft uses bible characters in their influence. I do not believe in the practice of praying to anybody but Jesus Christ, but Michael has always been my favorite angel because of his feriocity, and alongside Gabriel having so much power and influence allowed by God. It shows that God is not selfish with his power, and that we can all harness this power if we channel it properly through Christ. Very interesting article!

Joey (author) on July 23, 2016:

I'm sorry you're offended by beliefs other than your own, but to each their own!

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on July 23, 2016:

This is 100% garbage

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