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How to Read Tarot Cards: The Swords Suit.

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world in the hope to give healing.

The Swords Suit represents thought, action, fight, and strategy. If you get more swords in your reading than other suits, then you may need to check if you feel stuck, where you feel stuck, and if you need to plan something to make your dreams come true. If you are reading for love, it means you are facing some really hard issues, or there are underlying issues that you don't know yet, like a three-party situation.


Ace of Swords - mental force, objective, thinking your way through, finding facts, analyzing situations, using intellect, applying logic, fortitude, overcoming adversity, facing problems, resolving situations, strength to overcome, being undaunted by setbacks, justice, righting a wrong, establish truth, responsibility, cut through the confusion, dispel doubts, have a clear understanding, being honest.

2 of Swords - blocked emotions, denying true feelings, keeping distance, defensive, a deaf ear, hiding distress, avoiding the truth, refusing to look at facts, pretending everything is fine, ignoring warning signs, being a stalemate, afraid to act, stuck, staying on the fence, unwilling to rock the boat, not willing to decide.

3 of Swords - heartbreak, third party situation, emotional pain, hurting, disappointment, lonely, feeling separated, lost, isolated, wandering far from home, betrayal, stabbed in the back, painful truth, turning against someone, breaking your word, act against.

4 of Swords - resting, giving yourself time to heal, relax, find peace, contemplating, listen to the inner voice, gain a better perspective, stand back, examine motivations, quietly prepare, make sure the base is secure, tie up loose ends, stabilize, get ready for the future, come to terms with what it is.

5 of Swords - self-interest, think of own needs, indulge in power plays, encounter selfishness, look out for number one, discord, hostile environment, creating ill will, choosing to battle, conflict, open dishonor, losing moral compass, let ends justify means, sacrifice integrity, criminal activity (paired with Justice could mean that someone will face some legal issues).


6 of Swords - feeling blue, getting through the day, keeping head above water, avoiding highs and lows, low-energy, recovering dealing with effects of trauma, picking up the pieces, starting to cope, feelings hope again, getting health back, travel, change location, journey, take a trip, entering a new mindset (paired with the World it can mean long road trips).

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7 of Swords - running away, shirking responsibility, sneaky, leaving, hiding from the truth, someone is being deceived, procrastinating, avoiding obligations, lone wolf, feeling you need nobody, wanting independence, keeping something to yourself, keeping distance, hidden dis-honor, cover tracks, two-faced, lying, controlling appearances, stealing, avoiding shameful secret.

8 of Swords - restricted, fenced by obstacles, limited, trapped by situations, persecuted, blind to freedom, confused, unsure which way to turn, lack of direction, powerless, feeling overwhelmed, need guidance/clarity, feeling victimized, waiting for the white knight, waiting for outside help, doubting your powers.

9 of Swords - worry, sick over troubles, anxiety, worked up, guilty, being hard on yourself, not sleeping, not forgiving yourself, regrets, remorse, anguish, despair, reached your limits, dark night of the soul, depressed, mental illnesses.

10 of Swords - bottom out, nowhere to go but up, it is always darkest before dawn, lowest point, better days will come mentality, victim mentality, powerless, self-pity, suffering an attack, martyr, sacrifice, letting others go first, taking the back seat, putting your interests last.


Page of Swords - use your mind, analyze problems, use logic and reason, develop a plan, think everything through, learn, be truthful, act honestly, face the facts, stop deceiving, clear up confusion, expose what is hidden, speak directly, be just, right a wrong, act ethically, treat equally, be fair, accept responsibility, fortitude, refuse to be discouraged, face problems, keep firm resolve, keep trying, chin up, move out of depression. Page of Swords represents the potential for decisiveness and daring.

Knight of Swords - He can be direct, frank, and outspoken, straight to the point by providing an honest answer, and at the same time he can be blunt, tactless, rude, and act in a brusque manner. He can be authoritative that commands attention and gives orders naturally and at the same time, he can be overbearing and force a position on others and does not welcome dissent. He can be keen and get to the core of the issue and at the same time, he can be prone to sarcasm and lack sensitivity. He is knowledgeable and knows what is talking about and he is sought as an expert, but he can also be opinionated and thinks he is always right and must have the last word. He can be logical and analyzes information while on the other hand, he can be unfeeling, undervalue intuition, and treats people like numbers. The Knight of Swords represents an opportunity to take decisive action.

Queen of Swords - honest, faces the unpleasant truth, upfront with everyone, plays by rules, avoid lies, astute, size up a situation quickly, gets the hidden motives, difficult to fool or trick, forthright, direct, and open in all dealings, candid when the necessary, straightforward, witty, delightful sense of humor, laughs at herself too, does not take things too seriously, experienced, seen and done it all, strength, realistic expectations. Queen of Swords represents satisfaction that comes with a logical and rational approach to life.

King of Swords - intellectual, uses thoughts creatively, grasps information quickly, inspires and challenges through ideas, knowledgeable, carries out research, analytical, reason, and logic, cuts through mental fog, talented with mental games, adept at argument and debates, articulate, adept at verbal skills, stimulating conversations, lucid writer and speaker, just, honest, insightful judgments, honors all sides of an issue, impartial and objective, ethical, moral leader, encourages high standards, against corruption, takes the high road, lives by principles. King of Swords represents stability that comes from the ability to judge things clearly.

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