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How to Read Tarot Cards: The Pentacles Suit.

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The Pentacles Suits talks about material things, abundance, prosperity, nature, physical body, and health. If you get more pentacles than other suits in a reading, you may want to check your finances and work ethic. It may also mean you will be blessed with abundance and good business. This suit usually fills the reading spread with a yellow shade, which is the colour of solar plexus chakra, which means you need to work on it to balance it out, or you may have your chakra activated in the upcoming days.


Ace of Pentacles - material force, concrete results, real-world impact, working with physical, involved with nature, improving body and health, prosperity, means to reach a goal, abundance, flourish, experience growth, draw what you need, practical, common sense, be realistic, ground yourself, trust, believe in good faith of others, safe and protected, total security, the situation is stable, firm base.

2 of Pentacles - juggle, keep everything in balance, cope with demands, get people to work together, all areas covered, move forward smoothly, be flexible, adapt quickly, be free to try new approaches, go with the flow, and open to developments, handle changes and challenges, fun, doing something you enjoy, time to play, high spirits.

3 of Pentacles - teamwork, coordinate with others, finding all necessary elements, function as a unit, cooperating, combining efforts, planning, organizing schedule/ resources, nailing down details, operating in the know, being prepared, competent, getting the job done, carry out an assignment well, meet your goals, prove your ability, achieve more than what is expected, know hat and how to do.

4 of Pentacles - possess, keep what you have, get your share, acquire material goods, be greedy, save, declare ownership, control, want to be in charge, deny weakness, demand compliance, impose structure, set limits, and rules, creating order, change block, maintain status quo, wanting everything to stay the same, resisting the flow, holding on to the present, obstructing new developments.

5 of Pentacles - hard times, material troubles, job loss, insecurity, lacking what you need, struggle to make ends meet, ill health, neglecting your body and needs, tired, ran down, abusing your body, ragged around the edges, refusing self-care, rejected, lack of support, the door slammed at the face, left out in the cold, disapproved.


6 of Pentacles - having and not having, resources: give or receive gifts, care, support, sponsor, what you need, knowledge: teach or learn information, mentor, advice, secrets, power, lead or follow, dominate or submit, authority, get or deny wishes.

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7 of Pentacles - asses, evaluate status, reflect on progress to date, check results, check the course of action, reward, see some result, receive payoffs, first fruits, reach a milestone, direction change, weigh a different approach, ponder alternatives, question your choices, open to a new strategy, standing at crossroads.

8 of Pentacles - diligence, making an effort, hard-working, absorbed in the project, dedication to the task, steady results, knowledge, taking a course, learning a new skill or craft, receiving training, researching, better expertize, detail-oriented, extra careful, methodical approach, checking and rechecking.

9 of Pentacles - discipline, self-control, restraint, sacrifice, to reach a goal, sticking to a program, step by step approach, rely on yourself, handle situations alone, act on your own, doing it all by yourself, refinement, comfortable lifestyle, tactful, high minded activity, enjoying finer things in life, leisure, be gracious.

10 of Pentacles - affluence, material abundance, business success, permanence, creating a lasting foundation, feelings secure with now, concerned with long-term, an orderly family life, nail down the plan, convention, staying within established guidelines, proceed according to rules, traditions, conservative, known patterns, tried and true.


Page of Pentacles - have an effect, make plans real, mold the physical world, act on dreams, get events in motion, use body, experience nature, practicality, realistic approach, apply tools at hand, a solution that works, common sense, stop daydreaming, prosperous, draw what you need, increase means, grown and expand, enrich yourself, seek abundance and security, trustworthy, have faith in others, keep your word, prove yourself dependable, establish credibility. Page of Pentacles represents the potential for future material success.

Knight of Pentacles - He is true to personal convictions, and unwavering, he won't quit easily, but at the same time he is stubborn and digs into position, refuses to listen to reason, and refuses to compromise. He cautions, double-checks everything, examines all angels, and prefers known paths, but on the other hand can be unadventurous, conservative, and misses changes by waiting. He is thorough and cares for every detail, but he can also be obsessive, doesn't know when to quit, and insists on perfection. He can be realistic, faces truths, and look at the facts, and he can also be pessimistic, thinks others are dreamers and focuses on the wrongs. Knight of Pentacles represents an opportunity to establish new business.

Queen of Pentacles - nurturing, loving, creates a warm environment, gives the green light easily, big-hearted, does any service to others, soft-touch, gives freely and abundantly, down to earth, sensible approach, allows others to be themselves, appreciates all senses, resourceful, handy, versatile, uses everything on hands, a little goes a long way, trustworthy, keep secrets, loyal, true to her word. Queen of Pentacles represents satisfaction with finances and material well-being.

King of Pentacles - enterprise, attracts wealth, successful ventures, finds opportunity everywhere, adept, informed on practical matters, quick reflexes, a wide range of natural abilities, skilful with hands, reliable, meets all promises, assumes responsibility, dependable, a rock, supportive, helpful, gives time and attention, sponsors projects, steady, works for goals with firm resolve, avoids mood swings, calm approach, stabilising influence. King of Pentacles represents stability that comes from material success and status.

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