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How to Know You Have Evil Eye or Negative Energy Attached to You?

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How to cleanse yourself from evil eye?

If you are a spiritual or magic practitioner, you may be able to do it yourself, through cleansing and putting on protection for yourself and your house.

If you are not a magic or spiritual practitioner, you may want to find a practitioner that will do that for you. If you are going to hire someone, make sure that they will do a reading first, to divine on what is happening, before doing the cleanse and protect spells. You should ask for photos, videos and/or explanations, if you hire someone online, so that you won't be scammed.

What is the Evil Eye, or Negative Energy attached to you?

Negative energy can be attached to your much easier and faster than people believe, or perceive. You may be more tempted to think of it as a hex or a curse, when you start feeling different, or things start falling apart, but that's not always the case. Usually, when people believe they are hexed, it was a negative energy that was attached to them, and left untreated for so long, that it grew, and now it is affecting their life in ways that they can actually perceive. However, if you catch it on time, and cleanse it, it can not become a hex or a curse to stay with you. It is possible that a hex or a curse can be send to you, but in most cases it is negative energy attached to you.

First of all, you have to understand that being hexed or cursed is not something that happens as often as people think. To spell someone, especially with negative energy, takes more dark energy to manifest, and it can take a toll on the practitioner or witch, especially if it is not justified, or if the Karma that can derive from this kind of spells is not fixed.

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What actually happens more often than not, is that you may have negative energy attached to you, coming from different sources, usually evil eye, or evil tongue (speaking bad about you and your plans), as well as negative energy that can get attached to you from certain videos or movies. That is why you should not talk about your plans and hopes with just about everybody. If possible keep quiet until everything is sorted out, or talk it through only with those people whose advice you seek, or those that you will have to work with. Energy is everywhere, it surrounds us, it makes us, so of course, you can get it from negative energy videos, especially if you are in a vulnerable moment, and emotionally strained or exhausted. Also, if you choose to attach something to yourself, you can, even voluntarily or not. It is not advised to play with negative energies, or leave it unchecked, as a simple evil eye, if not cleansed properly, it can affect you, and in the course of a year it can become a curse. This is facilitated by your own fear, and negative emotions towards yourself, which aid in the negative energy force.


What are the symptoms, how can you know you have evil eye on you?

You can identify the evil eye put upon you, at the moment that is put on you, and when it starts to manifest. When someone is putting an evil eye on you, if you have an open third eye chakra, you can immediately feel your spirit fighting the energy, as your third eye will react to it. You will feel a strain, or sudden pain between your brows, where your third eye is located. In this case, you can do a limpia, or you can place your hand before your third eye, with the intention to protect yourself and stop the attack. Sometimes, if the evil eye is strong at the moment that it is placed, you will suddenly get sick, and your eyes will hurt a lot. A good limpia cleanse will get rid of this energy and release the symptoms.

If you don't feel this, then you have to be mindful about your everyday life, especially if little incidents start to happen more often. This can look like: things falling out of your hands, tripping a couple of times a day, being late often because you can't find stuff you need to take with you, glasses breaking suddenly, etc. Some will say that if an object breaks, especially if a glass breaks, it has caught the evil eye and dissolved it. This can be true if the incidents don't continue to happen. You should be mindful about how you usually go about your day, are you someone who has always been late, are you someone who drops things often, or trips often, and if not, then there is something going on, and these are your symptoms.


Shadows as symptoms of negative energy.

Apart from daily incidents, you can even see shadows, especially if your third eye is opened. This may mean a curse, or usually negative energy attached to you. You will need to cleanse yourself immediately if you see black shadows in your home, around you, or you feel a certain negative presence. A curse can send shadows to you, but it usually doesn't work that way, because it aims to manipulate energy, not send something to scare you (if it's not the practitioners will to scare you). However, an evil eye, that often is not intentionally put on you, can actually form a shadow, that follows you. The desire of the person who put the evil eye on you, can be so stronger, that he will want to know everything about you, and that's how the shadow is created.

It can also happen that you get something attached to you through dark movies or videos that you may see online. The reason why it happens, makes for another article to explain, but that doesn't meant that it can't and it will not happen. Sometimes these things are done by practitioners to please the deities they work with, and sometimes happen with no intention, but just because the shadow was attached to the practitioner and it transferred to you.

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