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How to Know If You Are Hexed or Cursed?

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world in the hope to give healing.

If you are a practitioner of spirituality and magic, you can do it yourself, through spells of cleansing and protection.

If you are not a practitioner, you will have to find someone that will do that for you. If you want to hire someone, keep in mind, that they will have to do a reading first, to see what's going on, before proceeding with the spells. Ask for photos, videos and explanations, so to not be scammed.


A hex or a curse aimed at you, comes suddenly, and it doesn't show the symptoms or physical manifestations of an evil eye.

A hex aims at attacking and destroying current energy, like causing a break up, or controlling you to do something for them, making you obsessed with them, etc. It has a specified target and goal.

A curse on the other hand, aims to close all roads to money, or love, or health, or all together. It targets and attacks every detail in a particular life aspect. For example, if a hex aims to break you up with a certain someone, the curse would aim for you to never meet or bond with anyone else, ever.

If you are hexed or cursed, it doesn't include only spells for bad luck, break up, or losing money, but it also includes spells to dominate you, to attract you, to control you or bind you to someone, to weaken your will, etc. You will know if you have been hexed or cursed, from certain symptoms. They may happen all together, or one by one and strengthen in time. If you don't get it cleansed and put protection on yourself, even if the symptoms don't appear anymore, it doesn't mean the hex/ curse has stopped or been broken, it can actually mean that it has found its place in you, and you are not fighting it anymore.


Curse, Dream Attack

The most usual symptom, or show of hex, or curse, place on you, is given to you in your dreams. Now, everyone has scary dreams at some point, often or not, and this is very normal. Most of the time, dreams just mean that your brain is trying to process information that it received during the day, especially if you got it just before you went to sleep, or if you didn't allow time to process during the day, and in the dreams the processing of information can show in funny and scary ways. However, if someone is attacking you, your dream will show you actually being attacked, and depending on how you are attacked and how much of it is about to manifest, the attack dream will be stronger or weaker. The dreams can contain signs like someone chasing you, and trying to grab you, getting very close to you. Most of the times, you can see faces you don't recognise who suddenly attack you. The dream that shows the spell is about to manifest, you will feel someone's hands touching you, in a manner that is violating you. They may try to choke you or abuse you, and you can feel the intent of them wanting to harm you. When you wake up from this kind of dreams, you can still feel the chase, or being touched in your body, so real, as if someone really did touch you. You feel the pressure in your skin, your skin is hot, exactly where the attack happened. This is the kind of dream that shows the spell has gotten you.

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Curse, Mental Attack

Then, another tell is the attack in your mental state. Now, I know that there are mental illnesses, so real and exhausting, that manifest naturally, or you have had for a long time. However, for those who suffer from mental illnesses, they have learnt to distinguish a natural state, from an attack. For those, who have never had an issue before, it can be possible that it kind of starts out of the blue. Usually the mental state is affected with dark thoughts, numbness, depression, grief, and anxiety. Even though this may come naturally, as a result of trauma, or you have been coping with these for a long time, you will be able to distinguish those from a hex or a curse attack.

It is tricky, and can push you down the rabbit hole, so this is the part where you have to be mindful, and dive deep into yourself. This is where Shadow Work comes into play. For those who have suffered from mental illnesses for a long time, know to make the difference, because the attack will be stronger, it will make no sense in their schedule, and they may be fairly happy and content, when out of the blue it hits them. I know for those who suffer from anxiety, this is especially hard to make sense of, as anxiety hits out of the blue, and has no relation to any real threat. So, you have to do your shadow work, even those who have not suffered from mental illnesses before and fear that they may suffer now. You think about what the depression, grief, or anxiety, may be related to. Is there anything you're not seeing? Is there something you are not reaching, that may have caused it? A trick is to feel the numbness in you. Being numb, is not exactly related to mental illnesses, if you really go deep, you'll understand. If you are depressed, you don't want anything to do with the world, and you can't even stand yourself, this is not being numb. You have strong feelings about not being one with yourself and the world around you. If you are anxious, your heart is racing, your mind is racing, you feel the emptiness in your stomach, but you are not numb, you have raging emotions. And so on. Numbness appears as a feeling of seeing no colours around, having no dark or light feelings, and not being able to think about anything. Is just as the world went silent, and you are going silent with it. You don't care about anything at all, is not even ego. If you can distinguish this particular feeling, then you can realise if you have been hexed or cursed.


Spiritual feeling another person present

This is an easy to identify tale. It can drive you crazy, but through this one, you can actually know who did something to you. This symptom shows as sudden and unrelated thoughts, feelings, or dreams about a person. You may know this person very well, be best friends or lovers with them, so at first you may think that is just natural to think of them. But if you pay attention, there are signs that show is not that natural. You can know, for example if you want to say the name of a certain person you have in mind, but you wrongly say (or think) the name of the person that has hexed you. This happens quite often, and you can know something is wrong, when you make this mistake with every other person, where instead of their names, you first think of this particular persons name.

You may also feel their presence, like they are seeing you, or being there with you, when nobody really is. Or you may smell their scent around you. Your dreams may show this person being intimate with you, or being best friends with you, in a way that is far more intimate or deep than in real life.


What happens after a hex or curse?

If you don't know or you don't have close relations to the person who hexed you, then it is easier to identify them, because it won't make sense from the very first thought why you are thinking about that person. You may also develop feelings about a person you never liked, sit with, or that you loved but not that much. Waking up in the morning with sudden strange feelings is not normal.

On the other hand, if you are hexed with a break up, or losing money, you will feel sudden uninterest or falling out of love with your special person, that has no reason, or all your money making attempts will start to fail. You can recognize this, especially if you are looking for another job, and all roads seem to be closed, no matter how hard you try, or if you have different streams of income, none of them is making you money anymore, or you are stuck at a job that even if it pays well, you will suddenly will have to do more than you are tasked for, and you won't be payed. Regarding the person that you love, you will start asking yourself how is it possible you kind of feel nothing for the person, when they did nothing wrong. Stupid fights are also expected and one of the first signs if your relationship has been attacked. This goes for friendships, and other relations too.

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