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How to Find and Recognize a Good Clairvoyant?

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Clairvoyants and fortune tellers are popular, yet people always ask where and how to find or recognize a good psychic. Clairvoyance has to do with the supernatural, and so not everyone can show strong competence in it. This makes people wonder what criteria are required to qualify a medium as a good clairvoyant? Take these into consideration.

The clairvoyant is also a life coach.

Anyone who has spoken to multiple psychics and asked them about their futures will likely notice the differences. Good and bad experiences could have been made here. The clairvoyant is also a life coach. It is, therefore, important that they listen to you carefully and understand you. The clairvoyant is responsible for what they tell you, so it shouldn't scare you with future information. They can do this by using tact and intelligent conversation to pass the message across and not making it sound like a message of doom and a bleak future.

How clairvoyance works

Therefore, a great deal of sensitivity is required if you want to do this job. Even the first conversation with a clairvoyant should be such that you feel comfortable. A counselor who breaks the word or doesn't let you finish the sentence won't make you feel good. The messages that a clairvoyant receives are perceived through the sense organs. There are sensitive seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing that are useful as channels. These senses are sharpened in a professional clairvoyant. Either because you always had strong intuition and sensitivity or because you acquired them. Not every clairvoyant can receive messages equally well on all channels. The information content for the scope of interpretation can also differ. Seeing and hearing are considered the best means of transmission. But feelings can also be very expressive.

Messages have to make sense.

When the clairvoyant receives information now, these are often not clear statements. Everyone who communicates through sight receives images or image sequences in their mind's eye. It is now important to interpret these in a way that makes sense and can answer customers' questions.

Logic, the ability to put images together in context, and a little creativity are necessary to derive a good interpretation. If the clairvoyant does not have these qualities, he cannot become a good advisor.

It could be easier if the receiving channel is listening. But again, it can be hard work for the clairvoyant. The clairvoyant can consider himself lucky if he has complete sentences in his head. It becomes difficult to speak in metaphors or when only parts of a word are audible. Regardless of the obstacles encountered in receiving the messages, a good clairvoyant knows how to handle them. The clairvoyant tries to put together an overall picture and to obtain further information. A professional psychic medium is trained in this area as it requires a little practice.


Sometimes additional questions are necessary, which the clairvoyant asks the customer. Therefore, the person seeking advice should keep calm when such requests come in. It would be best if you didn't immediately assume that the clairvoyant is incompetent. This is because the additional information can be an important part of completing the puzzle.

Therefore, a good clairvoyant needs at least one very strong channel through which to receive the messages. A second good channel provides additional information. Anyone who can use all the channels of the sense organs for this purpose can become a very good clairvoyant.

What should you consider as a customer?

But not only the clairvoyant himself and his skills are important to get a good interpretation. The person seeking advice should also think beforehand about what and how to ask the questions. If you find a clairvoyant on Instagram or Facebook these days, don't be put off. Advertising is also important for the clairvoyant. Esotericism, spirituality, and money do not contradict each other.

If the promises are too extensive, one can certainly be skeptical. The more it is promised, the more critically one can view this offer of the clairvoyant. It isn't easy to make firm promises because human free will can ensure that predictions don't come true.

Even if many clairvoyants report that they already perceived their gift as a child, this statement is not relevant to the interpretations' quality. Because clairvoyance can also be acquired consciously, those who are generally very sensitive are likely to do this better than the rational person.

Lower your Expectations

The idea that the clairvoyant can look into your head and read your mind is an illusion. If you call a clairvoyant, they will not know that you are now wearing a red sweater. The clairvoyant doesn't know anything about you at first. Only when he is focused on an energetic level, and your person is in focus, can he receive more information.

But even then, you are not transparent to him. Often the information is limited to energetic vibrations that the clairvoyant perceives. Those who pay attention to these things are sure to find a good clairvoyant and receive satisfactory advice quickly.

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