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How to Do Your Own Protection Spells?

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world in the hope to give healing.


Protection Spell 1. Shield of Protection and Road Opener.

Once you have done your cleanse, you should do a Protection Spell.

A Protection Spell will help shield you from negative energies, hexes and curses, evil eyes, evil mouths, and blockages on your road. A good Protection Spell can also act as a road opener as it will cast away the blockages and negative effects of what may be dwelling around you.

For this Protection Spell you will need:

  • A candle (preferably black, or red, though you can use white too) Black Pepper (preferably not grounded)
  • A Plate that withstands heat
  • Paper and pencil
  • A needle or knife to crave on your candle Sandalwood (optional)

Steps of the protection ritual:

  1. First, set your intention to be protected in your body, mind, soul and heart. You can write this down, or keep it in your thoughts.
  2. Draw a rhombus in your paper where you will place your candle in the middle. Place the paper on the plate. Carve your name on the candle, and add intention: protection. Place the candle at the centre of the rhombus.
  3. Form a circle around the candle going counter-clockwise with black pepper. Make sure to not leave any open spots in your circle. You can then sprinkle sandalwood in the same manner.
  4. Light the candle and chant: “I call forth my Guardian Spirits to cast away the dark feelings, and raise a shield of protection around me, to cover me from head to toe, so no entity can pass through without my open consent. So it be!”

And, so it is!

The spell ritual is quite simple, but it works very good and fast. I usually see results within the day, or within 3 days. Results may vary, from clearing your physical aches, to feeling lighter, to banishing nightmares, to removing toxic people from your life, etc.

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Protection Spell 2. The Witch Bottle of Protection

It is always good to place different protections in place, as someone can easily break your protection, if they intent to do so. If you have different protection types in place, not only it will be harder to reach to you, but it will also tire the practitioner that wants to attack you.

Another protection spell you can do, and that is quite powerful and can work for a long time, is what they call, The Witch Bottle. For this spell you will need:

  • A bottle or jar bought for this purpose (glass bottle or jar)
  • A candle
  • Your own hair and nails
  • Petition if you choose so
  • Silver coins
  • Rusty nails
  • Vinegar
  • Red Wine

Steps to make the witch jar bottle of protection:

  1. Get the bottle and start putting these materials in it, starting with your own hair and nails. The reason why you put part of yourself in it, is because hair and nails carry your energy, so if you become the target of a dark spell, or even a good spell you didn't consent to, it will hit the jar, as it will perceive the energy carried by hair and nails, as being you yourself. You should fill at least 1/3 of the jar with hair and nails, or even your own liquids if you feel comfortable.
  2. Then you should throw silver coins in the jar/ bottle. The reason is that negative energy is attracted to silver, so it will find it more pleasurable to attach itself to the jar than to you.
  3. You also throw in it the rusty nails. Rusty nails act by nailing the negative energy inside the Witch Bottle of Protection, so it can't leave.
  4. Next step is for you to pour in vinegar. Vinegar acts as a tool to dissolve negative energy, so once the negative entity has identified you in the jar, and is attracted to the jar by the silver coins, it will be dissolved by the vinegar.
  5. Red wine adds as a component that seals the deal, thus completely gets rid of negative energy, it drowns it.
  6. Once you have poured all the ingredients in, you can put a petition in, where you have written your intent to be protected by all negative forms of energy, negative entities, evil-eyes, hexes and curses, etc. A petition is not mandatory however.
  7. When you feel your Witch Bottle of Protection is ready, you will spit on it, just before you close the lid. Then, place a candle on top, light it up and repeat your petition. Allow the candle to burn and drip its wax on the jar's lid while sealing it.

Once it is done, put the Witch Bottle somewhere dark and safe, where you won't see it often, and no one else will see or disturb it. If you can, it is best to hid the jar under dirt, or a plant. This kind of protection is good for 5 years or so. Then you cleanse the jar, and repeat it.


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