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How to Do Your Own Cleansing Spells?

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Cleanse and Reverse Spell

You are advised to do a cleanse, at least every month, in order to clear your energy from other energies attached to you, or clear negative energy that may have been directed to you. If you want to do a protection spell, you are advised to first cleanse your energy so you don't trap anything with the protection spell. The easiest and fastest way is to do a "Limpia" (egg cleansing) which works very well for negative energy attached to you. If you feel a "Limpia" isn't working, then the following spell is quite powerful to cleanse you and reverse whatever was send to you.


The following spell is a simple but effective Cleansing spell, with a bonus of Returning the negative energy to those who have directed it to you. This spell works well in cases when you want a strong cleanse.

You will need:

  • Cooking pan Salt
  • Knife
  • Oven

Steps of the cleansing ritual:

  1. Take a small cooking pan and cover it with salt.
  2. Take a knife, run it through cold water.
  3. Then, with the knife you are going to make a cross in the salt.
  4. Then, make a cross on each of the squares created. While doing this you may chant "I am blessed and cleansed, protected thoroughly all the way, from my head to my toes, to my skin and my bones."
  5. Once you have done the crosses, put your pan on the oven, and turn it on. When you notice the salt stars burning you may chant "I am blessed and cleansed, protected thoroughly all the way, from my head to my toes, to my skin and my bones. I cleanse and turn back times three, all evil energy casted upon me. It goes back and hits at ____, ____, etc., (name the ones you think have hexed you, or evil eyed you). So, mote it be."
  6. Be careful so you don't hurt yourself. Don't touch the salt. Once you feel the spell is done, or once you have casted it 9 times (spoke the above chant 9 times), you may remove the pan, and run the salt under cold water.
  7. Wash the pan as you would normally.

Don't be afraid to speak the names of the ones you think have sent negative energy to you, intentionally or unintentionally. If you speak a name that has not hurt you, the person will not get anything bad, because you are only returning energy, you are not hexing through this spell.

Go ahead, and cleanse yourself.

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Cleanse. Spiritual Cleansing Bath.

A spiritual cleansing bath is called Sour Bath or Bitter Bath. It aims to cleanse your aura and spirit from anything that may be attached to you, and causing havoc in your life, be it negative energy, or hexes and curses.

To do a Sour/Bitter bath, you will have to gather herbs' roots and leaves, that hold the energy of cleansing, un-hexing, un-crossing, and protection. You don't want to use flowers, as flowers have an attraction energy, thus it doesn't work well with cleansing. There are Sour/Bitter baths that contain a large number of ingredients, as well as those that you can do with a smaller number of ingredients.

Before you make your Sour/Bitter bath, you should know that:

  1. You should not do it every other day, as it is strong and it may reap your aura apart, causing breakage that is harder to repair, and it may break your natural protection, as it is harsh.Aim to do it once every couple of months.
  2. Second, you should do it during a waning moon, when the moon is getting smaller, as it is aimed for removal. If you feel that you can't wait for the right moon cycle, then you can do it on a Tuesday, or a Saturday.
  3. Also, keep in mind that the amount of herbs you put in your bath should be an odd number, thus 3, 5, 7, 9, or 13 different herbs. The amount of a specific herb you put in, doesn't matter, unless you want to activate more of its energy, than you put in more of that herb, than other herbs.

How to make a Spiritual Sour/ Bitter Bath?

  1. You get a bowl and fill it with water.
  2. Then you gather herbs like: basil, thyme, rosemarie, rose thorns, christ's thorn, sage, eucalyptus.
  3. You also need: salt, and/or cascarilla (egg shells grounded into powder). You may add into the mixture magically produced oils.
  4. Once you have them, throw them one by one into the water bowl, focusing on your intention on cleansing, thus blessing each herb by activating their cleansing energy.
  5. When you have put them all in the bowl of water, swirl the mixture in a counter-clock direction, and chant your intention to remove negative energy, to cleanse yourself of hexes and curses, evil-eyes and evil-tongues, to open your roads and remove blockages.
  6. Then light a tea-candle and place it on top of the herbs (water will keep it from drowning, you won't worry about that).
  7. Wait until the candle extinguish itself naturally, remove it, and your Sour/Bitter Bath is ready. If you don't have much time to wait until the candle burns completely, then at least give it an hour. If you don't have time at all, get the mixture ready, and get in the shower, it will still work, but not that strong.

Once you have your Spiritual Sour/Bitter Bath ready, get in the shower. Now, if you don't want to clog your shower, you will strain the herbs and only use the liquid. It is better if the herbs are in your bath, but it is best if you don't cause damage to your shower, so choose what you want to do.

Shower as you normally would, then turn the water off, and take your Sour/Bitter bath bowl and start pouring into yourself. You can wash your body with a sponge dipped into the bath, or you can pour it onto yourself. Make sure to get the top of your head, your face, and the back of your neck. Once you're done, stay for a bit, feel the relief. You may even see shadows leaving your body, and feel the release and the new found freedom, depending on how much negative energy was attached to you.

Try not to tap yourself dry with a towel, but let your body dry naturally. Then try to wear freshly washed, white clothes. It is best done before you go to sleep, or before sunrise. However, if you can't do this, for many reasons, then you have to not tap yourself dry with a towel, so the herbs or the mixture stick on your skin, and you have to wear freshly washed clothes. Then continue with your day.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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