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How to Cleanse Your Spirit and Energy During This Lockdown?

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world in the hope to give healing.

The simplest fastest way to treat a case of evil eye is by doing a limpia, otherwise known: egg cleansing. You don’t really need to get fancy, or stressed out because of what the ritual calls for when you look it up online. The ritual version is this: you take an egg (if refrigerated, you need to get it out and let it sit for 2-3 hours prior the limpia), you take a glass of clear drinkable water (the bottled version), pour some sea salt in the water, light a bright candle, recite the Lord’s Prayer or your favorite cleansing spell while you are passing the egg through your body starting from your head reaching to the toes. Then you crack the egg into the water and read the shapes it takes.

Some limpia rituals say you must not touch the body when passing the egg, but instead try to keep the egg 1-2 fingers above your skin. Some others say you have to roll the egg on your skin until you reach your feet.


I have found out that it doesn’t really matter. All you need to respect are two very important rules:

1. Start from the center of your head and go down to your feet.

2. Do not forget to pass it on your back, your hands.

3. Never ever go back. So do not pass the egg in a different direction and cross over a body area you cleansed once.

Now, the simpler version I like to do is this:

Get your glass of water (bottled water) ready and put the glass in front of you. Do not throw salt on it yet.

Take the egg, even directly from the refrigerator. I have found it to be easier to hold the egg 1-2 fingers above the skin, and starting from the very center point of your head, go in anti-clockwise motions while passing it through your whole body. Be careful when crossing hands behind your back to keep the egg moving. (Have someone help you if you can’t do it yourself). I like to say a spell during this ritual of mine, a reversal spell, sth along the lines of:

What was casted upon me,

Be turned back to the caster times three,

Head to toe and skin to nerve

May you get what you deserve.

May every Evil Eye in my life go blind.

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Amen! Ase! So mote it be!


Once I have done my feet, I will hold the egg on my hands, focusing on the egg absorbing all evil eye from me, (just hold it for 2-3 seconds) and then break it over the glass and let the egg drown in the water. There will be shapes formed in the water, bubbles, and even the yellow of the egg will take a shape of its own. You may research online the different shapes and meanings, but from my experiences, and what you need to know is that:

o If there are bubbles forming on the surface of the water, those count for the people around you, and situations you need to take care of.

o If the white of the egg forms some kind of a spider web linked to the bubbles, then these situations are holding you down, causing you problems and delays.

o If the water is cloudy, there are people who are trying to control you and your life.

o If the egg is covered by a cloud, these people have succeeded to trap you.

o If in the egg you observe an eye, then Evil Eye is casted upon you.


However, do not obsess over this reading. You do it for your own information, but be assured that if you do the egg cleansing aka limpia for 3 upcoming days, you will notice that the water will be clear, there will be no spider webs, and if there are bubbles not connected through spider webs then it means your Spirit Guides are helping and protecting you.

When you decide you have ‘read’ enough, you throw salt in to repel Evil Eye and you flush it in the toilet. Sometimes I pour in vinegar as well, just an extra step.

After this step, you need to Spiritually Protect yourself. Spiritual Protection is not something to be taken lightly because you will really be building a shield around you. Therefore, you must cleanse yourself completely (do a divination or get a reading to confirm this), then build the Protection Shield. If you do not cleanse your Spirit, the shield will trap the juju in you. So, make sure to do the limpia ritual for 3 days in a row. You may also have a cleansing or uncrossing bath. If you can’t have a bath, because you only can take showers, then take your herbs and oils mixture, boil it (careful for the water not to burn you), and once you’ve done showering, pour the boiled mixture on your body. Do not shower again but step out and pat your body dry with a towel. Do this for 3 days in a row at least. Then, you can do a cleanse once a week, except for when you feel like you need a stronger cleansing, in that case, perform these rituals for 3 days in a row. You can always do both, limpia then shower.

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