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How to Clean your Mirror from Negative Energy



If our reality is a reflection, mirrors are the most literal manifestation of the shadow of reality. Guess what, they can concentrate energy and need cleaning. Mirrors are considered one of the most mystical objects and their energy can become negative. Ridding a piece of furniture from negative energy is important for a happy life, because the accumulated negativity can remove luck and bring trouble to each of us.

Mirrors are used not only to assess one's appearance, but also to perform rituals, rituals and create strong amulets. Their power is great, so experts recommend learning how to energetically cleanse your favorite mirror so as not to become victims of negativity energy.

A mirror can be newly bought, inherited, or was already present premises of an acquired home. Any reflection in the mirror surface is “fixed” and if the mirror witnessed something unpleasant (a quarrel, conflict or other surge of negativity), then the energy trace remains in its “memory”. You can understand that the mirror has become a source of negativity by the following signs:

  • the mirror ceased to please, and in the dark it began to frighten;
  • bad dreams appear in which there is a mirror;
  • the reflection has become distorted;
  • family relationships have changed for the worse;
  • sudden breakdowns of household appliances began in the house;
  • Things that appear in the mirror are not really there

If there are several of the listed items, the mirror must be immediately rid of the accumulated information, and this can be done in several ways at home.

SALT CLEANING. Ordinary salt will help clean the mirror. The mirror rubbed with salt water three times, then the salt is washed off with water and covered with a dark cloth. During the process, a spell is chanted: “I free the mirror from negativity, I burn out problems with salt, I erase the accumulated information.” You can use the mirror no earlier than a day later. During this time, all the negativity will go away and harmful programs will be erased.

CLEANING THE MIRROR WITH HOLY WATER. You can take a small mirror with you to the service in the church and sprinkle it with holy water. A large interior mirror is cleaned as follows: during daylight hours, a consecrated church candle is placed in front of the mirror, lit, and a prayer is read for deliverance from negativity. The candle must burn out completely. Then they sprinkle holy water on the mirror three times, saying: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen". After that, they try not to look in the mirror for several hours.

RITE OF CLEANING THE MIRROR. If the mirror has become a source of negativity, a new pocket mirror is bought to pair with it, which is wiped with salt water and covered with a cloth. At night, they put a small mirror in front of a large one, without looking into any of the reflections, put a bowl of salt next to it and say: “I endure negativity from big to small, I don’t know fear, I don’t ask for much. Everything that was bad, get out of my mirror, the negative - erase. After that, a small mirror is placed with its reflection down in a bowl of salt, and a large mirror is rubbed with holy water.

My fellow Christian Witches told me about this so feel free to adjust the prayers and the form of incense, the idea is to "burn" the thing while it is "here" as time does not really exist for mirrors.

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Why are we using fire, incense, and salt? Simple answer is its elemental. You use the elements (you can literally summon them with a well compiled spell) and cleanse the mirror with existing forces. "Fire help me burn the negativity..." and so on. They are much more ancient than anything and you bind them with your spell for activation.


Use elemental magic combined with runes for this one. A regular Algiz does the work for me but I don't recommend using runes without initiation. I usually take essential oils and draw the runes that I chose on top of the mirror with the spell that I crafted. I summon the rune to aid in protection and charge it with elements.


Algiz help cleanse this mirror and aid in protection. I call to fire and air (both of these represented by the incense stick or a candle) to charge my rune.

Remember: writing your own spells is always better because they will be stronger. Make sure they are in the present tense and don't use negating words (like not).

Good luck!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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