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How to Cast Out Demons and Evil Spirit

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I use my pen to fight against social evil. We must stand up together to change this world to be a better place for the next generation.

You Are the Authority on This Earth

At the end of the age the kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our God. He’s going to do it through the church. Through the body of Christ. He bought us back and we are redeemed.

At the end of the age the kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our God. He’s going to do it through the church. Through the body of Christ. He bought us back and we are redeemed.

How do demons work?

We need to understand what the evil spirits are and what the angels that fell. What are they? They’re the Nephilim. Nafal means fall. “im” is plural in Hebrew. Nafalim is the fallen ones. They fell. They came down, and they influenced men to do things that were not right. They left their abode and then they caused men to sin. It’s just what Lucifer did with Adam and Eve. He caused them to trespass. There was no one to tempt Lucifer. There was no one to tempt him what he did, he did on his own. He did it with full knowledge. There was no one to tempt Lucifer. What he did to mankind was he separated us from our creator. God has been in hot pursuit of his people. His people that he made in his image. The salvation message is all about the conquering of the seed of the serpent. Where Jesus made us more than a conqueror?

He’s given us his name and through the name of Jesus, every knee is going to bow. Everything on the earth. On the earth and even above the earth. The name of Jesus is higher than all. He has caused us to be seated with him in the heavenly realms far above all ruling authority. I saw this when I was in heaven. I actually sat on a throne beside Jesus. Jesus said in a revelation to the churches. He said, he who overcomes I will let him sit on the throne. I will produce a throne, and he will sit with me. Those who are victorious will sit with me on the throne.

I got to see that and sit there with him and encounter what it’s like to sit with the Son of God in his full glory. Be in complete command. You couldn’t appeal any further. There was no appeal process at that point. Jesus said I bought this for you. You are victorious, and he called me a victorious warrior. Because you have won, he said you will sit with me and rule and reign forever. He said this is what you do in prayer. You come here and sit with me. This is prayer.

Prayer is not like pacing the floor and fasting and bombarding heaven. He goes, no, prayer is coming and sitting in the rightful place that I bought for you. He said just sit here until you get your answer. There are no questions at the throne. There are only answers.

I sat there. I had a question. I didn’t have to verbalize it. An answer came up. Jesus was being worshiped. He was receiving the reward for his suffering. The saints were worshiping him. Angels were falling down. I've said I want to go down there, and he said no. You sit right here. He said this is prayer. You tell the people this is prayer. You sit where you belong. In the heavenly realms. In Christ Jesus and you wait on God until you get your answer. Then you take it back to the earth. You implement it. That is what God gave me to bring back.

When I sense a devil, I automatically without even thinking I start to drive them out. When I sense a devil when I meet people that are having problems, I automatically want to go for the reason why an evil spirit would even be there. That’s good. Right away find out what it is that allows that devil to be there. Most of the time it is a lack of understanding. A person doesn’t understand. That’s why. We just need a couple of brave people that will teach this according to scripture. Listen, this is what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with disembodied spirits of a race of people that lost out. They are upset and are not redeemable.

I Died, Went to Heaven, and Came Back!

Your Rights as a Child of God

We are now called the sons of God according to John chapter 1 verse 12. We are children of God, and we’re to imitate our father. It says in Ephesians chapter 5 verses 1. It says be ye imitators of God as dearly loved children. We are adopted. In Romans 8:15 says we are adopted. We have the spirit of adoption. The spirit of full acceptance in us. So that “Abba, Father” comes out of our spirit. We cry out to our father because we’re children of God.

As a child, I imitate my father. Paul gave us permission in Ephesians chapter 5. Now see, most people do not hear this preached. We are to imitate our father. What does our father do? He sits in heaven and he laughs. His enemies are coming to nothing. He’s waiting for his enemies to become His footstool. Through the church, through the body of Messiah. This is the absolute plan of God from the beginning. We have accomplished only what we understand. When you get to heaven, it’s only what you understood that you do. I saw that I understood very little.

I thought my goal was to fill my wall with degrees. To have accomplishments where people could notice that I was important. When Jesus said you’re important. Even if you take the seat in the back of a room and never get recognized. If you give to poor people and they never know who gave it to them. No one ever knows, and you never get a pulpit. You never get a ministry. He says you’re mine you’re my son. He said I will have you sit with me at the table in honor. You chose not to push yourself forward.

This is all the things that Jesus spoke. Did you do what God asked you to do? Did you fulfill your purpose on the earth? One of the things that you fulfill is everywhere you go you’re driving out evil spirits. You’re stopping the party. You’re completely destroying what the devil had planned. People don’t understand this.

You are here because you’re stopping the enemy from working. I saw so many people helped. I saw people saved and healed and delivered of devils. I wasn’t a minister. I didn’t have a board. I didn’t have a pulpit. I didn’t have a TV channel. I mean I had a bible. I had a bible study class, a Sunday school class. I just taught it with all my heart. But I would go to work and I would see more manifestation at work than I would in church. I realized that it was because of who I was as a person that God made me. That was what important.

I could cause you to fully understand what the father’s heart is for us. That he has sealed it up. So that at the end of the age the kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our God. He’s going to do it through the church. Through the body of Christ. He bought us back and we are redeemed. Jesus said, don’t rejoice that the devils obeyed you. He said rejoice that your name is written in heaven now. The reason he said that was this. The reason why the devils obeyed them was that their names were written in heaven. That’s the most important part. People don’t accomplish their books that are written about them in heaven. Psalms 139:16 says it. That each day was written in a book before we could pass. The reason why is that people don’t know their value. What God has already spoken about them. I saw that if I came back I would tell people. What I'm telling you now is that your value in heaven has already been determined. No one down here is going to recognize your full value.

Wherever you go, you are representing your father. Those devils know that. They know that. If you hear what you’ve heard by now, they are done. They’re completely done. They have no way to hide now. This what you’re dealing with is a race of people that have totally messed up and they have no redemption. They are very upset and I am very excited when I hear them scream and cry. Because they have lost and Jesus Christ has won.

We have heard a lot of information here. So the responsibility is now on us. To study and to show ourselves approved unto God. Now go back to the word and examine the word to see what it has to say. Apply it to your life. To our lives in the proper way.

We’re just so excited that we were counted to be on the earth at this time and to know what we know. Let the Lord really speak to you. The bottom line is that there is truth. Are you willing to hear that truth? Even if it doesn’t fit in the way that you were taught, if you want to be effective on this earth, you have to understand one thing is that God made us a certain way. There are boundaries. The boundaries are made because we were made perfect at one time. We were made to live forever. We were made to rule and reign.

Not be ruled over but to rule and reign. What you see on this earth is not God in control at all. God is not in control of this earth. The reason why he is not is because of what we talked about now. You can see all the chaos and all the division. Everything that’s happening around us in this country, in the world, and in your life has to do with the fact that the main problem from the beginning was that we were not created to be in a broken world.

We chose to do this but see now we can choose to accept Jesus Christ as our savior. We can choose to be more than a conqueror. How do we become more than a conqueror? We go into shalom. We go into the rest. We enter into the rest which means that God himself is not only upon us but in us. We have his name on us and in us which is profound to me.

All of you out there, whatever you can do for the Lord from this point on. You do it with all your heart, and you do it knowing that that Satan has been defeated. All of the evil spirits that are doing his bidding, they have been defeated. This earth is not theirs. It has been taken from man. Now it’s time to take it back. How we do that by using our authority. You do not let an evil spirit speaks to you. You do not even reason with him. That’s what got us all into trouble. We did not need to talk to that serpent in the garden about God. God came down every day and talked to us face to face. It’s the same as right now. God will visit you. He will speak to you. You can open the bible. He’ll speak to you. The holy spirit wants to speak to you. You do not need an evil spirit to even talk to you.

You tell them to shut up. You tell them to leave. When they go to your backyard from your house, you chase them out of your neighborhood. When they stay in your state, you chase them out of your state. You just drive them out. You keep driving devils out. You are the authority on this earth. Now one of the things I want to close with is that what Jesus told me. He said the church, the body of the Messiah should be the most powerful institution on the earth. In fact, every government should want to know what God is saying through the church. However, we’re mocked. We’re persecuted. We’re belittled. We’re told we can’t sing. We’re told we can’t meet. We’re told that it’s okay to kill babies. It’s okay to choose your gender. These kinds of things are just like it was in the day of Noah. It’s corruption.

There’s no difference and it should show you that God is going to bring the church the body to a place where there’s no spot or wrinkle. Then he’s going to come back for her as a bride. A groom will come and pick up his bride. The church will be taken and at that point, we will be mature. We’ll be fully ready. From now until that happens, we need to yield to the spirit. Yield to what God is saying. Be the ambassador that God has called. The church of the living God is the most powerful institution on the earth. We have the name. We can invoke his name. It’s above all names.

To wrap it up, remember that God loves you. He values you. He has given you free will. What he has done is he’s given you the blood. He’s given you the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus they are very powerful. When you invoke the name of Jesus and when you mention the blood it paralyzes evil spirits. The blood was what defeated Satan’s plan. The name is showing that we have supreme authority. That we are under the authority of Jesus Christ. When we invoke the name, every evil spirit has to bow to that name. The blood defeats. All of this has happened and now we have a victory that’s not only imminent but it’s right now. We are more than conquerors. Just remember one thing that God has a plan for your life. He values you, and these evil spirits are very upset that you are in and they are out. God bless you. Amen.

I Saw Jesus and Lots of Others in Heaven

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Denise McGill from Fresno CA on November 01, 2020:

I haven't met too many people who have been to heaven and back again. Your sermon makes good sense.



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