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How to Be a Pisces Sun/Aries Rising. Understand Your Private and Public Self. Get Used to a New Identity.

Christofer has been a paralegal for 25 years. He has 4 children and 8 grandchildren. He and his mother studied astrology for over 40 years.

Pisces at the Core is ready for the Aries to Modify the Outer Personality

Pisces as Sun Sign on the "Inside" sets up Aries to add extroversion to the Core Identity.

Pisces as Sun Sign on the "Inside" sets up Aries to add extroversion to the Core Identity.

Funny Pieces, But a Beauty of a Good Looking Puzzle

Putting Pisces and Aries Together! A Challenge with Strong Contrast for a Victory for a true special identity!


OK. There are 12 basic Sun Signs, and they are clustered around your 24 hour day. The planets Mercury, Venus, (Earth), Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. As the planets move they take their positions around the circle. When you are born, you are tagged within the 30 day "sign". So, let's say you are an Aries.

When you awake, you catch the sun's morning rays, at sun set, the earth keeps spinning for its next turn ---- THE RISING. But as the earth keeps turning EACH 2 HOURS, a new sign "appears" at the EASTERN HORIZON. Babies are certainly born, ANY TIME.

My eldest was born in 1971 as a Virgo. He was born at 6:31 AM. SO, HIS RISING SIGN is VIRGO RISING.

My second was a darling girl --- a Cancer. She was born at 8:30 PM on a hot summer night. When Daddy picked her up and kissed her, what was on the Eastern Horizon? In the dark, right out there --- Aquarius. She had Aquarius rising.

What is the Divine Doing?

WHAT IS THE DIVINE DOING? Making you a more specific, more clearly specialized individual. It is the HOUR of your birth that determines where your (let's say) "Mercury in Capricorn" is to be placed ----- in the 12th house the 8th house or the 4th house.

What are the HOUSES? There are 12 houses. Imagine 12 aspects of life -- Home Health, Travel, Career, Hopes. I won't list all 12 here.

Imagine a CIRCUS WHEEL. On a given day the planets are in their position in one of the 12 seats. when you are born, at that moment, the Circus Wheel STOPS.


Where is the Rising Sign at the Circus Wheel? What is the Hour of your birth? As a baby, you don't know. A Doctor or a Parent has to tell you later in your life, OR IT IS DOCUMENTED.

The Rising Sign has to be determined. At the 1st House, you "mathematically" turn the Circus Wheel, and the placing of that Rising Sign determines WHAT HOUSE receives the energy, significance, (aspects) of that placement. Your "Mercury in Capricorn" goes to the right house.

So, you see how your individuality AND your chart gets determined by your Rising Sign.

In doing interpretations for people I have always used this TWO LENSES approach. Think of the Sun and Rising as your INNER and OUTER, your PRIVATE and PUBLIC self


Elements here could hardly be more contradictory. But that's what makes you fascinating. Before this new approach, you might say to yourself. This disables both of them! No, this empowers this individual. We will see how this Dual Lens works.

Let's look.

SEEING YOURSELF THROUGH TWO LENSES. Humanity has been doing this for all of our stages of maturation. When we go to parties or church, we notice that people aren't the same as we see them in other settings. Some are more exuberant. Some people are extra quiet at occasions. As we mature, we see that people have INTERIOR selves and EXTERIOR selves...but they are connected.

Since Pisces and Aries have extremely contradictory patterns, you have to view yourself as a MYSTERY TO YOURSELF; but since you are the Weaver of this magic ----- get comfortable in your own skin! YOU ARE NOT WEIRD!!! Be prepared to say that every day.

And also, stop and think. One is #12. One is #1. But on the CIRCLE, they are right next to each other....the end of Winter, the beginning of Spring. So, the contradictory forces, which we will discuss in particular, arise from nature --- the earth itself. An early "thaw" in February---a sudden snow storm in March --- both explicable on a satellite view from the Weather Channel.

For you what it means you will be dealing with the complex ruminations of Pisces giving you psychic insight, unusual moods, but a warm self to deal with the many challenges in life. But your personality gets to be charged with Arian energy that gives added zest and self confidence that most Pisces do not have


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Yes, you feel sometimes like you feel so much all at once, and EMPATHY rises within you when you are socializing. You almost get a "gooey" kind of appreciation for how the little fishes move together.

Your public self (Aries) has a temper and you can "want to get back" REAL BAD! Let's assume some jerk, noting how mellow you are and so winsome and warmly smiling, like you don't quite do at work. He goes overboard, lets booze take over and becomes offensive. This is the kind of thing that happens ---- TO a Pisces. Its just that you feel stronger when aggression and irritability mount up. On the truly positive side Aries takes away your social nerves in general. AND it makes your "watery, oceanic" moods easier in your early evening quietude. That's a nice combination.

Aries equips you. You see, sometimes your Aries Rising is going to give extra horse power. But that's good because sometimes Pisces can give off a timidness that does not really help them in the "push and pull" of the strident crowded world of modernity in America.

You're not timid. You are pleasantly polite. But when you carry a "swagger", a mellow swagger, with your Aries Air, you can shuffle into settings that you probably wouldn't do as a more "spiritual" Pisces.


Sometimes temper does boil. You visualize revenge betimes. Hey you're mad in the morning and you want to get physical. But think for a minute. This is how Pisces Sun and Aries Rising is a kind of insurance for keeping you safe. When you SEE YOURSELF THROUGH TWO LENSES. you can consciously, intelligently and creatively use your elements together. This combination has tremendous potential.

Yes, Aries gives energy, ambition and drive EVEN BEFORE BREAKFAST! Can Aries Rising have negative qualities? Sure. Can Pisces Sun have negative qualities? You bet!!

You could end up an angry drunk with a great job. Or worse. Aries has lots of animating power. Pisces can be a sweet charmer, but kind of loses itself in pleasure and depression. Lots of things are possible. But with conscious control, you can be the Master.


It helps to get older with this combo. Aries loves activity and achievement. That helps when you're young. Pisces, as you get older, gives you perspective and a sense of ease. Stay away from illegal stuff and stay working.

Just think of the blending of powers. What a great combination! REMEMBER your TWO LENSES are at 12 and 1. But look at the circle, they are right next to each other. Its a mystery but in HARMONIOUS OPPOSITION.

Potential Self Explanations:

"Yeah, I am kind of a puzzle, even to myself, but I like myself."

"Yes, I go for off-beat movies and sentimental old classic movies, but defend friends who don't have a lot of allies.

"No, I don't get in fist fights, but I'm a girl. But sometimes I get argumentative and show a tougher side. Yeah, I sing at a local place, with some friends just for the fun of it! My Pisces gives me natural harmony and my Aries makes me loud!

As you finish thinking about this challenge, a simple self declaration could be..."I have learned balance on the inside and the outside, and I feel equipped to handle the future with both wisdom and energy!

Aries is quite a Modifier for the "Fish". What a Blessing for You!

Look who's out there in your Public World

Look who's out there in your Public World

© 2020 Christofer French

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