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How to Be a Scorpio Sun & Gemini Rising. Using Your Private & Public Self to Your Best Advantage and Personal Success.

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

What the Divine Is Doing with You as a Complete Individual.

WHAT IS THE DIVINE DOING? Making you a more specific, more clearly specialized individual. It is the HOUR of your birth that determines what your Rising Sign is, and thus your Outer Personality.

What are the HOUSES? There are 12 houses. Imagine 12 aspects of life -- Home Health, Travel, Career, Hopes, et al. I won't list all 12 here.

Imagine a CIRCUS WHEEL. On a given day the planets are in their position in one of the12 spots. When you are born, at that moment, the Circus Wheel STOPS and your OUTER PERSONALITY is given to you, at that same time, with the peculiar aspects of that sign.

THERE! RIGHT THEN IN THAT MOMENT, TAKE A SELFIE IN YOUR MIND'S EYE! Your specific Outer Personality is crafted to work hand in hand with your Inner/Ego.

Where is the Rising Sign at the Circus Wheel? As a baby, you don't know the HOUR of your birth. Mom herself (generally they know) or A Doctor or a Dad or a relative standing by, has to tell you later in your life, or it is deduced by you as you read these articles for comparison.

The Rising Sign has to be determined. At the 1st House, you "mathematically" turn the Circus Wheel, and the placing of that Rising Sign determines WHAT HOUSE receives the energy, significance, (aspects) of that placement.

So, you see how your individuality AND your chart gets determined by your Rising Sign. The Rising Sign turns the wheel to place the (Mars in Leo, for example in your 10th or 8th house, or which ever). So the Rising Sign determines the House Placement of each planet.

In doing interpretations for people I have always used this TWO LENSES approach. Think of the Sun and Rising as your INNER and OUTER, your PRIVATE and PUBLIC self.

Scorpio Is Ruled By Both Pluto and Mars. That's Quite a Planetary Lordship


Scorpio Sun - Gemini Rising


Sun Sign - Inner and PRIVATE Identity

Personal Core - Uses Rising





Rising Sign - Outer Personality

Fluid - A Useful Tool

Scorpio’s Strong Ego May find itself Being Challenged with the Differing Inclinations of Its Gemini Rising Sign.

Scorpio is WATER and FIXED. The Astro History of Scorpio is deep and dark. Anciently it was ruled by PLUTO, but now it is ruled by war-like MARS. This shared domination adds to its mystery. Scorpio really takes the word "intense" to Heart. They are intense about everything!. They are even intense about trying NOT to be intense!

The Four Scorpio Subtypes - The Dove, The Eagle, The Scorpion, The LizardAnciently these were adopted to give complicated Scorpions a way to see expressions of the variety lying within them. Much like the Rising offers them.

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Scorpio comes when the summer has quit, days are dark, harvests are stored. It is a sign that deals with hidden intent, that which is covered up, but can be revealed. It is that sign that deals with taboo, secrets, and that which is shielded. As Nature would have it, they are suspicious, secretive, detective-like, and always on alert.

Scorpio relishes achievement, but, remaining with its core essence (WATER and FIXED) it’s hard for them to be light-hearted. They are pretty sure that they have control over their lives and are not going to change.

But with your Gemini Rising, which is AIR and MUTABLE, you are getting a dose of the speedy, talkative, high energy Twin. The Gemini, easy and conversational, will give you a style that is quite pleasing and personable. You have probably noticed in your life that your Gemini Rising has helped you in your public gatherings, casual get togethers and meetings where a quick rejoinder is required. In fact, your Gemini Rising could practically disguise your Scorpio to an outside social observer. This is a special package that you surely have noticed and utilized. -- a cleverer and more conversational Scorpion (Dove, Eagle, Scorpion, Lizard).

The reason for this series of articles is to cause people to think about the Rising Sign. It is for this reason that people argue about the nature of Sun Signs. Thousands of arguments are about unseen or unrecognized Rising Signs.

Scorpio loves the dynamics of work and accomplishment. They will stay on business, while Gemini Rising may be seeking diversions. Your outer personality will express itself with its joyful self-expression, as your Scorpio has to tilt its head and wonder how its Inner and Outer Self will get along together.

If both of you can be subdued at appropriate times, and give each other "proper respect", then they can handle conflicts; but both should realize that getting along in this internal activity could determine your effectiveness in professional and personal and even romantic situations.

How Scorpio Can Stay True to Itself, and Still Allow It’s Gemini Rising Outer Personality to Make It more Effective.

Scorpio should always be intensely aware, that if they assess and make room for their Gemini Rising, that "keeping the balance" should be a goal. Scorpio will be OK. If it is bossy, it could give it problems. Gemini’s (AIR & MUTABLE) nature of constant movement and being friendly could make everything rosier. This is when "living with your collective self", would become important.

How You as a Scorpio Can Idealize the Combination with your Gemini Outer Self.

There will be times when the Scorpio can experience the natural benefit from its "friendlier" way. (a natural inheritance from its Gemini nature.) But then, when it wants to shift up to a higher gear then Gemini can “shut down” it’s somewhat distractible manner.

Both of you know how to work hard. Both of you are civilized. The Scorpio can cut people off and act superior. The Gemini can just give casual responses for an answer. As one might think, there are times when the Sun and Rising utterly enjoy each other. Times when a mate or a partner may want your attention or time, and you can be a treasure to your loved ones.

Scorpio is not going to mess up or be foolhardy as time goes by, because face it, you are blessed with Gemini’s jocular way and quiet cuteness. This friendly duality can be one of your blessings as you course through the storms and waves of your journeys.

Ways You Could Go

Scorpio will probably always be hatching schemes and fending off potential opponents. Because your mind is always suspecting, you will try not to be too impulsive, as you carry your mental ambitious agenda. Your Gemini will be cooperative unless it is pushed to deep fatigue, being blocked or severely opposed. Tense Anger can build in both. Loss of emotional control can be an unfortunate result. If Gemini Rising can help alleviate these possibilities, Scorpio and Gemini can be a reasonable partnership. Both should avoid NERVOUS EXHAUSTION; and move to consciously trying to disguise each other’s negatives with artful moves.

And so, as you look over your decades, you can see how proper consciousness, balancing Scorpio and Gemini; you can develop into one cohesive individual, bringing greater inner mastery and joy to you and your loved ones.

© 2020 Christofer French

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