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Mindset of a History Maker


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Small Acts Make a Big Difference

Your small acts really make a difference in this world and influence a couple of people around you. One of those people could be Billy Graham or Smith Wigglesworth or Maria Woodworth-Etter.

Your small acts really make a difference in this world and influence a couple of people around you. One of those people could be Billy Graham or Smith Wigglesworth or Maria Woodworth-Etter.

Can Small Acts Really Make A Difference In This Fallen World?

The answer is yes, our small acts can make a big difference in this fallen world because of the dominion effect and because of your influence on a couple of people around you. One of those people could be Billy Graham or Smith Wigglesworth or Maria Woodworth-Etter. They might influence the world just because you ministered to them.

Jesus said if you want the most influence for your effort you must invest in children. I would invest in children. That’s what we’re doing. We’re going to invest in children because they will have the greatest impact, and the longest they’ll be living on the earth. Longer than we adults from this point on.

You want to have a generation that you can hand a baton over to. You got to train them up if you want to make a difference in this fallen world. I would minister to people that can’t pay you back. I would help people. I would help the children. I would invest in the next generation.

I would tell the devil no. Even if he’s not talking to you. Some of these small acts that you could do would be to tell the devil like I do every morning. I heard the lake of fire is getting hot and I say your time is very short. It’s pretty obvious you’re miserable. You’re desperate. I talk like that to him. You go, you’re repeating yourself, you’re getting old that’s what Jesse always says. You’re getting old. you’re repeating yourself the same old stuff. He’s ineffective and doesn’t let people tell you this. I've had people that I love and respect tell me. You can’t come against the devil. You can’t disrespect him. Well, you know he’s disrespecting you and that’s okay.

Why did Jesus say you can trample on serpents and scorpions. If he told you to trample on him that sounds pretty aggressive to me. The crunching they don’t survive. A person who weighs 200 pounds then they don’t survive that crunch. You don’t talk nice to the devil. You be rough with them. These small acts you can do are just acts of obedience. Helping people, helping children, and just saying no to ungodliness. Just refusing to compromise. What are some of your history-making declarations in scriptures? Essentially what I do is I choose favorite passages like sections of scriptures and I essentially take them as the truth and proclaim them.

John 17 is a proclamation of our situation. In any situation I'm united with the Godhead. In any situation I've inherited the glory that the father and the son shared. In any situation I am one with God. I am loved by God. I inherit everything that Jesus gets. I'm a co-heir with Jesus. I'm an heir of God. A co-heir means that on the day when the inheritance is handed out what Jesus receives I receive. Which is crazy to think about. See these are the declarations that I do. I go through John chapter 14, 15, 16 & 17. I have them printed out, and I just go through them.

When I read scripture I'm praying in tongues and I'm declaring. I will just go through all of John. I go through all of chapter two of first Corinthians. The whole second chapter where Paul says when I came to you, I didn’t come to you with enticing words of man’s wisdom but in power and demonstration. The Holy Spirit and I talk about how a spiritual person makes discernment about all things. He is not subject to anyone’s discernment or judgment.

A carnal person can’t make any spiritual judgments, and they can’t understand the Holy Spirit. They don’t qualify to say anything to a spiritual person. I say these kinds of things and because of that, I understand that Jesus is standing in my future, and he’s bidding me walk on the water to him. I walk on the water of impossibility to Jesus. He’s on my future which is his now. There are all kinds of scriptures. I live in the psalms139. I live in psalms 91. I live in psalms 35. I live in psalm 16.

I want to be the best disciple that Jesus has ever had. I want to be even better than John whom he loved and John always bragged about being the special one. I want to be that special one. I want to be the best disciple that Jesus has ever had. With Paul, I'm in a race to win. How much I pray in tongues? I can beat Paul because he said he prays in tongues more than us all. But from what I understand, he was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit was at a later date than me. I have had probably at least 10 to 15 years on him, and if I live to be longer than him then I'm going to win. I'm going to have prayed in tongues more than him. I get to meet him someday and let him know that I beat him and praying in tongues.

Those are some things that I do. I do these kinds of things knowing that it’s like a movie. I went to the future and then I'm inserted back in and I'm gonna mess with the devil’s plans every day. That’s how I make my decoration. That’s how I live to make history. Literally, life is like a movie. I'm inserted back in but I have inside information. I have secrets. I know that this life is not only doable but also it can be changed. You can change people’s lives. You literally can raise people from the dead spiritually as well as physically. If you understand what I'm saying and you get this. We literally make it. While we’re here let’s just change history together.

How Do You Contend For And Pull In Your Destiny?

I pretty much explained that already but Paul says I take hold of that which Christ has taken hold of me. Christ went into the holy of hollies. He made a new and living way. He was a new and living way. He’s torn the veil. He’s in there, and he is an anchor for our soul. It’s as the scripture says. He’s essentially tied a rope to the ark of the covenant and then handed us the other end of it so that we can be pulled right in.

He is the anchor of our soul. Essentially there’s a rope from our soul into the holy of hollies, and we can just pull ourselves in. Christ went in there and did that. He tied us to the mercy seat and essentially no matter how hard it seems, we can just pull that rope in. We can just pull ourselves right into the holy of hollies. I contend for my destiny. I have my destiny in my hand.

I've already seen my stone. The white stone with my new name on it as mentioned in the book of revelation. I already have my name in heaven. I know that I win. Everybody gets a white stone with their new name on it. If you can just picture yourself with that stone then you can pull yourself to your destiny.

The end result that Paul said right before he died was this. He said I know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified. At the end of his life, all he knew was Jesus Christ and him crucified. He lived the crucified life. Paul understood how to be successful in his weakness. He was made strong. I know that has helped you a great deal. I want you to continue with us. Every time we ask for questions I want you to send them in and don’t hold back. I'm fine with answering your questions but the bottom line is that. When we all get to heaven I will see all of you there in heaven if I don’t meet you on the earth. We will talk. We will see how everyone being obedient, everybody was united, and that everybody did what they were called to do that we literally changed history.

Everything about this world changed. It’s already changed. I mean there are so many people that have been changed by the gospel. They’re permanently changed. I have been to the other side. I've seen what’s just ahead for us and it’s so worth it.

Jesse Duplantis has been to his mansion. He’s seen his furniture in his mansion. He just wants to wrap it up down here and get the world saved and then go home. To be with the Lord because he’s already been in his mansion. He’s already met the apostle Paul. He’s already met some prophets and there are streets that are just lined with mansions. Those are all prophets, and they have special streets for different people. He is diligent to bring in the harvest. We should be diligent to bring in the harvest and don’t be discouraged.

This is not the end the Lord told me that there’s going to be an expansion even in our nation. There’s going to be a time when the harvest is going to come in. This is the time when you need to be diligent and study. Do everything you can. Put as much time in and praying in tongues as you can. I used to pray at work all day. I did 13-hour days. I prayed in tongues under my breath the whole time. Then I would go to my hotel room and I would pray for hours in tongues in my hotel before I went to sleep.

This was every day for 30 years. If I can do this a full-time job, you can do this. You can do this and so let me pray. let’s all hold hands and agree for our students right now. We agree this one thing father that all the students will accomplish what is written about them in heaven and that the same anointing, the same power that is on me father that you gave me when you sent me back I place it on my students right now. I impart that power that anointing that yoke breaking anointing on my students right now. I break every evil spirit power in Jesus' name. I break witchcraft. I command every disease to leave their bodies in the name of Jesus. Every element everything that is harassing I command you evil spirits to go in the name of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus is against you and we drive you out right now. Brain fog you go in Jesus' name. Thank you, Father I thank you that you visit and you stay with all the students. Lord powers of the coming age right now going forth. Get some miracles signs and wonders. Spirit of wisdom and understanding in Jesus name. Yes, it has begun. We call forth the healing. We call forth the signs. We call for the deliverance, call forth the finances. Yes, the breakthrough in the financial area. Angels of the Lord go forth and help my students with their bills in Jesus name. Pay their bills off supernaturally. Angels move. Thank you for the anointing oil father. Thank you that you send your word and you heal my students in Jesus name. Nothing shall be left out. Everyone will come in. No need shall exist because your father is a good God and you provide for your children. I thank you for the spirit of prophecy be upon the students. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you for everything that you’re doing for the Lord, and just stay in there and be faithful, and just proclaim the goodness of God for the Lord is good and his mercy endures forever. You just proclaim that and let the angels of the Lord do their work. Permit them every day to do the work because they have come, and they’ve been sent to minister for those who are to inherit salvation. They’re flames of fire. They do the Lord’s bidding. Permit them every day. Talk to the angels and tell them to just do the Lord’s bidding. You are not going to get in their way that you completely submit to God. You tell the angels they have free reign to do what their job is. Whatever they’ve been said to do they have permission and I just believe that God is going to do mighty things, and I'm going to hear a lot of testimonies.

Be sure to bring your questions to us when we request them because we’re going to do this continually. There’s always going to be an answer. Jesus told me, he said at the God’s throne. There are always answers. God answers all our questions because he is all-knowing. In the name of Jesus God bless you. Many people have learned to be generous givers, but more than ever God is calling you to become a good receiver.

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